Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

02 Apr 2014

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Shadi, David, Simon, Yehya, Annika, Markel, Peter
Silvia, Klaus, Yeliz


W3C Workshop on the Web of Things http://www.w3.org/2014/02/wot/

sharper: moving forward on wiki topic

shadi: no updates on wiki
... will take sever cycles from group to put something together and might deter the group from other work
... will likely put a paper forward to the workshop
... may ask this of group of an FYI - happy to share this and provide feedback after the workshop
... encourage others to participate in the workshop
... accessibility is important and should in and on their radar

sharper: might be difficult to talk about this today as a group though individuals can add to this

yehya: we recently finished a project utilizing web of things - Web Services for ?? and Relatives
... can support you Shadi by giving you materials..

shadi: great could be something to link to from Wiki

<Yehya> Web Services for Elderly and Relative

shadi: separate wikis for web of things and internet of things and will be linking

yeheya: we have RFID.. and many other things

sharper: any other intending to contribute as an individual (not as the group)
... will people at the W4A like to do a 2-hour thing like a hackathon?

shadi: could be a topic for the W4A camp
... but will likely have a conflict Wednesday morning but seems like an interesting topic..

sharper: then we can get something together in a crowd-sourced way, that might be an idea where we each write a section for a paragraph
... accessibility problems or games


<markel> I suggest to get in touch with Giorgio Brajnik, he's the chair of W4A camp

scribe: we can put what we like on post it notes
... agree will speak to him

<markel> sure, just for let him know

shadi: understand that the camp is an organic thing and will self determine
... perhaps someone with a computer there can convert this directly to the wiki

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/community/wai-engage/

shadi: member access only but the Wiki is open and anyone can start a wiki page there
... so we could use that as a fully pulic wiki that could later go to the RDWG wiki

sharper: sounds like a good idea

RESOLVE: group will not submit to workshop because we do not have enough bandwidth with the time constraints

Upcoming catalogue topics https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/tracker/actions/52

sharper: can't talk about due to Klaus not here

yehya: within the next week

sharper: looks like after that we'll be able to move another one through the process
... david could you tell us how you see things coming together in the W4A next week..

david: shaun and I have provisioned to meet sunday and review where we are
... plan is to agree on what needs to be done and make some progress on that
... as for tips for accessibility
... I would like to propose that as a topic for the W4A Wednesday morning camp
... so the outcome would be a short report I could give to the RDWG telco

sharper: ok, also if we do get people around on the camp day, and take note for crediting them, and see if they'd like to join the group
... any other business?
... have comments for the metric report

I didn't here it either

(spain is effected also :)

shadi: I will synthesize this report with Judi Brewer and send this off to the editors before they head off to the W4A

david: may be off topic - is their a plan to meetup on say Sunday?

sharper: yes!

<markel> I'll be Sat and Sun before W4A too

I'll get there Monday morning and there until Sunday afternoon

david: I arrive Sunday morning and plan to sleep but evening I'm free to catch up with people

sharper: lets meet Sunday night

markel: gc will email us about dinner meeting(s) before the conference

sharper: next week's meeting is canceled

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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