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Meeting: Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 15 May 2015
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15:12:46 [clapierre]
tzviya, Since Aria-role is on hold for now we need to figure out the best practice for how we deal with Notes in DPUB
15:13:21 [clapierre]
…, need to distinguish between footnotes and author notes etc… locational? Who wrote it, and how does this affect accessibility.
15:13:55 [clapierre]
deborah, how can you get to the specific notes, how can you prevent notes from interrupting the reading flow if wanted.
15:14:45 [clapierre]
tzviya, in digital world there is no difference between, aside, foot, end note etc. it is really locational
15:14:57 [clapierre]
mia, linked related content
15:15:28 [clapierre]
tzviya, method to access all content and get back to the normal reading flow, ie DAISY skipable.
15:16:01 [clapierre]
…, author note would not need its own flavor
15:16:30 [clapierre]
mia, make sure you can link to it, read it if you want to, or not, and get back to the main content.
15:17:09 [clapierre]
…, how to identify it (it can have contextual relevance. positional issue is a CSS concern.
15:18:44 [clapierre]
tzviya, the 3 issues are. Navigation between navigation and note, and back. 2. context and labelling (know a footnote, vs. label, vs. aside, etc..) 3. Visible position on the page (basically a CSS issue).
15:19:13 [clapierre]
charles, a11y dpub is concerned about issues #1 and #2.
15:20:19 [clapierre]
tzviya, even though this is a concern. Do not make this our #1 issue because everyone is already aware of.
15:20:44 [clapierre]
Deborah, positional location of text to indicate different speakers.
15:21:28 [clapierre]
tzviya, lets add this to the Google Doc our comments.
15:22:03 [clapierre]
charles, eg: comic strips have different speakers on different sides of the page.
15:23:12 [clapierre]
Deborah, poetry could also have this positional text based on speaker
15:23:42 [clapierre]
Tzviya, there could be different voices for the different speakers.
15:23:56 [clapierre]
Charles, Isn't there markup for adding voice support?
15:24:51 [clapierre]
Mia, There is tagging to support this, just don't remember where this is… CSS does have a speech module.
15:25:09 [clapierre]
Tzviya, we need to flag this but could be resolved potentially in CSS.
15:25:34 [clapierre]
Topic: phonetic spellings of proper nouns (maybe indi work in w3c?)
15:26:24 [clapierre]
Tzviya, PLS (Pronunciation Lexicon Specification)
15:26:42 [clapierre]
…, there may be a way to do this in CSS Speech also.
15:26:57 [tzviya]
15:27:09 [dkaplan3_]
15:28:48 [clapierre]
tzviya, even though this exists it is very difficult to use, since you must flag each time the word appears.
15:29:17 [clapierre]
Deborah, how should we handle this? Since there is something to help, but it is very difficult to use and not widely adopted.
15:30:28 [clapierre]
Mia, is there a simple way to do this?
15:31:39 [clapierre]
Deborah, maybe add an attribute to the word each time its added (eg. verb, vs. noun, or Past tense etc.)
15:32:05 [clapierre]
Charles, could there be a metadata or say what the default pronunciation for the entire document?
15:32:20 [clapierre]
Tzviya, I believe this exists in CSS/Speech.
15:32:50 [clapierre]
Deborah, we should flag this in our note as a concern.
15:34:07 [clapierre]
…, we want to link to a URI to a pronunciation dictionary in your document.. eg. if you are writing a chemistry book to link to a chemistry pronunciation dictionary.
15:35:31 [clapierre]
…, We need bring the W3C A) support for linking to a Pronunciation dictionary, and B) Socialize this so it is visible and adopted by Browsers, Reading systems etc…
15:35:42 [clapierre]
Topic: how does layout improve comprehension?
15:36:26 [clapierre]
Mia, issue: shorter lines make it easier for certain disabilities to understand/comprehend.
15:38:02 [clapierre]
Tzviya, is there something that a person who can't see the page is missing.
15:39:13 [clapierre]
Charles, is this maybe an example where in poetry the lines are centered and formatted in a certain way to portray a certain idea. Eg. A poem of a Tree could be formatted as looking like a tree.
15:39:54 [clapierre]
Tzviya, could require something like an image description of the layout of the text.
15:41:01 [clapierre]
Deborah, tec book code samples are in certain fonts vs. other text which could be bolded or in a callout box for warnings etc..
15:41:58 [clapierre]
Mia, is this about the layout specifically or semantics about the layout which could have specific meanings that the audience should know about.
15:42:49 [clapierre]
…, this may not be a W3C issue but could be a publisher issue.
15:44:09 [clapierre]
Deborah, Could ask BISG this layout issue to their attention and ask them what the W3C could do to help with this issue… could be a research topic.
15:46:26 [clapierre]
Charles, how do you describe the layout of text that could be in the shape of an image?
15:47:08 [clapierre]
Mia, this really could be a research topic… This could open a can of worms …
15:47:39 [clapierre]
Tzviya, we can bring this as an issue in our Note but we don't have a solution.
15:48:06 [clapierre]
…, there is no really good way to tag poetry.
15:48:27 [clapierre]
…, do you use P tag, DIV, Stanza, … etc.
15:48:50 [clapierre]
Mia, when reading a poem and asked to read line 5-8 can be an issue.
15:49:14 [clapierre]
Tzviya, delineated text.
15:50:05 [clapierre]
Topic: Deeply Nexted Heading Levels Best Practices, list titles
15:50:16 [clapierre]
Tzviya, that is 2 separate topics.
15:51:34 [tzviya]
15:51:37 [clapierre]
Deborah, what happens when you get past H6? HTML5 should support this but…
15:51:59 [clapierre]
…, pure heading without a number
15:52:09 [clapierre]
…, you can just keep nesting it.
15:52:28 [clapierre]
Tzviya, it is meant to be a wrapper (ie. just Heading)
15:52:49 [clapierre]
15:54:13 [tzviya]
<h6 aria-label="7">
15:55:47 [clapierre]
15:56:14 [tzviya]
15:56:44 [clapierre]
Topic: list-titles
15:56:53 [clapierre]
YES we need them to exist!
15:57:03 [clapierre]
Semantically needed List-Head
15:57:07 [clapierre]
Yes we need them.
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