Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

25 Jun 2014

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Bim, Markel, Silvia, Simon, Annika
Shadi, Yehya, Justin, Giorgio


Note Edit Status: Metrics

SH: where are we up to?

<sharper> MV: meeting last week with JB showed some concern about the current narative of the note

<sharper> MV: Not clear what the goal of the notes was, mention some lack of cohesion in the note as there is research work and the symposium focus

<sharper> MV: gave some general recommendations, editors asked for specifics so they can be addressed - editors now waiting for clarification.

SH: I’ll email Shadi and Judy to find out what’s going on

Note Edit Status: Mobile

SH: I got comments from Bim, it should be ready soon; there are a few things to be considered but does not seem to be loads of them.

BIM: that’s true; it’s just some clarifications.

Note Edit Status: Text Customisation

SH: has anybody heard anything about this note?
... I’ll send an email to know the current status

Note Edit Status: Easy to Read

SH: what’s the current status of the note?

KM: we addressed all the comments we got and this should be ready for publication.

SH: is this right Bim?

Bim: right, I sent some feedback about this to SAZ.

<shadi> [[probably needs lots of rewrite to make the report easier to read]]

SH: sounds fine to me

<klaus> Hi folks, I can only stay for a few minutes due to a meeting. Re point 4: Internet of Things; we still need time to start (ICCHP takes all our time)

Note Edit Status: eLearning

<Bim> zakm, mute me

Note Edit Status: User Modeling

SH: does YM have this or we got this back?

Bim: no news about this.

Note Edit Status: eLearning

<silvia_mirri> can you hear me?

SH: what’s the status of the elearning note SM?

<silvia_mirri> yes! sure

<silvia_mirri> Unfortunately we are really late with this note... I'm sorry about that

<silvia_mirri> but Justin and I are going to work on it

<silvia_mirri> we have fix some meetings


<silvia_mirri> so as to work together

<silvia_mirri> we are going to meet tomorrow

<silvia_mirri> ok, thank you very much

SH: we’ll wait your feedback; whenever it is ready we can give it to Bim.
... we have way finding sorted
... also web of things
... does anybody know somebody to handle remaining topics?
... open mic has been quite succesful when working on the wiki
... I’d like to have an open mic discussion about the topics, if there is anything the group might find particularly useful
... for instance, do we want to deal with automotive issues on the wayfinding topic
... does anybody have any idea or contribution about the current reasearch topics?

<sharper> https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Research_Topics

SH: would anybody like to add notes or discuss about a particular topic?
... I’d like people to say anything they want
... I’ll attempt to put this onto the topics wiki

AN: I agree it is a broad topic and it should be quite straightforward to adapt to the web
... we should perhaps highlight the challenges and future opportunities of this technology for people with disabilities

<sharper> We should also cover self driving automotive / Google Car - accessibility benefits (with a Web slant)

<sharper> Judy Comment last week should be Web focused - Annika agrees needs to focused on Web relevant issues.

<sharper> Should be straight forward. Geo-location APIs etc highlight specific challenges of people with disabilities, and usage for people with disabilities .

<sharper> In line with Annikas comments would be happy to be able to identify what are the web issues related to way-finding - without addressing or trying to solve the problem, identifying them is good enough (Markel).

SH: identifying the things that are good for the web would be a good starting point. So far it is difficult to find the extent of it

MV: does the geolocation API say anything about notifications?

AN: it says something that accessibility should be considered, roughly

SH: any ideas about automotive UI? how this can benefit people with disabilities?

<silvia_mirri> Since my mic does not work, may I type a couple of comments?

<annika> "The Geolocation Working Group expects to work directly with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Working Group to ensure that any accessibility implications inherent to this work have been taken into account and addressed." (from http://www.w3.org/2008/geolocation/)

SH: there is a video from Google that shows how car drives users through a voice interface

<sharper> Commonality between web audio interfaces and automotive control for blind users - Commonalties and overlaps could be drawn.

<silvia_mirri> I've got a couple of comments

<silvia_mirri> may I type?

<silvia_mirri> the first one is related to open data

<silvia_mirri> open data from public administrations

<silvia_mirri> they can provide useful data about urban environments

<silvia_mirri> and about indoor public buildings

<silvia_mirri> these data could be useful also for multimodal paths

<silvia_mirri> for citizens

which reminds me of http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/2596695.2596708

<silvia_mirri> pedestrinas

<silvia_mirri> and by public means of transport

“A survey of open accessibility data“ was presented at W4a

<silvia_mirri> yes, I was think about that paper too!

<silvia_mirri> yes

<silvia_mirri> we are working on a project with our regional public administrations

<silvia_mirri> to provide personalized paths to citizens with different disabilities

<silvia_mirri> I'd be glad to help

<silvia_mirri> ok, thank you

SH: any other business before we close?

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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