19 Feb 2015

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Tzviya, ivan_, pkra, HeatherF, janina



scribe pkra


<tzviya> scribenick: pkra

<tzviya> https://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/aria/dpub.html

tzviya: check out Section 5. Most boxes will be automatically populated (eventually)

ivan_ bug: abstract role is triggering something in respec to add status

tzviya: ivan_ will file issue on GitHub.
... Matt added most of the terms we spoke about.
... will add more.
... from wiki
... pkra if you want to add STEM role, now is the time.
... there's a lot of potential overlap to ARIA and xhtml
... not just footnote.
... we need to make sure that everything is as PF world would want it.
... then map it.

ivan_ it's impressive progress.

tzviya all thanks to Matt.

ivan_ there's the AT mapping. But also mapping to sub/superclasses. How will this be done?

tzviya: it should work automatically by Shane's script. But I ran into problems when trying.

ivan_ good enough if Shane says it'll be done.

tzviya: we need to clarify intents (for our own) and decide how restrictive we want it to be
... cf. epub3 which is very restrictive (which tags are allowed to carry epub roles)
... e.g. glossary
... if used not on a data list or outside of HTML , then tricky. Nee dto maintain agnostic approach from ARIA
... hoping to do a demo at Edupub next week
... planning to talk to Mark Hakkinen from ETS (testing company)
... there already is interest in adding testing-related roles to aria

ivan_ HTML5 should be in the schemata?

tzviya: yes. copied from ARIA spec.
... will be updated.

HeatherF: some problems towards end of Section 5
... should be fixable by code.

pkra: how should I go about adding a statement role?

tzviya: write to both groups should kick it off.

HeatherF: where would I get reading material / order?

janina: will send the authoring guidelines to list.

tzviya: we'll be hearing about WACG etc on the group.
... ARIA primer is also very helpful
... future meetings: a) next steps, b) ask Shane for scripting, c) next week is canceled, d) week after: figure out (CSUN etc)
... March 12 should definitely be kick off for next steps. Work over email in the mean time

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