Social Interest Group Teleconference

03 Jun 2015

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Ann, +1.541.410.aaaa, +1.313.594.aacc, EdK, lehawes, johnbreslin, Lynn, +1.541.410.aadd, elf-pavlik, guangyuan


<trackbot> Date: 03 June 2015

<lehawes> OK elf-pavlik. Thanks!

<EdK> I am online too!

<johnbreslin> lost connection, redialling

<johnbreslin> Zakim P8 is johnbreslin

maybe a comma after zakim?

<Lynn> Hi it's Lynn, I don't know how to link myself either

<lehawes> scribe: AnnB

<scribe> scribenick: AnnB

Larry: (chairing) ... has been really busy, wants quick overview of what's gone on

AnnB: quick update

<lehawes> AnnB: F2F meeting in Paris was intense and positive. Code snippits were shared to illustrate use cases.

<lehawes> AnnB: Microformats, ActivityPump and other technical solutions were shared to understand pros and cons and how they compare.

<lehawes> AnnB: WG wants us to resolve use cases and take leadership role on social architecture. IG needs to focus on big picture, long-term vision and view.

<lehawes> AnnB: Activity.streams to be established as an official standard by WG.

<lehawes> AnnB: Social IG met last week for first time in a while. Not many attendees.

<lehawes> AnnB: Proposal to merge #social and #socialIG IRC channels was approved yesterday by WG.

<lehawes> AnnB: Meetings and all activities between will take place on "social" IRC channel from now on.

<lehawes> OK elf. ;>)

<elf-pavlik> https://github.com/w3c-social/social-ucr/issues

<lehawes> AnnB: We still need a github tutorial for those of us who aren't familiar with it, so use case work can continue there.

<EdK> +1 need to learn github better

<lehawes> Just a reminder, AnnB, that you're the scribe. :>)

elf: thinks it will be valuable to merge the IG and WG better

<lehawes> Thank you, Ann!

elf: between IRC and GitHub, we should get better workflow
... hopefully we'll develop better momentum

Larry: agrees that some of us need help getting going with GitHub
... is there anyone in the IG who could help?

elf: I'll look and see if I can find a tutorial

<elf-pavlik> I will send to mailing list some links on how to use github for a work as we do

Larry: thanks, that would be really helpful
... note there are 2 general tracks in github

<elf-pavlik> README has also links to all trackers https://github.com/w3c-social/social-interest

Larry: Issues and general Interest Group tracker
... see today's agenda

<elf-pavlik> W3C tracker has notion of *product* but on github we can just use separate repositories

Larry: (to Ann) ... seeking more clarity on use cases and what WG wants us to do

<lehawes> AnnB: We still need to work through objections to use cases that were logged. That should continue to be the Use Case TFs short-term priority.

<lehawes> AnnB: Once those minor objections are resolved, we can move them into accepted category. WG will make the Social API do those things then; they will not include use cases that are not completely agreed upon.

hi Guangyuan

<guangyuan> Hi

<guangyuan> no problem, thanks

<lehawes> AnnB: IG needs too interact with WG members around use cases via github, otherwise they probably won't respond. So that makes the github tutorial even more urgent!

<lehawes> AnnB: tantek [and others in WG] dislike email and avoid using it.

<lehawes> AnnB: Sandro Hawke will be taking over some of the responsiblity for running Social WG/IG meetings, to relieve Harry Halpin's work overload.

Larry: appeals to the IG to pick things up again, figure out how to use GitHub, ping people in IRC, etc ... let's give it another go
... question for elf: do we need to create an action re: finding a GitHub tutorial?

elf: no, I'll just do it later today and send an email

<elf-pavlik> https://github.com/w3c-social/social-ucr

Larry: what's this agenda item re: implementation proposals?

<elf-pavlik> https://github.com/w3c-social/social-ucr/issues/5#issuecomment-107920009

elf: this is about giving priority to use cases that have an implementation proposal
... if no one has implemented a use case, then it gets less attention
... in the end, any API recommendation must have 2 implementations in order to go forward toward standardization

<elf-pavlik> https://github.com/w3c-social/social-ucr#user-stories-waiting-for-approval

Ann: does the IG have responsibility re: implementations?

elf: no .. just needs to be coordinated with User Stories and issues about them

<EdK> I have to step away from my desk for a moment, be right back.

<Loqi> it'll be ok

Larry: what's the difference between user stories and use cases

<elf-pavlik> http://www.w3.org/TR/ldp-ucr/

elf: the Linked Data folks (that link) did make a distinction ... but the WG does not seem to be making a distinction

Larry: let's just make sure both IG and WG are using both terms with same meaning
... does not seem that we have any responsibility for implementations tracking, other than being coordinated with user stories we're trying to resolve

<elf-pavlik> http://www.w3.org/TR/ldp-ucr/

Larry: we've covered the items on agenda
... any new business?

Lloyd: re: minutes from Paris F2F ... about mention of TimBL promoting RDF
... I'm interested because I think there could be value with the semantics of social interactions
... worried that semantics are lacking in the initial work that the WG has done so far
... anyone know more about TimBL's thinking?
... can we ask him?

<EdK> I'm back

<lehawes> AnnB: TBL was at Paris meeting, listened attentively, but did not actively participate.

I meant to say TBL didn't say much

<lehawes> AnnB: TBL didn't speak up during meeting.

scribe: except he gave a passionate reminder of the longer-term value of including the semantics

Larry: do you think the vocabulary TF needs to play a more active role, in trying to influence the WG in this manner?

<Loqi> johnbreslin has 1 karma

Lloyd: I'm worried that the technologists are so far focused on current-state technology, rather than enabling a "future" vision
... which I think will be based on semantics + social
... therefore interested that TimBL brought this up

<johnbreslin> am i on mute

<lehawes> elf, I'll recognize you in a minute. Haven't forgotten that you're in queue.

AnnB: notes that JohnBreslin has long history with social + semantics (wrote book!)

JohnBreslin: maybe we can influence through vocabulary, and via IG

Lloyd: yes, we are tasked to have "larger" view

JohnBreslin: search, SIOC, FOAF, Activity Streams ...
... one limitation of SIOC is it only captures a point in tiem


scribe: a mix of all those might be good
... what will that enable

AnnB: suggests that, when Lloyd and JohnBreslin have a beer later on (in Bend, OR) they can strategize on this

JohnBreslin: our strategy has been to target open source platforms
... we're looking at the user stories, to see which ones could be implemented with our techniques
... what can we actually implement

Larry: thanks John, valuable

<elf-pavlik> https://github.com/w3c-social/social-vocab/blob/master/user-stories.md

<elf-pavlik> https://www.w3.org/wiki/Socialig/Vocabulary_TF#Specific_Domains

elf: posting a link to another relationship between vocabulary and user-stories
... want to make sure people can make extensions and model the domains they are interested in ..
... worried that decisions made now may block subsequent goals
... make sure the work we do can be adopted for a variety of domains

Lloyd: agrees
... SWAT0 seems limited; seems like just trying to standardize Facebook

Larry: as Use Case TF we need to both support the WG, but also to ensure we have a broad set of use cases, to include visionary ones

EdK: trying to understand to link that elf posted, with specific domains
... eg., I don't see healthcare
... domains seems to go back and forth between activities and industries
... what does "domain" really mean?

elf: I just quickly made those; what I thought of
... let's use it as wiki .. people could help refine and adjust

Larry: ok, EdK .. maybe you could try to refine what elf wrote

EdK: yes; seeking to have a foundation on which to work, rather than define an entire ontology

Larry: any final comments?

<elf-pavlik> lehawes++ AnnB++

<Loqi> lehawes has 2 karma

<lehawes> trackbot, end meeting

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