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Meeting: Web Performance Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 March 2014
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zakim, passcode?
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the conference code is 97373 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, plh
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20:07:49 [plh]
20:07:54 [tobint]
topic: Open Actions
20:08:58 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action item 73 looks like beacon - can we close
20:09:04 [plh]
close action-73
20:09:04 [trackbot]
Closed action-73.
20:09:20 [plh]
20:09:20 [trackbot]
action-97 -- Tony Gentilcore to Check with Adam Barth on Memory Leak API -- due 2012-09-30 -- OPEN
20:09:20 [trackbot]
20:10:04 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action Item 97. We've talked about this a number of times, but we likely should close this for now. We can come back to it later.
20:10:24 [tobint]
plh: There are some security issues here for now. I agree we should close.
20:10:33 [tobint]
close action-97
20:10:33 [trackbot]
Closed action-97.
20:11:30 [tobint]
JatinderMann: This one keeps coming up. Should we close or open?
20:11:55 [tobint]
plh: We should likely lean toward keeping them open if we are not sure. We can follow up with the owner.
20:12:46 [tobint]
JatinderMann: You can switch between networks very rapidly (LTE, 3G, WiFi). You may check one network, but quickly end up on another network. Let's follow up with Alois.
20:12:56 [tobint]
plh: I agree. Let's check with Alois.
20:13:37 [tobint]
Puneet: Someone suggested that we should look at bytes transfered.
20:14:15 [tobint]
plh: Bytes transfered can change from one moment to the next as well. Maybe people should use information in resource timings.
20:14:35 [tobint]
JatinderMann: we talked about adding byte information to resource timing, but I don't think we've done that yet.
20:16:35 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Regarding Action 104: Resource Timing 1 doesn't include information for audio or video elements because they come down in chunks.
20:17:21 [tobint]
plh: Do we add XHR to resource timing? If so we should consider adding this.
20:17:30 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We do.
20:17:54 [tobint]
Jatinder: We should get this on the agenda at some point soon.
20:18:11 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action 106. This one is on plh.
20:18:36 [tobint]
plh: I haven't done this yet.
20:18:53 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-111 onward are from TPAC
20:19:04 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-111:
20:19:38 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We decided to not have a limit and wait for implimentation. We should probably keep this open so we know it's still an issue.
20:20:03 [tobint]
plh: We could close the action and open an issue.
20:20:43 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Let's document that. Close the action item and open an issue.
20:20:55 [tobint]
plh: you can close the action item, I am looking at creating an issue.
20:21:07 [tobint]
close action-111
20:21:07 [trackbot]
Closed action-111.
20:21:25 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-112:
20:22:20 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We should get it into a spec and get some more people looking at it for feedback.
20:22:44 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Let's keep it open until ig gets it into a spec. Let's assign this one to Ilya
20:23:44 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-113 should be done, but tobint will follow up to verify.
20:23:54 [tobint]
tobint: will do.
20:24:30 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-116.
20:25:06 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We might want a security review on this one. Can we do detailed error logging securely.
20:25:19 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Is there someone from w3c that we can loop in for a review?
20:25:27 [tobint]
plh: I have a name but I need to double check.
20:26:24 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Let's update the spec to do basic error logging and see if we can do detailed error logging later.
20:26:39 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action item 117
20:26:50 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Let's leave this one open.
20:27:05 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-118:
20:27:39 [tobint]
JatinderMann: plh will ping Mark tomorrow
20:27:48 [tobint]
plh: I'll do that tomorrow.
20:28:03 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-119:
20:28:20 [tobint]
JatdinerMann: This one is on tobin. We discussed this at TPAC.
20:29:13 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-120, 121, 122: Sounds like JavaScript injection thing.
20:29:33 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Let's ping Arvind on this. Tobin and I will follow up with Microsoft people.
20:29:45 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-123: That's on Arvind. We should ping him on that.
20:30:02 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-125: I think mark has already done this. We should take his proposal and update the spec.
20:30:17 [plh]
20:30:17 [tobint]
plh: Agree.
20:30:30 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We should put this on tobin to get him to update the spec.
20:31:22 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We might want a little more clarification. What does SDPY return today. Perhaps some examples of what we want.
20:31:29 [tobint]
plh: I think we talked about this in the past.
20:31:49 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Yes. We did. We will look into this and get back to the wg.
20:32:01 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Action-126 still open - assign to tobin
20:32:12 [tobint]
plh: Didn't we agree to drop postpone and go after lazyload.
20:32:23 [tobint]
plh: I think that was what we discussed at TPAC
20:32:36 [tobint]
JatinderMann: I think you're right. We should review TPAC notes to verify.
20:33:13 [tobint]
JatinderMann: I think we said we should drop postpone for now and kill the CSS property.
20:33:31 [tobint]
plh: We should update the action item title to match
20:34:03 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We should open an action item to remove postpone from resource priorities.
20:34:21 [tobint]
JatinderMann: That brings us up to date on TPAC. Will likely want to open more action items.
20:34:49 [plh]
20:36:05 [plh]
close issue-8
20:36:05 [trackbot]
Closed issue-8.
20:36:08 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We can likely close Issue-8
20:36:13 [tobint]
plh: Agreed.
20:36:37 [tobint]
plh: Close issue 10
20:36:40 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Agreed
20:36:54 [tobint]
close issue-10
20:36:54 [trackbot]
Closed issue-10.
20:37:08 [tobint]
JatinderMann: Issue-11 should be closed
20:37:11 [tobint]
close issue-11
20:37:11 [trackbot]
Closed issue-11.
20:37:22 [tobint]
plh: agreed
20:38:57 [tobint]
plh: Add DOM events with high res time to agenda for next week
20:39:41 [plh]
20:39:43 [tobint]
JatinderMann: we should do all of our work out of the action tracker:
20:39:51 [tobint]
plh: Agreed.
20:41:31 [tobint]
plh: requestanimationframe need test cases to move spec from CR to PR
20:41:51 [tobint]
JatinderMann: We need to start a new push to get tests for these.
20:42:03 [tobint]
JatinderMann: we should probably send out a mail.
20:42:50 [plh]
20:43:03 [tobint]
plh: Yes. Here is a link which is useful for us to help us track test needs:
20:43:27 [tobint]
plh: Two of them are from Microsoft.
20:44:40 [tobint]
JatinderMann: once we get the tests, I think this can get us moved forward
20:48:54 [tobint]
Topic: Web Performance Guidance
20:49:10 [tobint]
plh: We should put a template together to allow us to build web performance guidance.
20:49:32 [tobint]
tobint: I'd love to help. I'm busy, as I'm sure others are, but am happy to help.
20:50:10 [tobint]
JatinderMann: I think it would be cool. Today we solve a bunch of problems and our APIs try to help solve a lot of these perf-related issues.
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Attendees were [Microsoft], +1.408.349.aaaa, plh
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