03 Jul 2014


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DaveLewis, ali_h_vahid, felix, jorge, navigli, pennyl, renat, Arle, tiziano


<daveL> for those on IRC the goto address is: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/360074461

<daveL> Chair: Dave Lewis

<daveL> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ld4lt/2014Jul/0002.html

<scribe> scribe: fsasaki

<TizianoFlati> +present


<daveL> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ld4lt/2014Jul/0002.html

dave reviews agenda

action items


<trackbot> action-5 -- Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel to proposal for a license modue -- due 2014-06-19 -- OPEN

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/track/actions/5

<daveL> ACTION-5: proposal for a license module - Victor https://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/track/actions/5

<trackbot> Notes added to ACTION-5 proposal for a license modue.

dave: got mail from victor, he is working on it

jorge: he cannot be on the call today
... he did initial analysis

<jgracia> https://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/wiki/Licensing_information

jorge: see above link
... the same section in which we are discussion the meta-share stuff

dave: great, we come back to this when discussing meta-share

jorge: better for victor to introduce it when he is present
... in the meantime you can look at it and send feedback

dave: ok, so guys can look at it and send feedback before next call


<trackbot> action-6 -- John McCrae to Send examples related to DCAT use for META-SHARE ontology -- due 2014-06-19 -- OPEN

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/track/actions/6

<daveL> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ld4lt/2014Jun/0012.html

dave: done, see above mail

<daveL> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ld4lt/2014Jun/att-0012/dbpedia.datahub.rdf

dave: and the RDF attachment. The rdf is an example of dcat, for a dbpedia dataset
... john not on the call, we will come back to that when looking at meta-share ontology. thanks to john for that

jorge: about the dcat file:
... this is file that datahub automatically generated when you document a dataset on it
... you add some metadata information in a form
... and the system generates the nice RDF
... I did not fully get what the purpose of John mentioning this was
... for me there are two aspects: meta-share model is information specific for language resources
... type, size, ...
... language, whether it is multilingual or not, ...
... dcat information is general for describing a data set
... for documenting it - so these are two different aspects

dave: I think there is a bit overlap
... e.g. who created a resource - there are things that map between the two
... we can look at meta-share ontology and see: where is the ontology
... what makes sense to be in a dcat-profile

jorge: agree
... we have to keep in mind that things can be easily described by dcat

dave: if you want a meta-share node and return the information in dcat - would it return meta-share specific triples as well?

jorge: it can work in both directions
... in dcat description you can put not the meta-share stuff but a pointer to a meta-share description
... the datahub description is generic
... maybe on top of it one can add pointers to additional descriptions based on meta-share
... for me it could work on both directions

<daveL> https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/asset/dcat_application_profile/description

dave: this is ISA activity presented at an EU information day
... they had been doing work on profiling dcat
... saying: what do we need for various applications
... there may be clues to look into detail

<scribe> ACTION: daveL to look into ISA work related to dcat profiles and report back [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/07/03-ld4lt-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-8 - Look into isa work related to dcat profiles and report back [on David Lewis - due 2014-07-10].

dave: that is what they do: look into existing schema and aligning that as a dcat profile


<trackbot> action-7 -- Felix Sasaki to Check with w3c groups if there are other approches to represent languages as uris -- due 2014-06-19 -- OPEN

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/track/actions/7


<daveL> felix: asked w3c internally, but awaiting response

<daveL> ... additionally on terminology workshop related to language codes, not URI specific.

<daveL> ... asking if there should be a canonical approach to representing language or script codes as URIs

update on terminology issue from Felix and perhaps Phillip

terminology management topic


<daveL> felix: this terminology conf had various presentations about ontologies and rdf

"TBX between Termbases and Ontologies"

"Detlef Reineke: Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria"

<daveL> ... in terms of standardisation thre was a presentation from the relevant ISO committee

<daveL> ... on RDF conversion of TBX

<daveL> ... this was a syntactic conversion, but feedback was that this was not so useful

"Dagmar Gromann: Vienna University of Business and Economics"

<daveL> ... but instead this needed a mapping into an exisitng RDF model, like lime or lemon

<daveL> felix: encouraged dagmar to bring her work on this to the group

<daveL> ... but this still need discussion on what model in rdf should be the target of RDF

<daveL> ... and how much should be taken up by this ISO TBX committee

<daveL> ... but this isn't a priority for them, so better for us to see what works first

<daveL> ... arle lommel is also on the committee

<daveL> felix: arle is a member through his us associations

<daveL> felix: one more point is that the IATA termbase will be made public and perhaps mapped into linked data

arle: would be interesting to see what is going on here
... so at the moment a matter of interest

felix: so no work item to standardized rdf in tbx?

arle: not yet at least


<daveL> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ld4lt/2014Jul/0001.html

dave: had a separate conversion we had in ITS IG
... the work is going on in QTLP project - nearly finished

arle: project is finished as of Tuesday

dave: a broad taxonomy of different quality metrics that are state of the art in translation business
... issues to do with monolingual quality as well
... we discussed whether mapping that to RDF may be interesting
... e.g. could also help to extend MQM with metrics easily
... provide feedback from a user who has spotted issues
... that could be done with MQM

<daveL> http://www.qt21.eu/mqm-definition/definition-2014-06-04.html

dave: we would like to do the same like we did with meta-share: how to work on best practices of data modeling with current mqm schema
... arle was very interested in this
... arle, felix and I may have interest - maybe also from others?
... MQM could provide detailed feedback on quality of language resources

arle: felix had talked to me to move default representation into an RDF direction
... that could make it more useful in our environment

roberto: for babelnet this is very, very relevant
... any kind of feedback is helpful
... the more informative, the better it is
... that is a very good addition

arle: seeing how you want to use it would help us to see how you want to extend it

roberto: we had thought about validation, quality feedback etc.
... after dave had pointed MQM out we started thinking about it
... we could work actively on this - to see what we need, given what is avail.

felix: if you need help with initial RDF conversion let me know

dave: would a spreadsheet be better?

felix: actually you are right

dave: is there a broader user community who would be interested?

arle: we are starting to see uptake

dave: would be great to bring those people with us
... we want to do it in a way that is appealing to those people

arle: if people are doing implementation in RDF it already goes into that direction

dave: they have a tool that exploits RDF, so using MQM in RDF may be easy for them
... we will start this as an product
... an mqm2rdf mapping

arle: it might make sense to announce it soon but start work after the summer break

dave: ok

open data mgmt

dave: people are getting interested, but not skipping this for today

meta-share ontology

<daveL> https://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/wiki/Meta-Share_OWL_metamodel

<daveL> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15SE4_qAqYFostmD52uKxpkCPZh1f5TrPeoXKNTlDYpQ/edit#gid=525162452

jorge: no new work from my side - victor continued with licensing stuff

<daveL> https://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/wiki/Licensing_information

jorge: you could look at the wikipage and confirm some design decisions next telco
... one remark, martha asked me to do. In this spreadsheet, let's try to keep meta-share original element and the new stuff
... in that way it will be much easier to update the conversion scripts for meta-data
... so for everybody, working with this, let's try to keep the original information, the new information could be a new column
... if you change the name, add a new column with the new name

dave: first columns - name, description, subclass, ...

jorge: the first 5 columsn are from martha as is - we could just copy them
... we can hide the previous column once we have new information
... and then martha or other can expand the columns when they need it

dave: new column could be "mapped name, label, description, ..." - does that make sense?

jorge: not sure - mapped means we are alignming this

dave: agree - so "new name"?

jorge: agree - so "new name", I will implement this

penny: one could also let the columns column - when something is decided, keep the information why we did that
... if we keep the new name and the old name, have in some way the justification of the change

dave: good idea

jorge: so add another column for justification?

penny: yes - when s.t. has been decided so that you know why

<jgracia> ACTION: jgracia to implement changes in metashare spreadsheet [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/07/03-ld4lt-minutes.html#action02]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-9 - Implement changes in metashare spreadsheet [on Jorge Gracia - due 2014-07-10].

jorge: agree
... I will add a new column for this and will take a look to propose external vocabularies that could be used

dave: if there are parts of the model that are fine, we can say that as well
... e.g. "corpus" is perfect - so we could say "we keep that the same"
... it is more things like "language code", "document", "license" ...
... these overlap

jorge: I'll take a look including over vocabularies

<jgracia> ACTION: jgracia to identify some external vocabularies to use in MS [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/07/03-ld4lt-minutes.html#action03]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-10 - Identify some external vocabularies to use in ms [on Jorge Gracia - due 2014-07-10].

felix: short update on clarin - may need more thougths on how to move that forward just because of timing constraints on the clarin side

dave: will discuss aspects of this with asun


dave: next meeting in two weeks

<Ali_h_vahid_> For mqm2rdf mapping maybe some tools like this can be useful: http://www2.cs.uni-paderborn.de/cs/kindler/Forschung/EPCTools/

[discussion on what approach to use for MQM conversion]

dave: thanks to all, meet again in two weeks, same time!


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: daveL to look into ISA work related to dcat profiles and report back [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/07/03-ld4lt-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: jgracia to identify some external vocabularies to use in MS [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/07/03-ld4lt-minutes.html#action03]
[NEW] ACTION: jgracia to implement changes in metashare spreadsheet [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/07/03-ld4lt-minutes.html#action02]
[End of minutes]

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