03 Mar 2014


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Jan, Jeanne, Tim_Boland, Jutta
jutta Treviranus


<Jan> Chair: Jutta Treviranus

<Jan> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-au/2014JanMar/0030.html

1. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update

<Jan> JS: Don't have an update

<Jan> JS: MC usually works on this on Friday

2. Gathering and building the "Tools and Resources Needed for Testing ATAG 2.0 Success Criteria:"

<Jan> TB: Group still trying this out

<Jan> JR: Explains accessible, inaccessible test files

<Jan> http://www.w3.org/TR/ATAG20/#gl_b31

[extensive discussion on the depth necessary to test WCAG failures]

JS: I don't think we need to test WCAG exhaustively for ATAG CR. WCAG is already proven. I recommend using the Before of the WAI Before and After Demo, because it gives a good overview of basic accessibility failures. A checker that misses those, clearly won't pass ATAG 2.0. A checker that passes all of them may miss more subtle errors, but it is sufficient to pass the ATAG CR Exit Criteria.

Unfortunately, I don't think we have the time or resources to build an exhaustive WCAG test failure document.

JR: Ok, I'll look into that for next week.

<scribe> scribe: jeanne

Test of Testing Procedure

JS: Jan and possible Tom were working on that. That is taking second to the testing files, because we can't start the test without the files.

Implementation Report Update

JS: No new implementations

Meeting on 17 March?

JS: That is CSUN week. I will be traveling on Tuesday the 18th, so I can attend the 17th meeting. I don't know about Tim Boland. He may already be there on Monday. We should discuss it next week.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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