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meeting: ITS IG
11:51:42 [fsasaki]
chair: felix
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topic: roll call
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present+ felix
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topic: namespace bindings and CSS selectors
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12:05:46 [fsasaki]
The set of namespace declarations are those in scope on the element that has the attribute in which the expression occurs. This includes the implicit declaration of the prefix xml required by the XML Namespaces Recommendation; the default namespace (as declared by xmlns) is not part of this set.
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just joining the goto
12:07:58 [fsasaki]
felix: propose to add this as a non-normative errate - comments?
12:08:16 [fsasaki]
12:08:51 [YvesS]
+1 for adding the item to the errata
12:09:03 [dF]
12:09:08 [daveL]
12:09:10 [Ankit]
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12:09:13 [fsasaki]
action: felix to send a mail about errtaum and make the update within one week
12:09:14 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-43 - Send a mail about errtaum and make the update within one week [on Felix Sasaki - due 2014-05-07].
12:09:23 [fsasaki]
topic: feedback from LT-Web final review
12:11:02 [fsasaki]
felix describing feedback from the EU
12:13:32 [fsasaki]
topic: update on XLIFF mapping
12:13:54 [YvesS]
Several data categories to review: would be nice to get some feedback. Felix asked: schema for using ITS in XLIFF needed? -> yes, very much so.
12:14:13 [YvesS]
12:14:16 [fsasaki]
XLIFF 2.0 mapping needs feedback
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12:15:45 [fsasaki]
felix proposes to write ITS schema for using ITS in XLIFF
12:15:52 [fsasaki]
david: wonders who should host the schema
12:16:05 [fsasaki]
.. we need a specialized schema, no doubt
12:16:31 [fsasaki]
.. need to see who is the host
12:16:54 [fsasaki]
.. should be one of the topics of XLIFF TC meeting in May and in June during FEISGILTT session
12:17:28 [YvesS]
12:17:29 [fsasaki]
.. can be handled during ITS mapping session during
12:17:40 [fsasaki]
s/during/during FEISGILTT/
12:17:49 [fsasaki]
action: felix to follow up on ITS in XLIFF schema
12:17:49 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-44 - Follow up on its in xliff schema [on Felix Sasaki - due 2014-05-07].
12:17:56 [dF]
XLIFF 2.1 seesion June 4 afternoon
12:18:14 [dF]
I am
12:18:31 [fsasaki]
action: dF to review XLIFF 2.0 mappings
12:18:31 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-45 - Review xliff 2.0 mappings [on David Filip - due 2014-05-07].
12:19:06 [fsasaki]
david: yesterday submitted XLIFF candidate ticket
12:19:15 [fsasaki]
topic: update on RDF mapping
12:19:24 [fsasaki]
12:19:31 [dF]
COS - candidate OASIS standard
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12:19:48 [fsasaki]
dave: work in FALCON project
12:20:12 [fsasaki]
.. will send URL to the list
12:20:57 [fsasaki]
.. we put a deliverable togehter. Working primarily with xtm. Extended work we did with XLIFF > ITS mapping into RDF. With where we maintain ITS > NIF mapping and other ITS parameters
12:21:28 [fsasaki]
.. what we have done: we are pulling togehter an (RDF?) schema that extends w3c provenacne model
12:21:45 [fsasaki]
.. idea is: continue work we did with Ankit on re-training MT components
12:22:13 [fsasaki]
... uses a lot of ITS metadata, extending what we did in LT-Web
12:22:24 [fsasaki]
.. now handling also @@@ packages that Interverbum uses
12:22:49 [fsasaki]
.. e.g. how to handle terminology markup - xtm are doing this but so far they did not use its:terminology
12:23:08 [fsasaki]
.. are looking into how to also bring that into interop now
12:23:36 [fsasaki]
[missed DF comment]
12:23:43 [fsasaki]
12:24:16 [YvesS]
Will that RDF mapping available publicly (soon)?
12:25:00 [dF]
I said that both XLIFF 1.2 and 2.0 ITS mappings are usning mrk mark up
12:25:20 [fsasaki]
dave: will put the RDF on github
12:25:31 [YvesS]
Great, thanks.
12:25:33 [fsasaki]
.. hopefully this week
12:25:48 [dF]
so the reconciliation should not be difficlut, just using its attributes for what does not exist in XLIFF core
12:26:12 [fsasaki]
dave: there haven't been a lot of changes, there seem to be changes to NIF ontology
12:27:18 [fsasaki]
12:27:23 [fsasaki]
12:27:34 [fsasaki]
dave: will not change a lot, just more usage examples
12:27:44 [fsasaki]
.. plan to have a demo for FEISGILTT
12:28:44 [fsasaki]
.. will do similar like LT-Web: put tooling up, reference architecture, then input files as example how to work with this
12:29:43 [fsasaki]
ack ChriLi
12:30:25 [fsasaki]
chriLi: W3C provenance model is target towards content, not processing? so it does not allow you to track: this is component that has been used in this chain: ...
12:30:27 [fsasaki]
dave: yes
12:30:40 [fsasaki]
.. we in FALCON do a component factory, which can create components
12:30:54 [fsasaki]
.. old ideas from Corba etc.
12:32:00 [fsasaki]
discussion about components, versions, ...
12:32:13 [fsasaki]
dave: have not considered this in detail, good points
12:33:23 [fsasaki]
christian: suggestion: how to approach quest for standard direction. That also could be answered from industry, community services
12:33:41 [fsasaki]
.. asking them: what are the hot service component architectures? what to apply for processing chains
12:34:00 [fsasaki]
.. going out asking different communities might prevent us from building and ivory tower
12:34:07 [fsasaki]
dave: really good point
12:34:24 [fsasaki]
.. where would be a good forum for that?
12:34:41 [fsasaki]
.. you won't get a lot of service people in feisgillt or MLW WS
12:35:23 [fsasaki]
christian: talking to other EU funded projects?
12:35:55 [fsasaki]
dave: I tracked some projects previously, will check again - OASIS may not use semantic service descriptions
12:36:48 [fsasaki]
... it is an interesting point, if you have input for that (also your colleagues) please let us know, very interesting also e.g. for LIDER
12:37:04 [fsasaki]
.. important are the use cases, e.g. role of MT component in a work flow
12:37:24 [fsasaki]
.. because we also look into re-training of MT, that needs to be managed as well
12:38:04 [fsasaki]
.. I'll check with Klaus
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12:38:45 [fsasaki]
christian: we had tool information related discussion in ITS
12:39:55 [fsasaki]
felix: have that with annotators-ref attribute: we did not specify our own thing but just the URI so that people can do what is right for them
12:41:12 [YvesS]
12:41:15 [fsasaki]
topic: work on ITS and RDF
12:41:21 [fsasaki]
12:41:36 [fsasaki]
12:41:45 [fsasaki]
12:43:29 [YvesS]
yes more or less
12:44:01 [YvesS]
The code is working as of few minutes ago thanks to your sparql help.
12:45:03 [fsasaki]
felix explains workflow: getting cross lingual info from dbpedia
12:45:12 [fsasaki]
ankit: we did something simliar during LT-Web
12:45:29 [fsasaki]
.. we manually put dbpedia link into ITS wrapper
12:45:36 [fsasaki]
.. the MT step can then use the info
12:45:48 [fsasaki]
dave: the MT did the lookup of the target language term from dbpedia
12:46:01 [YvesS]
more like annotation
12:46:05 [fsasaki]
.. how would work in okapi: would that be done as part of the MT component?
12:46:06 [YvesS]
and glossary
12:46:11 [YvesS]
12:46:13 [fsasaki]
.. or would that be a tbx entry?
12:46:17 [fsasaki]
yves: yes
12:46:26 [YvesS]
it seems the wikidata Q labels provide better "translations" though. but sparql can be used to get the Q id.
12:46:33 [fsasaki]
dave: makes sense, we had that in one of the scenarios
12:46:52 [fsasaki]
12:47:14 [YvesS]
that works too, but it requires one additional call per resource
12:47:38 [fsasaki]
dave: you can also do the same with babelnet and rdf versions of wordnet
12:47:47 [fsasaki]
.. bablenet will have translations but not so many named entities
12:47:49 [YvesS]
any links to babelnet? do thay have api?
12:48:00 [fsasaki]
.. it is the same principle, sparql queries would be a bit different
12:48:15 [fsasaki]
yves, see here:
12:48:21 [YvesS]
12:48:31 [fsasaki]
dave: they should have a sparql endpoint
12:48:37 [YvesS]
will try that
12:48:38 [fsasaki]
.. or you can download the RDF as well
12:49:03 [fsasaki]
.. interesting also: babelnet also provides services that does annotation, like enrycher
12:49:26 [fsasaki]
.. so you can do named entity annotation funtionality too
12:49:27 [YvesS]
good to know. for now I'm using dbpediaspotligh to get the entities
12:52:16 [fsasaki]
felix: having ability to do sparql queries in a tool like okapi woudl be great to easiyl adapt this to other data sources
12:52:36 [fsasaki]
dave: +1, and documenting the sparql queries would be great too, so that people see what queries work well
12:52:44 [fsasaki]
12:53:02 [YvesS]
12:53:23 [fsasaki]
dave: in FALCON we are convervative - offering a very simple REST interface so that people don't have to worry about sparql
12:53:59 [fsasaki]
action: felix to set up a sparql query page for use with its-ta-ref
12:53:59 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-46 - Set up a sparql query page for use with its-ta-ref [on Felix Sasaki - due 2014-05-07].
12:54:29 [fsasaki]
felix: will advertise that to lider people to get their input on typical queries
12:55:05 [YvesS]
12:55:12 [fsasaki]
topic: abo
12:55:15 [fsasaki]
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present+ yves, cl
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rrsagent, bye
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ACTION: felix to follow up on ITS in XLIFF schema [2]
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ACTION: dF to review XLIFF 2.0 mappings [3]
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ACTION: felix to set up a sparql query page for use with its-ta-ref [4]
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