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Meeting: Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 26 January 2015
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regrets: Phil, Deborah, Ivan, Luc
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* Approval of last week's minutes [1]
16:01:17 [tzviya]
* Use Cases for Houdini (Brady and Markus)
16:01:17 [tzviya]
* Introduce and review Packaging on the Web [2]
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16:04:27 [mgylling]
Topic: approval of minutes from last week
16:04:27 [Zakim]
16:04:34 [mgylling]
Tzviya: minutes are approved
16:04:35 [liza]
16:04:37 [pkra1]
those weren't last week's minutes?
16:04:37 [murakami]
16:04:38 [Vlad]
Sorry, I am on the IRC only today
16:04:43 [tzviya]
Use Cases for Houdini (Brady and Markus)
16:04:43 [mgylling]
Topic: use cases for Houdini
16:04:45 [dauwhe]
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16:05:02 [mgylling]
Tzviya: Brady and Markus has been working on these
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zakim, who is here?
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16:05:49 [pbelfanti]
*Paul waves back to Karen :)
16:05:53 [mgylling]
Brady: the update is I am typing right now… Markus did contact me and mention that we need to have these ready
16:06:04 [david_stroup]
I'm 585.217
16:06:11 [mgylling]
… I am updating some of the requirements, adding a few more
16:06:23 [mgylling]
… and we need to pull out those relating to personalization
16:06:24 [tzviya]
16:06:40 [mgylling]
… working on pending action items as well
16:07:26 [mgylling]
… still hasnt really been looked at by other implementors as far as I know, Markus have you contacted anyone?
16:07:47 [mgylling]
… I am concerned, we should vet it before exposing to CSSWG
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16:08:14 [mgylling]
Tzviya: there are some RS and browser that I could expose this to if you are interested
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16:08:35 [mgylling]
Brady: I think opening this up for comments to any implementor is fine
16:08:38 [pkra1]
16:08:45 [Zakim]
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zakim, IPCaller is me
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16:09:12 [mgylling]
Brady: I will try and finish today, and then I’ll ping the list
16:09:17 [tzviya]
ack pkra
16:09:23 [bjdmeest]
Present+ Ben_De_Meester
16:09:57 [mgylling]
pkra: for us at MathJax it is very interesting, simply because polyfilling something as complex as MathML […], the MathML WG may be interested as well
16:10:17 [mgylling]
… re Houdini
16:10:30 [mgylling]
Brady: Houdini has a very broad interest base
16:11:16 [mgylling]
Tzviya: Brady, you said you’re working on the pagination AND personalization?
16:11:43 [dauwhe]
pkra: have you seen Any ideas along these lines that would help with Math would be great.
16:11:51 [mgylling]
Brady: I am just moving the personalization stuff, not adding anything new
16:12:29 [mgylling]
Tzviya: we have persinalization use cases already… [scrolling] …. I think we need to clean that up and combine everything
16:12:40 [mgylling]
16:13:02 [mgylling]
… Markus and I agree to take a look at this re cleanup, anyone want to help?
16:13:10 [mgylling]
Liza: I can do it
16:13:34 [astearns]
inasmuch as Houdini may need new hooks for runtime style modifications, it may open new avenues for personalization
16:13:39 [tzviya]
16:13:41 [mgylling]
Tzviya: we should have something to present by early next week
16:14:03 [mgylling]
dauwhe: posted a link to part of the wiki mostly for techie people
16:14:13 [mgylling]
… I have a tiny wishlist for DPUB at the bottom
16:14:19 [tzviya]
16:14:32 [murakami]
Printing is also usecase of Houdini.
16:14:37 [tzviya]
16:14:41 [mgylling]
Topic: packaging on the web document
16:16:44 [tzviya]
markus: we are looking for a review of the packaging for the web document
16:16:45 [mgylling]
16:17:29 [tzviya]
... from the perspective of DPUB. It is an alrernative to zip and represents a proposal for multipart MIMI
16:17:39 [tzviya]
16:18:13 [mgylling]
16:18:17 [tzviya]
...IDPF did have a version of multipart MIME, and it would be interesting to see a comparison of these versions
16:19:25 [liza]
Skinnier jeans?
16:19:43 [tzviya]
brady: the IDPF multipart MIME from 1999 was rejected because people were interested only in zip
16:20:13 [tzviya]'s a little odd that this came out without consulting the digital publishing community and asking what was needed
16:20:22 [mgylling]
16:20:28 [tzviya]
markus: perhaps now is the time for comments on ed draft
16:20:32 [tzviya]
16:21:14 [tzviya]
markus: the idea of native support in browsers is important
16:21:18 [mgylling]
ack Tzviya
16:22:45 [dauwhe]
16:22:52 [mgylling]
ack dauwhe
16:23:30 [tzviya]
tzviya: perhaps the reason that this is relevant now is that there is interest in publishing not just "content", but information beyond content
16:23:48 [tzviya]
...such as data-sets, excel files, programming code...
16:24:22 [tzviya]
...and, as people read on mobile devices, zip is not the simplest option
16:24:38 [tzviya]
...Proprietary options are becoming available
16:24:56 [tzviya]
dauwhe: I read the spec and concluded that I don't understand packaging
16:25:18 [tzviya]
16:25:33 [mgylling]
ack Tzviya
16:26:13 [mgylling]
Tzviya: I also read through the spec, and was technically challenging… like with CFI, if there aren’t tools, it cant really take off
16:26:54 [mgylling]
Dave: helpful if there was a guide for background
16:27:08 [tzviya]
dauwhe: it would be helpful to understand why this is being done now and read some background material
16:27:32 [tzviya]
markus: it would be nice to have 1999 version available for background
16:27:58 [tzviya]
...the authors in 1999 probably had publishing in mind
16:28:05 [tzviya]
brady: I will send it out
16:28:28 [tzviya]
markus: we will do a coordinated IG response
16:29:22 [astearns]
I'll definitely review
16:29:30 [tzviya]
reviewers: brady, dave, tzviya, alan
16:30:26 [tzviya]
markus: 2 weeks from now, we will revisit Packaging for Web
16:30:34 [tzviya]
16:30:43 [mgylling]
Scribe: Markus
16:31:12 [mgylling]
Heather: will review i18n documentation
16:31:30 [pkra1]
16:31:34 [mgylling]
ack pkra
16:31:35 [tzviya]
ack pkra
16:32:13 [tzviya]
16:32:14 [mgylling]
pkra: sent out an email with final draft of STEM survey, please take a look so that we rollout next month as planned
16:32:19 [pkra1]
16:32:44 [HeatherF]
16:32:45 [Zakim]
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16:32:50 [mgylling]
rrsagent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate mgylling
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16:51:01 [dauwhe]
good luck with snowpocalpyzillageddon all you east coast folks!
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