Technical Architecture Group Teleconference

06 Mar 2014

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<trackbot> Date: 06 March 2014

<dherman> how do I ask Zakim about my background noise?

<dherman> lemme find it

<scribe> scribe: slightlyoff

<scribe> scribenick: slightlyoff

<dka> http://url.spec.whatwg.org

(can I start minuting yet?)


dka: EW Summit: working with folks about invites. Working with Marcos and Annevk

have few registrations vs invites, but suspect many more will sign up soon (will send reminder mail)

will open up registration next week


dka: I think Alex and Yehuda...if there are key developers we haven't reached out to that we think should be there, we should

Domenic__: ember people have strong opinions

dka: send me email addrs, will do the legwork

plinss: not a whole lot this week. On way to SxSW

Domenic__: not much either RE: TAG stuff. would like to take up quota-management spec review draft done soon. Also some interests from WebAudio in follow-up

dka: does it make sense for an F2F slot for Web Audio?

slightlyoff: perhaps we can invite them to a call first?

dka: can someone who's already talking to them propose that?

Domenic__: I can
... can loop in slightlyoff if he's available

dherman: not so much to report this week...have been focused on other stuff

slightlyoff: continuing to try to liberate EME/CDM documentation

twirl: not much this week.
... have been doing a lot of thinking around EME

Yves: not much to report. I've worked a bit on the [???] stuff. Sent an email to www-tag about it
... also compression in HTTP/2

dka: have been looking at trusted proxy, opportunistic encryption, and compression here (IETF meeting)

Domenic__: will send out a post about form-submission/compression

<Domenic__> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-nextweb/2014Mar/0000.html

timbl: I've been looking into things related to EME. Glad there are wider discussions, and I'm happy that some of the naiveté has been tempered.
... supposing the W3C finds itself producing a recommendation to make a technology which produces things which if you hack you go to jail in some countries...I've been thinking along the lines of a genearl argument:
... a.) all technology has a social as well as a technical component
... b.) the laws are the laws we have
... c.) in some countries, re: DRM, where the laws are an extraordinarily bad fit, should the consortium say "we've got this technology, but it needs a different policy world to live in"

e.g., should we block EME until the social conditions around it change?

we don't want people to go to jail around this...we don't want to do this until the laws change

timbl: want us to think about this

dka: this mirrors thigns at the STRINT workshop...the idea that standards are amoral

dherman: I strongly disagree with taht argument

timbl: I talked with a spammer once...and I'd call them and ask "what are you doing? don't you feel bad?" and we got to discussing things like the forwarded-from header...and he said "that's just a header, you can put what you like in there"
... and a lot of people think that, but it would have been nice if someone made a point of saying you MUST about that header
... re: DNT, we can't get away from it

dka: back to agenda building for F2F
... my sense is that we want to have stuff to review
... we should be producing things and we should start thinking about documetns we're working on are reviewed and published at f2f's
... thinking about things like the promises guidelines and some of the other reviews that we're doing
... we shoudl be trying to backstop that stuff at the f2f's
... and we should be thinking about that as a goal

(I agree)

<twirl> +1


<twirl> Is there any urgent stuff?

(discussion about waiting for f2f...high bandwidth...etc.)

dka: re twirl: any more urgent stuff?

logistics? we ok there?

if you have questions, email dave

<twirl> I mean are there reviews which we need to do urgently

<Domenic__> there are a few chrome has intent to ship, i have tried to prioritize those

twirl: web audio, Shadow DOM, and Streams

<Domenic__> and Font Loading

<twirl> slightlyoff: did webaudio make a new revision?

Summary of Action Items

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