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Meeting: HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 12 June 2014
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Meeting: HTML-A11Y Task Force Teleconference
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Chair: Janina
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agenda+ Identify Scribe
14:49:47 [janina]
agenda+ HTML-WG CfC on return to LC
14:49:50 [janina]
agenda+ Longdesc [See Below]
14:49:53 [janina]
agenda+ Canvas 2D Status [See Below]
14:49:55 [janina]
agenda+ Alt [See Below]
14:49:58 [janina]
agenda+ ARIA in HTML [See Below]
14:50:00 [janina]
agenda+ Media Subteam
14:50:03 [janina]
agenda+ HTML 5.1 Next Steps [See Below]
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agenda+ Other Business
14:50:08 [janina]
agenda+ Identify Scribe for the next TF teleconference
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agenda+ be done