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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
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Date: 20 March 2014
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16:03:22 [paulc]
plh: are you scribing today?
16:03:41 [Zakim]
16:03:56 [plh]
scribe: plh
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16:06:01 [plh]
Topic: Action items
16:06:06 [plh]
Paul: none
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16:06:12 [plh]
Topic: HTML 5.0 issues
16:06:43 [plh]
Paul: only one is issue 151, about WHATWG references in the status section of the document
16:06:47 [Zakim]
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16:06:58 [plh]
... Sam sent a note about that earlier and we're working with the editors
16:07:08 [plh]
... we're trying to make sure we have everything covered
16:07:21 [plh]
16:07:21 [trackbot]
issue-151 -- Remove WhatWG and references in status section of document -- open
16:07:21 [trackbot]
16:07:28 [plh]
Topic: Last Call Status
16:07:39 [plh]
Paul: Polyglot
16:07:47 [plh]
... one large LC comment, worked on by the editor
16:08:26 [paulc]
One section to revisit:
16:08:29 [plh]
Elliott: there is one section that needs to be revisited. should be done in a couple of days
16:08:40 [plh]
16:09:04 [plh]
POaul: once this gets closed off, the LC will be done and we'll need to figure how to get to CR
16:09:10 [plh]
... so, we'll need exit criteria
16:09:28 [plh]
Eliot: Leif is making a draft for that
16:09:35 [plh]
... should have something in a couple of weeks
16:09:59 [plh]
Topic: W3C DOM4
16:10:06 [plh]
Paul: that's in last call
16:10:11 [plh]
... didn't hear back from Robin
16:11:00 [plh]
plh: I don't have an update unfortunately
16:11:12 [plh]
Paul: ok, we're still on schedule. there are issues in the spec btw
16:11:18 [plh]
Topic: longdesc status
16:11:34 [plh]
Paul: TF preference is to skip CR phase
16:11:51 [plh]
... Status: "The A11Y coordination team continues to make progress on the Exit Criteria. We are getting closer to reaching consensus.
16:11:51 [plh]
Good news is the implementation report is getting developed in parallel."
16:12:17 [plh]
Paul: the individuals are all at CSUN this week
16:12:24 [plh]
Topic: CR progress
16:12:27 [Zakim]
16:12:43 [plh]
Paul: Moving canvas2d back to last call
16:13:13 [plh]
... it appears that the hit region algorithm is in the L2 spec, and they're trying to figure which subset needs to be in L1
16:13:44 [plh]
Rik: it's becoming apparent that what people think is in the spec is not there
16:13:57 [plh]
... we're working on it
16:14:28 [plh]
Paul: any discussion in the sub-team on if f2f discussion?
16:14:38 [plh]
Rik: I won't be able to attend (conflict with SVG)
16:14:46 [plh]
... and Rich won't be able to either
16:14:54 [plh]
Paul: ok, we'll figure the next steps
16:15:07 [plh]
Topic: status of HTML 5.0
16:15:17 [plh]
Paul: good news, we're done to 0 bugs
16:15:34 [plh]
... only remaining is the one about at risk features
16:16:06 [plh]
... see also
16:17:48 [plh]
plh: this is a moving target discussion btw. firefox shipped this week without an HTML5 feature (input color). blink-dev is discussing whether to remove another one (style scoped)
16:17:57 [plh]
Paul: big thanks to the HTML editors for their work!
16:19:23 [plh]
16:19:39 [plh]
plh: Robin has been cleaning some of the references earlier this week
16:19:48 [plh]
... this affects HTML5
16:20:22 [plh]
Paul: 4 specs are still problematic
16:20:53 [jernoble]
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16:21:05 [plh]
Paul: re features at risk. the bug concentrates on the list from the status
16:21:32 [plh]
16:21:39 [plh]
... any study on others?
16:21:45 [plh]
plh: c10 is one of them
16:22:50 [plh]
plh: we'll have hundreds of test results in time for f2f
16:23:03 [plh]
Topic: f2f meeting
16:23:35 [plh]
Paul: end date for registration is March 28
16:23:50 [plh]
... long list of potential topics
16:23:59 [plh]
16:24:31 [plh]
Paul: plh, you've been talking about testing results
16:24:40 [plh]
... Mike came with canvas results in the past
16:26:49 [plh]
plh: i expect we'll generate test results in the week of April 1
16:27:01 [plh]
Paul: ok, I added a forward pointer to that in the agenda
16:28:21 [plh]
... announcing the test results as early as possible will be useful
16:30:28 [plh]
Paul: for media task force, we're aiming on the second day in the morning
16:31:37 [plh]
... we'll need a teleconference facility
16:31:50 [plh]
Daniel: we'll have this
16:32:04 [plh]
Topic: AOB
16:32:13 [plh]
Paul: we covered testing results
16:32:52 [tobint]
16:33:06 [plh]
plh: re MSE tests from Google. is there someone looking at them>
16:33:37 [plh]
paul: it's been taken care of. won't have them stable by f2f
16:34:14 [adrianba]
16:34:22 [paulc]
ack tobin
16:34:28 [tobint]
16:34:30 [plh]
tobin: I'm from the web performance working group
16:34:34 [plh]
... following up on resource priorities
16:34:36 [tobint]
16:34:52 [plh]
... the work is continuing ion web performance
16:34:59 [tobint]
16:35:02 [plh]
... some questions making sure we're still in sync with HTML 5.1
16:35:29 [plh]
... just want to make sure the html group is aware of it
16:35:35 [plh]
paul: this is an extension spec
16:35:50 [plh]
... is this an item where you need hooks or future merge?
16:36:01 [plh]
tobin: potentially, we might ask for a merge
16:36:33 [plh]
paul: if your working group needs hooks, please feel free to ask
16:37:26 [plh]
paul: thank you to the editors for getting us to 0 bug
16:37:34 [plh]
Topic: next meeting
16:37:45 [plh]
plh can scribe again
16:37:52 [plh]
Sam will chair
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zakim, list attendees
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As of this point the attendees have been paulc, Sam, Eliot, [Microsoft], jaymunro, Plh, Daniel_Austin, adrianba, cabanier
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16:38:56 [Zakim]
Attendees were paulc, Sam, Eliot, [Microsoft], jaymunro, Plh, Daniel_Austin, adrianba, cabanier
16:39:05 [plh]
zakim, bye
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