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Zakim, this will be webiz
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ok, koalie; I see Team_JEFF(WEBIZ)9:00AM scheduled to start in 14 minutes
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chair: JeffJaffe
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meeting: Webizen Task Force teleconference
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-> Previous (2014-09-05)
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Team_JEFF(WEBIZ)9:00AM has now started
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12:59:49 [veronica]
zakim, code?
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the conference code is 93249 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, veronica
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13:01:57 [antoniofullone]
Hi everyone
13:02:01 [Zakim]
13:02:04 [koalie]
Hello Antonio
13:02:21 [koalie]
Zakim, [I is LéonieWatson
13:02:21 [Zakim]
+LéonieWatson; got it
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+ +44.778.839.aaaa
13:03:16 [koalie]
Zakim, aaaa is JulianHarriott
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+JulianHarriott; got it
13:03:37 [antoniofullone]
nice to meet you all :D
13:04:00 [koalie]
[Jeff starts]
13:04:28 [koalie]
Jeff: the purpose of this call is for the Webizen TF to use the results of the survey to create a proposal for a Webizen Program
13:04:43 [koalie]
... that we'd take to W3C management to seek support, next week or the following week
13:04:51 [LJWatson]
zakim, agenda?
13:04:51 [Zakim]
I see nothing on the agenda
13:05:00 [koalie]
... and take it to the W3C Advisory Committee at the end of the month
13:05:24 [Zakim]
13:05:25 [koalie]
-> Consolidated results of the public Webizen survey
13:05:29 [koalie]
[Ann joins]
13:05:39 [koalie]
-> Quick overview of public survey we ran between September 10-30
13:05:59 [koalie]
Jeff: I read the survey results and to me the results flow out of the survey
13:06:10 [koalie]
... I'll read what I think is obvious from the survey results
13:06:19 [koalie]
13:06:20 [koalie]
Q1: Should W3C reach out to the broader Web community to create such a
13:06:21 [koalie]
program for increased affiliation?
13:06:22 [koalie]
13:06:44 [koalie]
Jeff: 195 people said yes (out of 205)
13:07:05 [koalie]
Jeff: most of the people chose "show me where to sign up" (87)
13:07:23 [koalie]
... If all sign up I'm confident that we'd not lose money if we started a program
13:08:08 [koalie]
Jeff: Should a program be designed as a minimalist program?
13:08:21 [koalie]
... a decent majority said so
13:08:32 [koalie]
... my conclusion is that it should start minimalist
13:08:39 [koalie]
... now, some people said that it should not
13:08:54 [koalie]
... benefits listed subsequently, but not too much, should be appropriate
13:09:01 [veronica]
13:09:11 [koalie]
Jeff: with the promise of more benefits later
13:09:28 [koalie]
Jeff: Question 4 "Should there be benefits that increase W3C posture as a community?"
13:09:47 [koalie]
Jeff: 133 said yes, 7 said no, 65 said "not important"
13:10:34 [AnnBassetti]
13:10:37 [koalie]
Jeff: [goes over list of ranked popular benefits]
13:10:37 [Julian_]
13:10:55 [koalie]
Jeff: Q6: Should there be tangible benefits to this program (point C)?
13:11:06 [koalie]
Jeff: Here, my sense is that it's pretty split
13:11:15 [koalie]
... one quarter said yes, one quarter said no
13:11:22 [koalie]
... we could skip this altogether
13:11:42 [koalie]
... but in q7, 90 people said "Discounts of W3C services" would be a nice tangible benefit
13:11:51 [veronica]
+1 to Training discounts
13:12:00 [koalie]
Jeff: Is that a reasonable interpretation of the survey?
13:12:00 [Julian_]
13:12:02 [antoniofullone]
13:12:07 [LJWatson]
13:12:29 [koalie]
Jeff: Q8: "Should there be a mechanism where Webizens are represented at the decision making of W3C (point D)?"
13:12:39 [koalie]
Jeff: I think we should do that, per results
13:12:53 [koalie]
Jeff: Q9 shows the survey speaks
13:13:28 [koalie]
... Program could look like: supporters page and ceo call, one tangible benefit (discount)
13:13:47 [koalie]
... we'd need to define participant groups
13:14:01 [koalie]
Jeff: Q10 "Should we name this program the Webizen program?"
13:14:14 [koalie]
Jeff: That got sufficient opposition to go through the available choices
13:14:22 [koalie]
... or make another survey
13:14:30 [koalie]
... and come up with other choices
13:14:35 [koalie]
... not necessarily before TPAC
13:14:42 [AnnBassetti]
~5 choices
13:14:44 [koalie]
q+ to offer a nth suggestion
13:14:51 [koalie]
ack me
13:14:51 [Zakim]
koalie, you wanted to offer a nth suggestion
13:15:04 [koalie]
Coralie: Web Society?
13:15:41 [LJWatson]
13:15:45 [koalie]
Jeff: I like it, it's a valid thing to put in the survey
13:15:50 [antoniofullone]
my 2 cents: I like Open web supporter, even if I think this name is pretty ok, at least it make sense
13:15:56 [koalie]
... I wouldn't want to choose it without putting it to scrutiny
13:16:08 [koalie]
... It sounds like it's competing with Internet Society
13:16:16 [koalie]
[+1 I thought that too re: compete]
13:16:19 [koalie]
ack LJWatson
13:16:26 [koalie]
Léonie: looking at the list we got
13:16:33 [Julian_]
13:16:39 [AnnBassetti]
from the list, I like "W3C Individual Participant" -- because it seems parallel to our other categories
13:16:42 [koalie]
... some described the program, some the participants of the program
13:16:50 [koalie]
... should we look at this?
13:17:03 [koalie]
... Web society, for example, doesn't look at participant
13:17:34 [LJWatson]
ack me
13:17:35 [koalie]
Jeff: Good point; if it describes the people, it's easy to reuse as program nameaa
13:17:42 [koalie]
13:17:46 [koalie]
ack j
13:18:18 [koalie]
Julian: do we know the location of the people who took the survey?
13:18:30 [koalie]
Coralie: Nope, we didn't ask the question and our system didn't have any way to find out
13:18:46 [koalie]
Jeff: We debated that and chose not to include the question, to not drive prople away
13:18:55 [koalie]
Jeff: Then we got free flow comments
13:19:23 [koalie]
... nothing jumped at me as a reason to rethink the whole thing
13:19:25 [koalie]
13:19:47 [koalie]
Jeff: If we have a consensus, I'll write this up in some formal proposal
13:19:59 [koalie]
... and propose it to W3M which meets on Wednesdays
13:20:18 [koalie]
... the AC proposal will be on 27-Oct
13:20:44 [koalie]
... a proposal which addresses the strong sense from the community that this should allow more engagement in W3C
13:21:14 [koalie]
... and addresses the concern the AC expressed in June that we do not offer in this program beneftis that are reserved to the AC
13:21:23 [AnnBassetti]
13:21:29 [koalie]
... I think we're in better shape and I hope we are.
13:21:33 [koalie]
ack ann
13:21:47 [koalie]
Ann: I thought it was a cool survey
13:21:56 [koalie]
... interested in geographic source of the responders
13:22:01 [koalie]
[Coralie too!]
13:22:27 [koalie]
Ann: The language we use to describe; one commenter said "you refer to Web Developers, what about the rest of us?"
13:22:36 [koalie]
Ann: I relate to that and wanted to emphasise this
13:22:40 [koalie]
Jeff: Great point.
13:22:58 [koalie]
... there was text in question 9, and in the preamble,
13:23:12 [koalie]
... and you're right, we should not restrict; we think of people by interest, by regions
13:23:26 [koalie]
Ann: Somebody else spoke to the point of not only wanting to review charters
13:23:41 [koalie]
... [Ann reads]
13:23:47 [koalie]
... the point means more than charter review
13:23:55 [koalie]
... I'm sure we'll have a bunch of iterations
13:24:00 [koalie]
... that comment was useful
13:24:04 [koalie]
Jeff: Yes definitely
13:24:24 [koalie]
... that comment to also speaks to how we create the representation groups
13:24:35 [koalie]
s/groups/groups (cf. Q9)/
13:25:06 [Julian_]
+1 to Ann's comments
13:25:06 [veronica]
koalie ++
13:25:10 [koalie]
Ann: Thanks Coralie for the great work and redoing the survey and dissemination
13:25:17 [koalie]
Coralie: Thank you!
13:25:38 [koalie]
Jeff: And Julian we also got good support from your colleague and enhanced our survey
13:25:52 [koalie]
... please extend our thanks
13:26:18 [koalie]
Ann: In the background, I had a suggestion on how to advertise this
13:26:42 [koalie]
... I heard a suggestion to go to FOSDEM to advertise this
13:26:53 [koalie]
Jeff: FOSDEM is a great conference around open source and linux
13:27:06 [koalie]
... Yes, that would be a great place for outreach
13:27:15 [koalie]
Ann: I responded go for it :)
13:27:38 [koalie]
q+ to mention french web conf next fortnight
13:27:45 [koalie]
Jeff: AC first, obviously
13:27:58 [koalie]
ack me
13:27:58 [Zakim]
koalie, you wanted to mention french web conf next fortnight
13:28:57 [koalie]
Jeff: The whole thing is extremely public
13:29:03 [koalie]
... no problem telling people what we're up to
13:29:16 [koalie]
Ann: I think it's a great idea Coralie, the more we can tell and point to
13:29:46 [koalie]
... in the spirit of Ian sending Advance Notice, this is the sort of situation we're in
13:30:06 [koalie]
Jeff: We should talk about it, definitely; I meant that holding a booth at fosdem was premature
13:30:25 [veronica]
how about W3C cards with QCR code
13:30:37 [koalie]
13:31:20 [koalie]
Jeff++ for wrangling this whole effort
13:31:29 [koalie]
Jeff: I'm not sure we'll have more calls
13:31:32 [AnnBassetti]
yes, indeed!!!
13:31:39 [koalie]
... I'll send updates in e-mail of course
13:32:07 [koalie]
Ann: If you want help during TPAC, pairing, let me know
13:32:24 [koalie]
Jeff: The webizen have spoken, I'll carry their message forward
13:32:57 [veronica]
13:32:59 [Zakim]
13:33:01 [Zakim]
13:33:01 [Zakim]
13:33:02 [Zakim]
13:33:02 [Zakim]
13:33:03 [Zakim]
Team_JEFF(WEBIZ)9:00AM has ended
13:33:03 [Zakim]
Attendees were koalie, Veronica, Jeff, [IPcaller], LéonieWatson, +44.778.839.aaaa, JulianHarriott, Ann
13:33:04 [koalie]
13:33:12 [koalie]
Zakim, list attendees
13:33:12 [Zakim]
sorry, koalie, I don't know what conference this is
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RRSagent, make minutes
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