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meeting: LD4LT CG
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present+ kevin, andrea, gabriela, john, jorge, felix, marta, martin, victor
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present+ sebastian
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present+ MTCarrasco, Riccardo & Fahad, Penny
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scribe: victor
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topic: action items
14:09:32 [fsasaki]
14:09:33 [jgracia]
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14:09:50 [trackbot]
action-11 -- David Lewis to Gather info on how to provide more detailed mapping from meta-share to dcat -- due 2014-07-24 -- OPEN
14:09:50 [trackbot]
14:09:53 [Sebastian]
Rough agenda:
14:09:55 [Sebastian]
1. Review of open actions [1] 2. Summary of the state of the Metashare OWL model (see [2]) 3. Brief introduction to LingHub [3] by John 4. Alignment between both (see [4]) 5. Namespace of the model (see [5]) 6. Next deadlines for the model [1]"> [2] [3] [4] http://[CUT]
14:10:07 [victor]
TOPIC: review of pending actions to do
14:10:23 [fsasaki]
s/topic: action items//
14:10:34 [fsasaki]
close action-11
14:10:34 [trackbot]
Closed action-11.
14:10:43 [fsasaki]
14:10:43 [trackbot]
action-12 -- Penny Labropoulou to Capture list of parameters that may be relevant for a skos classification -- due 2014-08-07 -- OPEN
14:10:43 [trackbot]
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14:11:49 [fsasaki]
close action-12
14:11:49 [trackbot]
Closed action-12.
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14:12:09 [victor]
pennyl: Regarding action 12, see this reference:
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14:12:52 [trackbot]
action-13 -- Penny Labropoulou to Update google doc with licenses -- due 2015-01-15 -- OPEN
14:12:52 [trackbot]
14:12:58 [fsasaki]
close action-13
14:12:58 [trackbot]
Closed action-13.
14:13:05 [victor]
close action12
14:13:07 [fsasaki]
chair: jorge
14:14:14 [fsasaki]
14:14:14 [trackbot]
action-14 -- Jorge Gracia to Send email around about preferences and possibilities for namespace of the model -- due 2015-01-15 -- OPEN
14:14:14 [trackbot]
14:14:20 [fsasaki]
close action-14
14:14:20 [trackbot]
Closed action-14.
14:14:28 [fsasaki]
14:14:28 [trackbot]
action-15 -- Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel to Contact john for getting statistics on the use of licenses to select more relevant eamples -- due 2015-01-15 -- OPEN
14:14:28 [trackbot]
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close action-15
14:15:07 [trackbot]
Closed action-15.
14:15:12 [fsasaki]
14:15:12 [trackbot]
action-16 -- Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel to Send to the list a call for further examples -- due 2015-01-15 -- OPEN
14:15:12 [trackbot]
14:15:42 [fsasaki]
victor: have informed odrl people on this, got some feedback
14:15:48 [fsasaki]
.. keep action open
14:16:16 [victor]
(thanks Felix!)
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14:16:52 [jgracia]
14:17:37 [fsasaki]
topic: Summary of the state of the Metashare OWL model
14:24:42 [victor]
the URL for the wikis can be found here:
14:25:07 [victor]
14:27:04 [victor]
While some examples can be seen here:
14:27:41 [victor]
john wonders about the need and origin of the spreadsheet at googledocs
14:28:22 [victor]
the spreadsheet was originated from Marta's work, as a convenient document to discuss
14:29:00 [victor]
jgracia: some problems had to be solved and improved
14:29:42 [victor]
john: should the document be closed?
14:30:19 [victor]
sebastian: metashare is at a certain stable state, but the people behind it feel the schema has to be innovated
14:30:39 [victor]
pennyl: agrees
14:31:21 [victor]
pennyl: the problems discussed at ld4lt lists are actual problems of the metashare community
14:32:00 [victor]
sebastian: will there be a new version of metashare?
14:32:19 [victor]
pennyl: yes, partly based on ld4lt input
14:33:55 [victor]
john: based on linghub info, a better structured document can be done rather than the spreadsheet
14:35:41 [victor]
john: I already referred some of this on an email sent Monday
14:35:45 [Sebastian]
14:37:49 [victor]
victor: I believe the spreadsheet is only an intermediate document for discussion
14:38:06 [victor]
jgracia: but it was agreed to leave the document open also for others to read it
14:39:51 [RRSAgent]
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14:40:06 [victor]
pennyl: at least some of the properties are ill-defined, or at least they do not match Metashare's
14:40:48 [victor]
jgracia: maybe there are other sources, specially for terms not handled by Metashare
14:41:57 [victor]
john will offer statsitics on the use of the different elements
14:42:09 [jgracia]
action: john to produce a new google doc and owl based on the real use of the MS model in the data
14:42:12 [trackbot]
'john' is an ambiguous username. Please try a different identifier, such as family name or username (e.g., johnjudge, jmccrae).
14:42:27 [jgracia]
action: jmccrae to produce a new google doc and owl based on the real use of the MS model in the data
14:42:28 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-17 - Produce a new google doc and owl based on the real use of the ms model in the data [on John McCrae - due 2015-01-29].
14:43:40 [jgracia]
topic: Brief introduction to LingHub
14:43:43 [RRSAgent]
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14:44:16 [victor]
john: Linghub is an attempt to bring together differently sourced language resources into a single aligned model
14:44:18 [jgracia]
14:44:44 [jgracia]
under construction yet
14:45:11 [jgracia]
topic: Alignment between both
14:45:50 [RRSAgent]
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14:46:58 [jgracia]
different catalogs (CLARIN, MS, ..) still not well aligned
14:47:40 [RRSAgent]
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14:48:54 [victor]
jgracia: please send feedback on linghub.
14:50:00 [victor]
pennyl: will the linghub-metashare alignment change based on our current work?
14:50:21 [riccardo]
lremap is on the way to be totally LOD-ed
14:50:42 [victor]
pennyl: and some misalignment has been detected, for example regarding the version of CC-ZERO licenses
14:50:44 [riccardo]
we can't interact since our mic just went break
14:51:29 [riccardo]
hi its riccardo from pisa here!
14:51:39 [victor]
hello Riccardo
14:51:40 [jgracia]
hi riccardo
14:51:45 [riccardo]
hi all
14:51:56 [victor]
is there anything I should mention aloud in the voice discussion?
14:52:15 [riccardo]
I did not hear what john said about lremap..
14:52:24 [riccardo]
could u repeat or write down?
14:52:25 [victor]
jgracia: the new vocabulary we create should be reflected on linghub
14:52:40 [jmccrae]
riccardo I said you never answered me about what exact license you used
14:52:43 [victor]
jmccrae: but we should better stick to W3C standards
14:53:22 [riccardo]
it's true, that's a pity from me. But 4 sure what is lodded now is totally free
14:53:47 [jmccrae]
are IRC chats legally binding... I wonder ;)
14:54:44 [victor]
jgracia: Riccardo informs that LREMap is fully loaded
14:54:48 [riccardo]
yes, it is 2014 is lodded and free. :)
14:54:53 [jgracia]
topic: Namespace of the model
14:54:56 [fsasaki]
jmccrae, there is a patent policy, but so far no legal binding IRC policy - room for develpment :)
14:54:57 [jmccrae]
penny, all, please report issues with LingHub here:
14:55:07 [jgracia]
14:56:22 [victor]
TOPIC: namespaces
14:57:14 [victor]
jgracia: W3C is not the best domain for its possibly lenghty bureachratic procedures
14:57:46 [jgracia]
maybe purl the best option
14:58:06 [victor]
fsasaki: by W3C it wouldnt be that difficult, if needed.
14:59:08 [victor]
sebastian: which would be the relationship with metashare?
15:00:18 [victor]
fsasaki: agree, namespace hosting must be further discussed
15:01:15 [victor]
pennyl: people recognize the metashare model, so regardles its hosting, the metasheare "seal" is widely recognized and should be kept somewhere
15:01:31 [jgracia]
sebastian: w3c is more neutral
15:01:33 [victor]
sebastian: but w3c is (and has to be) neutral
15:02:59 [fsasaki]
15:03:10 [fsasaki]
15:03:22 [fsasaki]
15:03:34 [victor]
ACTION: fsasaki to setup a namespace document
15:03:34 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-18 - Setup a namespace document [on Felix Sasaki - due 2015-01-29].
15:03:55 [fsasaki]
"ssss is a short string not causing confusion, alarm, or embarrassment. For instance, the short string should not cause confusion when used in both and URIs."
15:04:01 [fsasaki]
(above are the requirements)
15:04:11 [victor]
jgracia: is there any objection?
15:04:31 [victor]
fsasaki: we dont have to decide today
15:06:04 [victor]
close action-15
15:06:04 [trackbot]
Closed action-15.
15:06:20 [victor]
jgracia: we have also to choose a name instead of the ssss
15:06:59 [victor]
jgracia: we leave this for the next call
15:07:31 [victor]
topic: Deadlines for the model definition
15:07:41 [victor]
TOPIC: Deadlines for the model definition
15:07:42 [RRSAgent]
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15:09:30 [victor]
jgracia: 2 weeks for having the new version based on linhub by John, 4 weeks from now to incorporate the modifications and improvements into John's version, 6 weeks from now for having collected feedback.
15:09:46 [fsasaki]
+1 for the schedule
15:09:58 [victor]
(nobody opposes)
15:10:02 [fsasaki]
15:10:25 [victor]
jgracia: the next telco is not about the Metashare topic, but a 10 mins slot to assess progress is possible
15:10:52 [fsasaki]
[next call would be 19 February, main topic is LIDER roadmap]
15:10:56 [victor]
sebastian: agree, but please not too long
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15:11:57 [victor]
jgracia: any other business?
15:12:30 [MTCarrasco]
15:12:30 [victor]
thanks all, bye
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