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ok, ninja; the call is being made
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see walter, JackHobaugh, Jeff, Ninja
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On the phone I see walter, JackHobaugh, Jeff, Ninja, Mike_Zaneis, hober, SusanIsrael, Peder_Magee, Brooks, Fielding, Joanne, kulick, Ari, hefferjr, WileyS, MattHayes, Carl_Cargill,
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16:04:02 [justin]
ninja, do we have a scribe yet?
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I'm on a private #
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16:04:32 [walter]
am on Skype, can try
16:04:38 [walter]
but it will not necessarily be pretty
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16:05:04 [justin]
Yeah, this will be a tough one to scribe --- high margin of error will be tolerated.
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+ +1.202.265.aadd
16:05:18 [walter]
justin: and if not you may take over :-P
16:05:32 [Zakim]
16:05:42 [walter]
justin: we're moving to last call
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16:05:48 [walter]
there is a request to let Roy walk us through
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16:06:06 [walter]
we will watch the queue for questions
16:06:07 [marc]
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16:06:12 [walter]
people may interupt
16:06:13 [Zakim]
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Zakim, aadd is marc
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+marc; got it
16:06:22 [walter]
but for the most part Roy will walk us through the document
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16:06:38 [walter]
in the coming week we will have time to ask questions
16:06:49 [walter]
and Roy will have an opportunity to incorporate clarifications
16:06:59 [walter]
after next week we will go into a two week period
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16:07:14 [walter]
in which folks can come forward to object
16:07:17 [wseltzer]
16:07:30 [Zakim]
16:07:38 [npdoty]
ack wseltzer
16:07:39 [justin]
ack ws
16:07:59 [walter]
wseltzer: I just want to echo Justin's call to remind people that the last call is that the group consensus is documented for wider review
16:08:10 [walter]
If there is a new technical issue that we haven't addressed
16:08:13 [Chris_IAB]
so the standard is consensus from the group?
16:08:23 [walter]
That should block this document
16:08:29 [walter]
before going out for last call
16:08:59 [fielding]
Following the diff :
16:09:15 [npdoty]
Topic: TPE Walkthrough
16:09:21 [ninja] diff
16:09:25 [walter]
fielding: As you all know I am excited about a walkthrough of a document you can read
16:09:36 [walter]
I will quickly describe the changes since January
16:09:44 [justin]
16:10:05 [marc]
I think a section-by-section review would be helpful.
16:10:18 [walter]
Carl_Cargill: Would you prefer to know specific issues?
16:10:29 [walter]
fielding: I am not going to read the document and open up for comments afterwards
16:10:32 [Ari]
+1 to marc, a section by section would be helpful
16:10:43 [walter]
who is speaking now?
16:10:51 [walter]
oh, justin I suppose
16:11:11 [wseltzer]
Chris_IAB, the chairs will call for consensus that the document is ready to publish
16:11:18 [walter]
justin: there are people below your technical expertise so it would helpful if you were to describe in more detail
16:11:42 [walter]
fielding: we'll start with the introduction
16:11:49 [walter]
now it is a fairly broad introduction
16:11:54 [vincent]
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16:12:01 [walter]
my preference would be to replace that with the terminology section
16:12:21 [walter]
for the most part it has been a placeholder
16:12:37 [walter]
at this point I should be rethinking the introduction
16:12:43 [walter]
it is clearly editorial now
16:12:49 [walter]
it is not affected by the last call status so much
16:13:08 [walter]
justin: are you going to change it during last call?
16:13:21 [walter]
fielding: it should be editorial and it could go after last call
16:13:37 [walter]
so that's the purpose of the introduction
16:14:09 [walter]
the notational concepts section is usually a reference to IETF documents, but now that the HBP stuff is approved
16:14:27 [walter]
which means that there will be a new set of RFCs about HTTP coming up
16:14:33 [walter]
which will be more specific
16:14:40 [ninja]
zakim, mute me
16:14:40 [Zakim]
Ninja should now be muted
16:15:00 [justin]
16:15:03 [walter]
I did make a number of changes to support that in this draft
16:15:23 [marc]
Does the new RFCs change the substance or requirements in any way? I didn't follow that.
16:15:23 [walter]
the terminology section is the unusual bit here
16:15:45 [walter]
there are some small changes
16:15:54 [JC]
Does he mean definitions?
16:15:55 [walter]
section 2.3 has added the definitions of tracking and context
16:16:00 [walter]
network interaction and user action
16:16:06 [justin]
JC, yes definitions. It's called "terminology in the doc"