Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

04 Jun 2014

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Annika, Christos, Bim, David, Markel, Yehya, Simon
Giorgio, Silvia, Peter, Klaus, Vivienne, Shadi


Metrics Note

Markel: we got some response with some typos and some modifications on the abstract
... I hope we will make soon these modifications

Accessible Wayfinding and Maps Progress

christos: added parts on the wiki... but we have to write more on the background... it's going well

annika: I ve put some things in the wiki
... I also added an related topics and listed related topics


sharper: I will probably merge it with accessible maps
... it's better to get them together rather on separate tiems

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Research_Topics

Ranking of Research Priorities

shaper: open discusion as last week

<markel> go ahead

Static Documents on the Web: Document Accessibility

sharper: I propose to do a catelogue topic

most agree to do a catalgoue topic

Dynamic Content Accessibility

sloandr: maybe combine this with templates
... they are pretty much similar

christos: agree...

<sharper> * [[Dynamic Content Accessibility]] (Guidelines, Assistive Technologies, Clients) - Peter + [[Usability of Accessible UI Design Patterns]] (comparative evaluations with AT users of ease of use) - David

Inclusion by Accessible Social Media

markel: isn't this similar to web inclusion

shaper: maybe combine it with web inclusion...

Sign Language on the Web

sharper: I think this is a catalogue topic

yeyha: should be a catalogue topic... there is a lot of interest in it....

sloandr: also agree todo a catalogue topic

Accessible Notifications

sharper: I think this is a catalogue topics

annika: i think it's part of dynamic content

Smart Images

christos: I cannot see it combined with maps
... suggest to shelve it

sharper: lets move on to the topics from emails

sharper: it's very important


markel: agrees...

yeyha: agrees

Cognitive / Emotion / Affective Computing Accessibility - Yehya, Annika

shaper: what do you think?

yehya: catalogue topic.. and then see if we can progress it

Accessible gestures - Peter

Dyslexia & Cognitive Accessibility - Luz

sharper: there was some interest for a symposium ... btu no firther communication

yehya: they might be combined with cognitive

sharper: I think they are quite different

markle and sloandr agreed...

yeyha: I wouldn;t start both topics together... start one and then if there is an interst we can bring the other in the front too

annika: I 'd suggest to shelve it for a while
... also text customization was similar

Accessible gestures - Peter

sharper: it a bit interesting but I don't know if we have anyone to work on it

annika: what it actually means?

yeyha: it's broader than touch screens

christos: I suggest to catalogue

Dynamic Content Accessibility - Peter

shaper: it's more close to dynamic content or dev framwork...?

Dev Framework Accessibility for Applications - Peter

annika: it's hard to judge from the title

sharper: all emails are covered

<sharper> https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/index.php?title=Research_Topics

shaper: we now need to prioritize
... I'll give a few minutes to try and priritze them now...

sharper: accessbile wyfinding is on top for November

<Yehya> +1

sharper: which of these are the most important?

<markel> +1

<sloandr> +1

sharper: who things IoT shoud be 2nd?

<markel> +1 for second

<markel> sorry for third

Web Inclusion

<Yehya> +1

<sloandr> +1

sharper: who thinks it sould be second?

Authoring Accessibility

sharper: who thinks it sould be second?
... who thinks it sould be third?

Inclusion by Accessible Social Media ?

sloandr: we need to better define web inclusion


Big Data

<annika> +1

<markel> +1 Go wearables!

sharer: wearbles for fourth


<annika> +1


<sharper> +1

sharper: what sould be next?


<Yehya> +1

<markel> +1

<sloandr> Authoring accesibilty +1

authoring accessibility

Inclusion by Accessible Social Media - Silvia David

Dynamic Content


<annika> +1

<Bim> +1

<sharper> +1

sharper: VR or social media?

<annika> +1 for VR

sh: VR?


<Yehya> +1

sharper: if things go according to plan... IoT should be up for March 15!
... anyone who want to be editors for IoT?
... Big data goes for July...

<annika> keep in mind that wearables is also the theme of W4A 2015

sharper: Tangible_Interfaces + Wearables?

sharer: Web Inclusion for February 16?

shaprer: based on the charter anything beyond web inclusion will not be covered

sharper: thanks anybody... if anyone has any thoughts and thinks can be editor for any topic ...

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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