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Meeting: HTML Media Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 12 May 2015
14:52:20 [paulc]
14:53:29 [MattWolenetz]
Good morning, Paul.
14:53:49 [MattWolenetz]
My phone connection will hopefully be much improved today.
14:58:47 [MattWolenetz]
btw, is not responding to me this morning.
15:01:09 [paulc]
about to join on the phone
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15:04:59 [paulc]
zakim, who is on the phone?
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I notice HTML_WG()11:00AM has restarted
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On the phone I see MattWolenetz, [Microsoft], jdsmith, Plh
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15:05:23 [paulc]
zakim, [Microsoft] is me
15:05:23 [Zakim]
+paulc; got it
15:06:57 [plh]
15:08:37 [paulc]
Topic: Bug 27239 - Update SourceBuffer.appendStream() and related algorithms to use ReadableByteStream
15:08:58 [paulc]
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15:10:23 [plh]
Paul: we should at lest decide whether we're going to change MSE to change to that interface
15:10:44 [plh]
Matt: think it's a good idea. understand it's part of things we need to wrap up
15:10:59 [plh]
... I have to go back through and make sure I understand what the changes are
15:11:15 [Zakim]
15:11:27 [plh]
Paul: the MSE changelog in December 2014 has some info.
15:11:30 [Zakim]
15:11:41 [plh]
... see also the discussion from TPAC last year
15:11:55 [plh]
Matt: ok, will look
15:11:58 [Zakim]
15:12:32 [plh]
Paul: I propose that we reconvene again in 2 weeks
15:12:36 [plh]
... ie May 26
15:12:40 [plh]
Matt: that's fine
15:13:21 [plh]
Matt: any discussion with Mozilla?
15:14:17 [plh]
Paul: Joe was going to contact them?
15:15:48 [paulc]
15:15:48 [plh]
... looks like it was Mike
15:16:23 [plh]
... we shoud reach out to Mike and ask a status about the problems from Mozilla
15:16:37 [plh]
Matt: the test runner is having problems
15:18:14 [paulc]
15:18:42 [plh]
15:18:43 [paulc]
The test runner is not responsive today. #testing is a useful contact point
15:19:43 [plh]
Matt: exit criteria for MSE.
15:20:41 [paulc] refers to 'This document is governed by the 1 August 2014 W3C Process Document. " by mistake.
15:22:48 [paulc]
We can either get approval to switch to the default Process or change the SOTD on the next publication.
15:23:22 [plh]
Paul: we have one at-risk feature and we need 2 implementations
15:23:56 [plh]
Matt: the test suite may not be complete and some implementations may not pass the full test suite
15:24:32 [plh]
... how do we judge that we have enough?
15:24:45 [plh]
Paul: we should aim to have 2 passes for each test
15:25:04 [plh]
Matt: we have multiple mime types
15:25:18 [plh]
... the 2 user agents need to show conformance for one of the supported codecs
15:25:29 [plh]
... for example, chrome and IE with MP4 would be sufficient
15:25:40 [plh]
Paul: this is an extension point in the spec
15:26:28 [plh]
... for EME, they're planning content that can be encrypted in multiple formats
15:27:18 [plh]
15:30:26 [plh]
Jerry: distinction between the interfaces and the formats. positive thing to test all the formats but testing the protocol on 2 or more browsers was the proof that the spec can be implemented
15:30:55 [plh]
... we don't have WebM support for now but don't want to block the spec on it either
15:31:49 [plh]
Matt: we have a timestamp flag that is true for only one of them
15:33:13 [plh]
15:33:29 [paulc]
rrsagent, generate the minutes
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15:34:18 [paulc] is plh's update on the HTML WG status
15:35:29 [paulc]
See is noted
15:35:36 [paulc]
ack plh
15:36:12 [paulc]
plh: One item being discussed is to move MSE and EME into a new "Media WG".
15:36:28 [paulc]
... but we want to NOT disrupt the current TF work
15:36:40 [paulc]
... MSE and EME work should continue unabated for now
15:37:28 [paulc]
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HTML_WG()11:00AM has ended
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Attendees were +1.206.876.aaaa, MattWolenetz, jdsmith, Plh, geguchi, paulc, BobLund
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