IRC log of html-a11y on 2014-06-16

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Meeting: HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 16 June 2014
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zakim, clear agenda
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agenda cleared
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Meeting: Canvas Accessibility Sub-Group Sub-Group
21:55:23 [MarkS]
Chair: Mark Sadecki
21:55:23 [MarkS]
agenda+ Implementations Update
21:55:23 [MarkS]
agenda+ Heartbeat Level 2
21:55:23 [MarkS]
agenda+ Review of Task Force Work Statement
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agenda+ Next Meeting
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scribe: MarkS
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agendum 1. "Implementations Update" taken up [from MarkS]
22:05:09 [MarkS]
-> Implementation Progress wiki
22:07:05 [MarkS]
RC: chrome was waiting for justin to get back from vacation to review the proposed changes. he is back, so hopefully we can land that patch in canary within the next couple weeks
22:07:25 [MarkS] for drawFocusIfNeeded is supposed to be supported by safari 8
22:07:30 [MarkS]
...don't know about IE
22:08:26 [MarkS]
MS: LC comment period closes on June 26th
22:08:52 [MarkS]
zakim, take up next item
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agendum 2. "Heartbeat Level 2" taken up [from MarkS]
22:09:34 [MarkS]
MS: Paul is looking for commitment to publish Level 2 Hearbeat
22:10:17 [MarkS]
RC: I think Jay should add some text to the top about features that are currently not implemented
22:10:51 [MarkS]
JM: addText and ...
22:11:05 [MarkS]
RC: Everybody but IE has support for Path2D
22:11:15 [MarkS]
JM: Path2d and all methods that operate on that.
22:11:24 [MarkS]
RC: Take them out of your list, correct
22:11:44 [MarkS]
...Path2D is implemented.
22:12:01 [MarkS]
JM: So just the three that are not implemented
22:12:15 [MarkS]
...i'll make those changes and check them in
22:12:29 [MarkS]
RC: I'll review the draft after you push those then
22:13:37 [MarkS]
JM: I'll request mike to publish a heartbeat
22:13:50 [MarkS]
MS: maybe he can have it done by 6/24
22:14:01 [MarkS]
zakim, take up next item
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agendum 3. "Review of Task Force Work Statement" taken up [from MarkS]
22:14:41 [MarkS]
22:27:37 [MarkS]
ACTION: for MarkS to expand scope of work to include specification related to canvas
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22:27:48 [MarkS]
ACTION: MarkS to expand scope of work to include specification related to canvas
22:27:49 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-269 - Expand scope of work to include specification related to canvas [on Mark Sadecki - due 2014-06-23].
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zakim, take up next item
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agendum 4. "Next Meeting" taken up [from MarkS]
22:33:43 [MarkS]
MS: Next meeting is in two weeks. We will have to start prioritizing testing and finding coverage gaps
22:34:04 [MarkS]
...That would bring us to June 30th
22:34:14 [MarkS]
RC: Regrets for that day
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Attendees were Mark_Sadecki, jaymunro, cabanier
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