16 Jun 2014


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Jan, [IPcaller], Jutta, Jeanne
Alex, L.
Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

Chair" Jutta Treviranus

2. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update

JS: Test harness progress...met with MC...found some bugs that he is now working on
... Gave a preliminary version to the IT folks for security review...
... I really like the look of it, we will be able to do a lot of control of the wcag testing....
... If they do all of the success criteria, you don't have to re-enter repetuitive info

JT: Will there be opportunity for the group to look at it?

JS: Due to security its not online anywhere first
... Trying to see if I could set it up on a Google Hangout

AC: I have a GoTo Meeting acct if that helps for next time

JT: So do I ....would be good to look at it in the near future


JS: 2 weeks for MC then 1 week for Systems to check it (it will be online in a protected area)

JT: OK so lets add GoTo meeting session to next week (on JTs account)
... Updates on volunteer tester and coordinator

JS: I have no updates ... except I have been writing training program for testers

JT: I've talked to some of my MDID students and a few are interested?
... Will be meeting with CONTACT re: coordinator funding in the near future

1. TPAC update (Thurs, Fri slot)?

JS: Suasan got some extra conference rooms...so we are confirmed for Thurs/Fri...
... 30th and 31 of Oct

JT: Anything else re: TPAC?

3. Gathering and building the "Tools and Resources Needed for Testing ATAG 2.0 Success Criteria:"


JR: I sent original, Tim commented, then I revised


AC: Looks good to me

JT: One question...do we need a bit more after "However, once ATAG 2.0 is approved as a Recommendation it will be possible for other authoring tools to conform."

JS: Looks good...

JR: I will followup with Tom B re: Platform Accessibility Service Test Procedure
... I will send you a ZIP of content

JT: Do we need more test content?
... WE have exemplar OERs... talk to Jess, Joanna or Dana

JR: Will do

Other issues

JR: Will remind JT about GOTo meeting

Summary of Action Items

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