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logging to
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12:58:53 [whyun]
zakim, who is here?
12:58:53 [Zakim]
sorry, whyun, I don't know what conference this is
12:58:55 [Zakim]
On IRC I see RRSAgent, Bin_Hu, skim13, GaryChen, whyun
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12:59:33 [Bin_Hu]
zakim, who is on the phone?
12:59:33 [Zakim]
sorry, Bin_Hu, I don't know what conference this is
12:59:34 [Zakim]
On IRC I see datdoan, Zakim, RRSAgent, Bin_Hu, skim13, GaryChen, whyun
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13:01:16 [GaryChen]
Bin_Hu: We can not dail the number that you provide in the mail.
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13:01:28 [Bin_Hu]
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13:01:41 [Bin_Hu]
I am on the phone now
13:01:47 [datdoan]
I was able to dial in as well
13:02:08 [jcverdie]
regrets+ JCVerdie (AC Meeting)
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13:02:24 [genelian_]
just like what we've dialed in last time right? Is that different due to the Zakim Bridge system?
13:02:45 [Bin_Hu]
No, now we use the zakim bridge
13:03:09 [genelian]
I mean the only difference is the phone number?
13:03:14 [Bin_Hu]
Zakim Bridge: +1.617.761.6200 / Conference Code: 88274 ("TVAPI")
13:03:35 [Bin_Hu]
No, the access code has changed too
13:04:14 [genelian]
Yes, I know. We got no sound after dialing +1.617.761.6200
13:04:37 [genelian]
so we cannot have a chance to dial the conference code either.
13:04:37 [aldafu]
my first try failed as well, try again?
13:04:42 [genelian]
13:05:25 [Paul_Higgs]
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13:05:33 [Bin_Hu]
I see. Perhaps try again? Some other perons had the similar problem. They either re-dialed, or wait for 30 seconds to hear the prompt
13:05:52 [Bin_Hu]
Let me know if the re-dialing works or not
13:07:37 [genelian]
Bin_Hu, Sorry I retried many times but it's till not working...
13:08:39 [genelian]
and our IT is out of office. I'm afraid we have to chat on IRC...
13:08:57 [aldafu]
• Calling Number: +1.312.777.1449 • Access Code: 8944921#
13:09:16 [Bin_Hu]
OK. Let us switch back to the old one that Alex just posted
13:09:57 [GaryChen]
stll not working
13:10:12 [aldafu]
bin needs to start the other bridge first, i think
13:10:24 [GaryChen]
13:12:14 [Bin_Hu]
I alrady started the old bridge we used last time
13:12:20 [Paul_Higgs]
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13:13:38 [GaryChen]
we are re-dialing old bridge now.
13:14:08 [GaryChen]
failed again
13:14:33 [Bin_Hu]
I see. Perhaps it is due to your phone system?
13:14:39 [whyun]
I'm now using skype to access old bridge, and it works well.
13:15:16 [genelian]
Bin_Hu, yeap I'm afraid so. Really sorry about that...
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13:16:25 [Bin_Hu]
Ok, let us start, and try to use IRC to capture the important discussion point
13:17:12 [genelian_]
yeap, thank you guys. We'll stick to the conversation as possible as we can.
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13:19:12 [Bin_Hu]
chair Bin
13:19:41 [Bin_Hu]
13:20:08 [Bin_Hu]
Bin, talking about something
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13:21:15 [cpn]
bin: review of action items
13:22:13 [Bin_Hu]
13:22:18 [cpn]
bin: review of technical use cases
13:22:55 [cpn]
bin: we have 5 contributions
13:23:58 [cpn]
ScribeNick: cpn
13:24:30 [cpn]
Bin: first use case is triggering of an interactive content overlay
13:25:08 [cpn]
... this has 6 technical requirements
13:25:52 [cpn]
... events to display/dismiss the overlay
13:27:13 [cpn]
... triggered based on various channel/timing events
13:27:30 [cpn]
... overlay has validity period
13:28:29 [cpn]
... content overlay works with different content sources
13:29:13 [Paul_Higgs]
does "live" in the last bullet refer to ober-the-air
13:30:07 [Bin_Hu]
yes, either over-the-air, or "live" on cable TV
13:34:07 [cpn]
cpn: cpn explains channel scan use case
13:34:46 [Paul_Higgs]
You can see a javascript object implemention of channel scanning in the OIPF Declarative Application Environment specification (section 7.13.9)
13:34:47 [cpn]
???: can we show progress indicator during channel scan?
13:35:18 [cpn]
alex: channel scan should notify when scan is complete
13:36:02 [cpn]
???: api should report signal strengh, to give user feedback if signal not strong enough
13:36:36 [aldafu]
s/???: api/genelian: api/
13:37:09 [cpn]
... detect available tuners, to notify user if a new tuner is available
13:37:46 [cpn]
... should report channel names and numbers during the scan
13:38:21 [cpn]
... uses should be able to select channels using their remote control
13:38:42 [cpn]
... allow selection of individual audio and video tracks
13:38:55 [cpn]
... events to notify programme changes
13:40:08 [cpn]
... navigation of EPG
13:41:14 [cpn]
... recording of media streams
13:41:45 [cpn]
... notify user of emergency broadcasts
13:42:13 [cpn]
... parental control
13:42:48 [cpn]
... display multiple media streams, for picture-in-picture
13:43:09 [cpn]
... link to web content relating to broadcast content
13:44:23 [cpn]
??? do we need to modify the API to support IPTV?
13:44:25 [Paul_Higgs]
We don;t normally "tune" to an IP channel
13:44:43 [Paul_Higgs]
but a channel could carry IP content
13:44:56 [cpn]
matt: display of multiple streams may require multiple tuners
13:46:31 [cpn]
genelian: the API can cover single and multiple tuners
13:47:24 [cpn]
Paul_Higgs: picture-in-picture could be done with an IP channel and a tuner channel
13:47:58 [cpn]
Bin_Hu: this should be an application issue, based on sources provided by the API
13:48:48 [cpn]
skim13: explains ETRI use case
13:50:51 [cpn]
... URI for media sources
13:51:11 [cpn]
... display of channel and program lists
13:51:40 [cpn]
... program info in multiple languages
13:52:29 [cpn]
... links to channel services
13:52:47 [Bin_Hu]
scribe, Chris Needham (cpn)
13:54:34 [cpn]
matt: display of subtitles in broadcast video
13:55:15 [cpn]
... and audio description streams for the visually impaired
13:55:57 [cpn]
Bin_Hu: there's some overlap in these use cases
13:56:20 [cpn]
... suggest the next step is to summarise requirements from the use case
13:57:23 [cpn]
Bin_Hu: ... deadline for use case contributions is next conference call (July 8th)
13:58:02 [genelian]
+1 summarize and de-duplicate the user cases
13:58:16 [cpn]
Action: Bin_Hu will consolidate the requirements
13:58:50 [cpn]
Bin_Hu: will follow with JC and Kaz re meeting at TPAC
13:59:29 [cpn]
s/follow/follow up/
14:00:03 [cpn]
Bin_Hu: some people had problems dialing into today's call
14:00:40 [cpn]
... try to use Zakim again next time, with IRC integration
14:01:22 [cpn]
Bin_Hu: thanks for all your input today
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RRSAgent: draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate aldafu
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didn't work, it seems
14:04:52 [Bin_Hu]
present+ Bin Hu, Chris Needham, Paul Higgs, Wook Hyun, Sung Hei Kim, Alex Futasz, Dat Doan, Matt Haynes, Gene Lian, Gary Chen
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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14:05:48 [Bin_Hu]
Chair, Bin
14:06:03 [Bin_Hu]
Scribe Chris Needham (cpn)
14:06:11 [Bin_Hu]
Chair Bin
14:06:19 [Bin_Hu]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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Chair, Bin
14:07:13 [Bin_Hu]
Chair, Bin_Hu
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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16:08:57 [cpn]
Meeting: TV Control API CG
16:09:17 [cpn]
RRSAgent: draft minutes
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16:12:15 [cpn]
Chair: Bin_Hu
16:12:24 [cpn]
RRSAgent: draft minutes
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16:13:27 [cpn]
Scribe: Chris Needham
16:13:36 [cpn]
RRSAgent: draft minutes
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