Social Interest Group Teleconference

18 Feb 2015


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elf-pavlik, AdamB, dahacouk, hhalpin, EdK
elf-pavlik, AdamB


<trackbot> Date: 18 February 2015

<elf-pavlik> chair: harry

<elf-pavlik> scribenick: elf-pavlik

harry: AdamB do you see Boeing represented in User Stories?

AdamB: we have a lot of use cases there, many discussions went around silo/decentralized mostly from bblfish

harry: I want to make sure that people who have product in that space have their needs represented

AdamB: I can appreciate tantek's push to itereate fast

<EdK> yes that's me

harry: now W3C proces moves towards more agile approach
... in the end we keep the old approach where we finalize the test suite etc.
... i think Social will use this more agile approach
... i hope that once we get those stories voted on we can clarify requirements
... from your perspective, you already have an API and do that stuff
... useful to scrate this API / Protocol out and put it on the wiki

AdamB: we can pull some of that out
... from our perspective vs. IBM perspective we don't want to sell our software
... we want to use our product internaly

<AdamB> +1 on minutes

<harry> PROPOSED: Approve minutes: http://www.w3.org/2015/02/04-socialig-minutes.html



<harry> RESOLVED: Minutes approved: http://www.w3.org/2015/02/04-socialig-minutes.html

Tracking of Actions and Issues

<harry> http://www.w3.org/Social/InterestGroup/track/actions

<dahacouk> I am

<dahacouk> not sure why I'm not being heard

dahacouk, we can't hear you

<harry> You are muted locally dahacouk

<dahacouk> I'm going to redial

elf-pavlik: can everyone from IG can do +1 / 0 / -1

harry: people sholdn't edit WG wiki

<AdamB> you have to be a member of the wg to edit the wiki is my understanding

harry: we will need to become more tighter on WG only for implementers

<scribe> scribenick: AdamB

elf-pavlik: added point about mapping user stories to vocab terms

<elf-pavlik> https://www.w3.org/wiki/Sicialig/Vocabulary_TF/Mapping_API_User_Stories_to_Vocabulary_terms

elf-pavlik: started simple way by mapping user stories, think in IG we can continue on that

<harry> Just to be clear, you can vote as an IG member (assuming you can edit the wiki), but you should simply mark whether you plan to implement or not.

elf-pavlik: could talk about which would be covered by schema.org etc.

<harry> It's totally useful to know if you would actually 'use' this use-case, but that's different that implementation.

elf-pavlik: does this makes sense as activity for the IG
... i already started, so will post to the mailing list so others can participate as well
... makes more sense to track implementation in the WG there is no need to do that in the IG

Harry: would keep vocabularies as part of the IG as it's in scope there

elf-pavlik: that was main idea was to get help on the vocabularies mapping

<elf-pavlik> AdamB++ thanks for help

<Loqi> AdamB has 3 karma

<elf-pavlik> scribenick: elf-pavlik

<AdamB> dahacouk: what my question to the list was about not seeing a real formal process going on. are there actually ??? that assist in the creation of the protocols

dahacouk: does pools exist to assit in creation of API based on User Stories?

<AdamB> ... was just wonder if there where any tools that could assist and formalize that process. more than a wiki.

harry: W3C doesn't have any specialized tools for transforming User Stories into API
... one issue with User Stories - you can iterate on them indifinetly
... we have a lot of infrastructure for specification writing
... most of the workflow tools would be wiki type
... if someone knows tools for that i would happily take a look at it

<harry> There is a large number of software design tools (UML, etc.)

dahacouk: i would find interesting to know what you already looked at

harry: just search on the web UML

AdamB: i mentioned in on last telecon a week ago

harry: most software developers use UML

<EdK> +1 UML at Ford

dahacouk: i'll cover the use case


<trackbot> action-3 -- Daniel Harris to Write carpooling use case (case of p2p marketplace) -- due 2015-02-11 -- PENDINGREVIEW

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/Social/InterestGroup/track/actions/3

<harry> UML we've looked at, it seems a bit too heavy weight for API and spec design.


<harry> but makes a lot of sense in large-scale software development

close action-3

<trackbot> Closed action-3.

dahacouk: i want to understand better on how process in IG looks and how it influences process in WG

EdK: in terms of this use cases i try to understand what Ford can contribute
... i hope we will be able to contribute, we need resolve some confidentiality issues

harry: we do understand that large companies have rules around sharing

<dahacouk> EdK: that would be great to work with you on the usecase. Good luck getting openness.

<harry> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/ieapp/

harry: BTW we need you to rejoin the group as Invited Expert
... initial goal was that IG provides messaging infrastructure, Use Cases work
... WG needs to move very quick
... IG will continue collecting User Stories and Use Cases after WG completes its charter
... over the next week you sould participate in survey in WG (API User Stories)

<dahacouk> IG members can vote on usecases in WG?

harry: we will use it to judge candidates for APIs

yes dahacouk try editing wiki page

please just mark IG next to your vote

<dahacouk> Great! Thanks, OK.

AdamB: what do we need to work on in IG
... we didn't make progress fast enough for WG
... do some analysis on User Stories, what else?

harry: IG was chartered with 3 possible deliveribles
... 1. formalizing Use Cases document

<dahacouk> AdamB: UI mockups? So, we can test functionality?

harry: taking 'scrapy' ones currently writen in WG and writing proper document
... 2. Vocabulary work and questions
... elf works on it and it will become more importent as we move down the road
... many use cases will show missing vocabularies
... IG can flesh out, describe and eventually formalize those vocabularies
... e.g. experts finding
... the last document
... assuming that you have Use Cases document
... we find it hard to understand how those pieces all fit together
... how do we do step by step guide on how to understand Social Web Architecture
... IG will update it continelly

dahacouk, we talked during last call about having 'user interface' mockup

scribe: taking for example facebook like dashboard and how to interact with it
... i really like the idea of building sort of 'top down' document
... i mean 'top down' as from user perspective
... that what i understand as use cases document
... i'll be up for continuing this cand of work

harry: i see it in scope of IG
... WG focuses on protocol level
... IG can focus on Interaction Experience
... also user centric diagrams

dahacouk: we can this way end up helping WG by saing, look at this mock up - how do we do this?

harry: I see IG work also in helping to get more adoption of standards we work on
... diagrams etc. can help a lot with that

EdK: i agree with what Daniel was saying
... we can go back to conversation we had during f2f
... we agreed with WG that we need to do API before starting Federation
... we talked about on how we start crafting those more complex use cases
... especially once we expect from buisness community
... tweetdecks like agreegartors, how do i belong to multiple groups, unified profile

<Loqi> *sniff*

EdK: over next years IG will add a lot of value by defining federation, collecting use cases
... difining how in the end of the day systems interact
... where do we expect tight coupling vs. loose coupling architecture
... last year WG even needed to learn how to come together and work together

harry: sounds like really good points
... we hardly scratched the surface what the federation should be and could be

<EdK> Sorry elf-pavlik, but you captured the high points just great!

harry: we expect in long run that as we have multiple security working groups we will create multiple social groups

<Zakim> elf-pavlik, you wanted to discuss Social Archtecture


<dahacouk> elf-pavlik: link? respect?


harry, in 2 weeks AnnB will become officially apointed chair

<dahacouk> We seem to be meeting every week. Fine with me.

<AnnB> oh dear

<AnnB> ;-)

<AdamB> there hasn't been any active work yet with the change over to AnnB and the focus on the wg user stories

harry: it might come usefull revisit Task Forces

<harry> trackbot, end meeting

<AnnB> I think we already have a standing telecon set up, per week

<AnnB> elf, do you need to capture who attended?

AnnB, i can't see minutes... will email systeam to change default config (cc harry)

Summary of Action Items

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