ISSUE-215: parameters with a value type that is a datatype

literal parameters

parameters with a value type that is a datatype

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Karen Coyle
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The value type, i.e., expected type, of sh:minCount is xsd:integer. The
definition of expected type is:

"Expected Type
In a shapes graph, the values of a property or a property path can have an
expected type. These nodes are treated as instances of specific classes,
even when these nodes are not SHACL instances of these classes. For example,
the objects of triples with sh:shape as predicate have sh:Shape as expected
type and there does not need to be a triple with the object node as the
subject, rdf:type as predicate and sh:Shape as object in the shapes graph."

This means any node can be the object of sh:minCount in a constraint so that

s:s1 rdf:type sh:Shape ;
sh:property [ sh:predicate ex:child ;
sh:minCount ex:John ] .

is a valid shape.

All constraint parameters with a value type that is a datatype have similar

This is yet another case of sloppy definitions.
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RESOLUTION: close issue-215 as resolved by other changes to date; "expected type" no longer occurs in the spec, and explicit syntax rules have been added

Irene Polikoff, 9 Feb 2017, 23:58:20

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