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logging to
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hello all
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08:00:31 [Tomas]
Tomas = M.T. Carrasco Benitez, European Commission, Luxembourg
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Present+ John McCrae
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Present+ M.T. Carrasco Benitez
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Present+ Jorge Gracia
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Present+ Martin Benjamin
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meeting: LD4LT group
08:27:39 [Tomas]
Best Practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data Community Group -
08:28:13 [Tomas]
Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group -
08:29:40 [Tomas]
Multilingual Electronic Dossier (MED) -
08:31:35 [GabrielaVulcu]
As I mentioned earlier to Dave, today I have to leave at 9:30 due to another commitment. See you next time.
08:32:34 [Tomas]
CSV on the Web Working Group -
08:33:56 [Tomas]
I am member of Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group (dwbp)
08:34:31 [Tomas]
David Lewis
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chair: dave
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present+ felix(on_irc_joint_later)
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08:36:45 [jgracia]
Open Linguistics WG
08:37:05 [Tomas]
One should considered merging and/or specifiying how the different activities fit
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I hear some annoying echo
08:38:46 [victor-rodriguez]
08:38:52 [Tomas]
Please self-scribe and put links
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08:39:52 [cimiano]
I mentioned the ontolex community group in my contribution:
08:39:53 [cimiano]
I al
08:41:22 [cimiano]
I also mentioned the work of the Open Linguistics group that is trying to provide an overview of the linguistic datasets available at datahub and generate a cloud diagram for linguistic linked datasets:
08:41:38 [cimiano]
See the cloud diagram here:
08:41:49 [jgracia]
Dave: already existent metamodels of LRs (non LD technologies): LRMap, META-SHARE
08:42:05 [Tomas]
Big Multilingual Linked Data (BigMu) -
08:42:13 [jgracia]
One of our tgets: help them mving their metadata and resources as LD
08:42:44 [fsasaki]
topic: work of ld4lt group
08:43:02 [fsasaki]
dave is discussing goals of group - converting (metadata about) language resources into rdf
08:43:13 [fsasaki]
tomas: there are three traditions for parallel corpora
08:43:21 [fsasaki]
.. traditionally they were very small
08:43:29 [fsasaki]
.. now there are really big corpora
08:43:33 [fsasaki]
.. and there is linked data
08:44:00 [fsasaki]
.. parallel coropora should be packaged somehow so that you don't have linked data on one side and parallel text on the other side
08:44:07 [fsasaki]
dave: very interesting
08:44:29 [fsasaki]
.. I am working on FALCON project, here also there is parallel text as linked data
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08:44:38 [Tomas]
A go at combining: linked data + big data + multilingual parallel text
08:44:49 [fsasaki]
.. dave, can you see - are you using a schema for parallel / linked data?
08:44:56 [fsasaki]
08:45:04 [fsasaki]
tomas: I am working on offical journal
08:45:13 [fsasaki]
.. terabyte of multilingual parallel data
08:45:24 [fsasaki]
.. I don't have a solution, rather a feeling of the problem
08:46:37 [jgracia]
could you mute yourselves when not speaking? there is a lot of echo
08:46:58 [Tomas]
DGT-Acquis -
08:47:05 [fsasaki]
present: dave, felix(joining_late), alex, ali_H_Vahid, gary_lefman, Georgia_petasis, jgracia, john_mccrae, martin_benjamin, maud_ehrmann, philipp_cimiano, roberto_navigli, semantic_web_company, tatiana_gornostay, victor_rodriguez_doncel
08:47:25 [fsasaki]
jorge: for moving existing data into linked data:
08:47:31 [fsasaki]
.. we already have a scheme
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08:47:45 [fsasaki]
.. we could involve most people in this
08:47:55 [Tomas]
The intention is to have the next version DGT-Acquis to follow the linked data approach
08:48:17 [fsasaki]
action: jorge to send to the mailing list a pointer to the owl ontology inviting for comments
08:49:23 [fsasaki]
dave: jorge, please kick a conversation on the public list off
08:49:32 [fsasaki]
.. would be good if we could get people from upf
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08:51:32 [Tomas]
Web as a Medium -
08:52:56 [fsasaki]
felix proposing to discuss relation between already multilingual linked data sets, e.g. dbpedia and wikidata. hoping to involve stakeholders here of both communites. happy to try to bring the right people for this here.
08:53:14 [AlexOConnorTCD]
Is Tomas suggesting automatic / semit-automatic linking?
08:53:31 [AlexOConnorTCD]
Otherwise the OKFN is probably the most prominent attempt to solve this
08:53:49 [victor-rodriguez]
oh sound quality is dropping fast
08:53:55 [jmccrae]
Is someone in Chernobyl with a Geiger counter?
08:54:13 [fsasaki]
action: felix to contact the people who work on multilingual linked data sets (dbpedia, babelnet, wikidata, ...) to this group and to foster the discussion between them
08:54:38 [fsasaki]
topic: call time
08:54:40 [victor-rodriguez]
convenient for me
08:54:46 [fsasaki]
dave: is this slot ok for everybody?
08:55:11 [jgracia]
Quick reminder of the next "face to face" meeting in Madrid:
08:55:26 [Tomas]
We need a uniform way to address the multilingual resources: wiki, RDF, etc; small (record size) and big (whole database)
08:56:06 [fsasaki]
dave: also localization world event, then i semantics (in September)
08:56:24 [Tomas]
Links for Reykavik?
08:57:08 [fsasaki]
action: dave to check with sebastian about ld4lt meeting with i semantics
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08:57:47 [fsasaki]
s/topic: call time/topic: call time and upcoming group meetings/
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08:58:28 [fsasaki]
dave: we will put up a calendar and make sure that this is populated
08:58:36 [fsasaki]
.. there is a link to the athens workshop
08:58:46 [fsasaki]
.. there will be a report coming out, felix working on that
08:58:59 [fsasaki]
.. via mail list we will structure that info more
08:59:12 [fsasaki]
.. we have issue + action tracker tha we can use for the group
08:59:19 [fsasaki]
thanks all for the interesting discussion!
08:59:40 [fsasaki]
.. will send out notes from the meeting and start activities by mailing list
08:59:44 [RobertoNavigli]
thanks, very useful!
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09:01:28 [cimiano]
thanks, bye bye
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