Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

06 Aug 2014

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Christos, Justin, Giorgio, Simon, Silvia
Shadi, Vivienne, Markel, Yeliz, Annika, Klaus, David, Silvia


Symposium Status: Way-Finding

<chrisos> https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Call_for_Papers:_Accessibility_and_way-finding,_navigation_and_exploration_systems_Online_Symposium_3_December_2014

christos: we edited pages on the wiki

<chrisos> https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Accessibility_and_way-finding,_navigation_and_exploration_systems

ch: second one will have official info for the call for papers and for the symposium
... the scope of the CFP and contributions need to be polished
... apart from that most of the cotent is there and next week we'll have an updated version, almost final one

simon: when is the timeline wrt the call for paper release?

ch: the cfp should be released 7th of Sept at the latest
... wewill try to be ready for Sept 1

simon: this is our current key goal and we need to keep it on our mind.
... any comments on way finding?

Note Edit Status: Metrics

simon: is anything changed?

giorgio: no

simon: we'll wait input from shadi

Note Edit Status: Mobile

simon: we were looking for input from Ben and we got it. the preliminary work should be finished by the end of August (last week of August)

any comments?

Note Edit Status: Text Customisation

simon: I've got answers from Shawn.
... she said she's in the process of editing it and we're waiting for the first w3c iteration to happen.
... Shawn did not give us a timeline

Note Edit Status: Easy to Read

simon: klaus passed on our enquiries to other people, namely Daniel
... we're waiting for a timeline of the easy to read note.

Note Edit Status: User Modeling

simon: christos, were are we?

christos: last week we discussed it and I though Bim and Shadi would have been working on it.

ch: I will send an email so that next week we will know.

Note Edit Status: eLearning

simon: silvia, any progress?

silvia: we divided the note into parts and are working separately on them.
... after that we will need to make it uniform. I hope next week, or may be the subsequent week, there will be a draft

simon: thanks silvia and justin.
... we're up to date on all the notes.
... wrt the symposia, we haven't got key people today.
... is there any feeling that anybody has thoughts of who (external people) could take any of these symposia forward?
... not at the moment.
... it looks like it is incraeasingluy more difficult to involve other people.
... any other business?
... nothing to report

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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