KDDI Position Statement for W3C Web Annotations Workshop

Web annotation is are online annotations associated with a web resource. These annotations can be categolized as private and public. As for the private annotations, private contact lists and bookmarks can be integrated into private annotations because they are links to someone or something concerned to the user, and there are many common features with web annotations reflecting user's standpoints, preferences, and perspectives.

As for the the public annotations, they form many kinds of layers on top of the existing resource, and each layer can be shared with people using the same annotation system. Now the public layers become big media and have a great impact on communities.

For example, Niconico, the fourteenth most visited website in Japan, has been providing annotated streaming services to share feeling and passion of audience against their favorite video contents. People are now consuming a lot of "opinions" in addition to the original works. Since comments and notes are getting valuable derivatives, we should take care about technologies, standardizations, and services that can fairly handles annotations.

In this workshop, we'd like to discuss how to secure and how to share/circulate annotations with the original contents.