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15:05:57 [koalie]
plh: I'm Philippe Le Hegaret
15:06:00 [koalie]
... W3C staff
15:06:19 [koalie]
... i used to be a Chair, have fond memories
15:06:29 [koalie]
... I manage 15+ WGs and chairs do have issues
15:06:40 [plh]
15:06:41 [koalie]
slide 2: Chair Training Modules
15:06:53 [koalie]
plh: today I'm going to talk about W3C process and W3C Team
15:07:05 [koalie]
... next session, on tooling
15:07:17 [koalie]
... other session on the Human Dimension
15:07:26 [koalie]
... and last "Focusing the Working Group"
15:07:38 [koalie]
slide 3: Today's program
15:07:39 [plh]
15:07:57 [koalie]
PLH: consensens and groups participants
15:08:14 [koalie]
... I'll talk about the organization of the team
15:08:22 [vdiniz]
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15:08:22 [koalie]
... The domains
15:08:33 [koalie]
... Process document and Patent policy
15:08:40 [koalie]
... TAG and AB, and roles they're playing
15:08:47 [koalie]
... and the roles of team contacts and chairs
15:08:59 [koalie]
slide 5: W3C
15:09:01 [plh]
15:09:16 [koalie]
PLH: W3C's mission: long-term growth of the Web
15:09:34 [Zakim]
15:09:39 [Caroline_]
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15:09:41 [koalie]
... W3C has principles: cooperation, adherences to principles, collective empowerment, royalty-free, and voluntary adoption
15:09:47 [Zakim]
15:10:00 [Zakim]
15:10:07 [paulc]
zakim, who is on the phone?
15:10:07 [Zakim]
On the phone I see PLH, Doug_Schepers (muted), lizadaly, Judy, Jim_Allan, paulc, wseltzer, chaals, joshue (muted), koalie (muted), BHill, Shawn (muted), drott, Ted, Jeff, nigel,
15:10:10 [Zakim]
... gmandyam, [IPcaller], AWK, Kenny (muted), Jeanne, Debbie_Dahl, wuwei (muted), Andy_Coleman, Sharron, Caroline
15:10:33 [koalie]
PLH: W3C has four hosts
15:10:41 [koalie]
... MIT, ERCIM, Keio and Beihang
15:10:45 [Jan]
zakim, [IPcaller] is really Jan
15:10:45 [Zakim]
+Jan; got it
15:10:58 [koalie]
... each member of the w3c team is an employee of those four institutions, with a few exceptions
15:11:05 [koalie]
... we are spread around the world
15:11:10 [koalie]
... some of us work from home
15:11:17 [koalie]
W3C is made of Members
15:11:19 [Vagner_W3C]
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15:11:27 [koalie]
... almost 400
15:11:35 [koalie]
s/W3C is made/PLH: W3C is made/
15:11:46 [koalie]
slide 6
15:11:55 [koalie]
PLH: consensus is our core-value
15:12:02 [koalie]
... fairness
15:12:09 [koalie]
... responsiveness
15:13:04 [koalie]
... The W3C Process has a whole section on participations, appeal
15:13:23 [koalie]
... appeal is rarely engaged, but it did happen in the past
15:13:35 [koalie]
... The W3C Process is managed by the W3C Advisory Board
15:13:47 [koalie]
... the AB is currently making a revision of the Process
15:13:50 [plh]
15:13:57 [koalie]
slide 7: Consensus
15:14:11 [koalie]
PLH: consensus means not getting all to agree
15:14:29 [koalie]
... a good way to reach it? ask if individuals can live with a decision
15:14:40 [koalie]
... if they can't, they're entitled to raise a formal objection
15:14:46 [Zakim]
15:14:53 [koalie]
... as a chair you're entitled to record the decision
15:14:55 [yaso]
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15:15:01 [koalie]
... where there is a formal objection
15:15:06 [koalie]
... and you can move on.
15:15:22 [koalie]
... FOs are considered by the Director
15:15:26 [Zakim]
15:15:40 [koalie]
... Chairs must report FOs during transitions, lest you're in violation with the W3C Process
15:15:47 [koalie]
... You need to provide a rationale
15:15:54 [koalie]
... and possibly a proposed resolution
15:16:10 [koalie]
slide 8: Group Participants
15:16:27 [koalie]
PLH: Member rep, invited expert, team rep
15:16:37 [koalie]
... each must represent at least one organization
15:16:52 [koalie]
... and is subject to the RF licensing requirements
15:17:04 [koalie]
slide 9: Member representatives
15:17:08 [koalie]
15:17:20 [koalie]
PLH: one per company
15:17:34 [koalie]
... authorized to represent the Member within a working group
15:17:49 [koalie]
... AC reps do not have to be employed by the company they represent
15:17:57 [koalie]
... this is a little-known fact.
15:18:07 [koalie]
... They are under the conflict of interest policy
15:18:23 [koalie]
... The Director MAY decline their participation.
15:18:29 [LisaSeeman]
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15:18:42 [koalie]
... And they're also subject ot the RF licensing requirements of their Member org.
15:18:55 [koalie]
slide 10: Invited Experts
15:18:58 [koalie]
15:19:19 [koalie]
PLH: invited by the Chair because they have a particular expertise
15:19:29 [koalie]
... please talk with your team contact beforehand
15:20:06 [koalie]
... they represent an organization which isn't a Member; e.g. they're sometimes acting as liaisons
15:20:24 [koalie]
... we require they provide some information
15:20:29 [koalie]
... disclosures
15:20:36 [ddahl_]
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15:20:44 [koalie]
slide 11: Team representatives
15:20:48 [koalie]
15:21:06 [koalie]
PLH: they're W3C paid staff, or interns, or W3C Fellows
15:21:23 [koalie]
... under a dedicated team conflict of interest policy.
15:21:32 [koalie]
... they represent W3C withing their working group.
15:21:49 [koalie]
slide 13: W3C Team Organization
15:21:53 [koalie]
15:21:59 [schuki]
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15:22:04 [koalie]
PLH: look at the chart on the slide
15:22:14 [koalie]
... it gives an idea how we are organized
15:22:30 [Zakim]
15:22:37 [koalie]
... our technical work is concentrated within W3C domains
15:22:51 [koalie]
[Natasha Rooney joins]
15:23:06 [koalie]
PLH: We have now 5 domains
15:23:17 [koalie]
... the newest one is Information and Knowledge (INK)
15:23:46 [koalie]
... You may have interactions with our Marketing and Communications team, and our Systems team
15:23:55 [koalie]
slide 14: W3C Director
15:23:58 [koalie]
15:24:07 [koalie]
PLH: Tim BL is Is the lead technical architect at W3C
15:24:19 [koalie]
... is part of the TAG (Technical Architecture Group)
15:24:31 [koalie]
... he makes architectural choices
15:24:39 [koalie]
... he approves new groups
15:24:43 [koalie]
... he appoints group chairs
15:24:54 [koalie]
... and resolves the appeal of a working group decision
15:25:06 [koalie]
slide 15: W3C CEO
15:25:11 [koalie]
15:25:13 [scottp]
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15:25:22 [koalie]
PLH: Jeff Jaffe leads the organization
15:25:37 [koalie]
... he's very open and I encourage you to talk to him as you need
15:25:52 [koalie]
... Ralph Swick is CEO of the W3C and helps with the operations as well
15:25:59 [Zakim]
+ +1.617.575.aacc
15:26:00 [koalie]
... You can talk to him too
15:26:05 [Ralph]
15:26:10 [scottp]
zakim, aacc is scottp
15:26:10 [Zakim]
+scottp; got it
15:26:14 [Judy]
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15:26:21 [koalie]
... RRSAgent, the bot we use to record the scribings, is a tool Ralph wrote.
15:26:23 [Zakim]
15:26:26 [wuwei]
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15:26:30 [koalie]
slide 16: W3M
15:26:33 [koalie]
15:26:43 [koalie]
PLH: w3m = W3C Management
15:27:13 [koalie]
... some of the director's authority is delegated to W3M, e.g. group charters review
15:27:17 [Zakim]
15:27:42 [koalie]
... W3M also approves chairs on behalf of the Director
15:27:57 [koalie]
... All feedback that comes from the Headlights excercises go through W3M
15:28:05 [koalie]
slide 17: Domain Leads
15:28:08 [koalie]
15:28:21 [koalie]
PLH: each W3C domain is lead by a Domain Lead
15:28:52 [koalie]
... we're here to assist you with your WG
15:29:05 [koalie]
slide 18: Team Contacts
15:29:09 [koalie]
15:30:12 [koalie]
PLH: TC are here to assist in your groups, they interface all W3C aspects and help the Chair. they represent the W3C and the Director.
15:30:23 [koalie]
slide 19: MarComm Team
15:30:27 [koalie]
15:30:47 [koalie]
PLH: marcomm takes care of comm with the Membership
15:30:58 [koalie]
... the PR and social media, the W3C website
15:31:06 [koalie]
... also publication rules
15:31:14 [koalie]
slide 20: W3C Domains
15:31:17 [koalie]
15:31:28 [koalie]
slide 21: INK
15:31:29 [koalie]
15:31:42 [koalie]
PLH: Linked Data, XML
15:31:55 [koalie]
... Digital Publishing (group created in 2013)
15:31:55 [Ralph]
Data on the Web; more than Linked Data
15:32:06 [koalie]
slide 22: Information and Knowledge
15:32:34 [koalie]
slide 23: Interaction
15:32:37 [koalie]
15:32:50 [koalie]
PLH: core tech deployed on the client side, to some extent
15:32:57 [koalie]
... a lot of APIs too
15:33:00 [koalie]
... I18N
15:33:02 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
15:34:24 [koalie]
slide 25: T&S
15:34:33 [koalie]
15:34:51 [koalie]
PLH: Do Not Track, privacy, security, etc.
15:34:59 [koalie]
15:35:13 [koalie]
PLH: Maintenance of the Patent Policy too
15:35:21 [koalie]
... that domains hosts the PSIG
15:35:44 [koalie]
... pervasive monitoring is under that domain
15:35:53 [koalie]
slide 27: Ubiquitous Web
15:35:56 [koalie]
15:36:08 [koalie]
PLH: The Web from the device p.o.v
15:36:17 [koalie]
... car, TV, mobile
15:36:25 [koalie]
15:36:57 [koalie]
PLH: Some APIs, extending some APIs, Speech also is done under that domain
15:37:13 [koalie]
slide 29: Web Accessibility Initiative
15:37:17 [koalie]
15:37:32 [koalie]
PLH: WAI = Make the Web accessible to people with disabilities
15:37:37 [koalie]
15:37:45 [koalie]
PLH: They do specs, but also guidelines
15:37:51 [koalie]
... on authoring tools and content production
15:38:36 [koalie]
slide 31: all of the work we do interacts in some fashion
15:38:36 [koalie]
15:38:50 [koalie]
PLH: this draft chart shows how the work we do interacts
15:38:57 [koalie]
... some specs are more central than others
15:39:15 [koalie]
... but coordination and making sure you're well coordinated with other group is a very important factor
15:39:28 [koalie]
slide 32: Horizontal reviews
15:39:31 [koalie]
15:39:55 [koalie]
PLH: this is getting the review from other domains
15:40:50 [koalie]
... we do not have a dedicated group yet for aspects on security and mobile.
15:41:30 [koalie]
... if you believe your work needs review, don't hesitate to contact them
15:41:40 [koalie]
15:41:52 [koalie]
slide 34: How do we make Web Standards?
15:41:57 [koalie]
15:42:04 [koalie]
PLH: We get ideas through submissions, headlights, workshops, business groups, and community groups
15:42:31 [koalie]
... sometimes, we can't fit ideas within an existing group, so we'll create one
15:42:38 [koalie]
... Only W3C Working Groups produce W3C Recommendations
15:42:55 [koalie]
... RF patent commitment required when you join a W3C working group
15:43:06 [koalie]
... you must follow the W3C process.
15:43:19 [koalie]
slide 35: From an idea to a Web standard
15:43:19 [koalie]
15:43:43 [koalie]
15:44:24 [koalie]
PLH: Members do help us a lot, as you see from the diagram
15:44:34 [koalie]
... you as chairs help us a lot with WG charters
15:44:36 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
15:44:38 [Zakim]
15:44:44 [koalie]
slide 36: Starting points
15:44:47 [koalie]
15:45:04 [koalie]
PLH: new works comes from Submissions, Headlights, Community Groups, Business Groups and Workshops
15:45:12 [koalie]
slide 37: Submissions
15:45:16 [koalie]
15:45:28 [koalie]
PLH: a Member submission is a Member benefit
15:45:43 [koalie]
... a W3C Member proposes a technology and we publish is on the W3C website
15:46:03 [koalie]
... it does not overlap with existing tech of a working group
15:46:10 [koalie]
slide 38: Headlights
15:46:13 [koalie]
15:46:21 [koalie]
PLH: Annual exercise
15:46:37 [koalie]
... proposals are public
15:46:53 [koalie]
... open to Team, Members, and also to the public
15:47:04 [koalie]
... W3M investigates and prioritizes proposals
15:47:17 [Ralph]
-> "Get involved in Headlights 2014" [Ian Jacobs on behalf of Jeff Jaffe, 25-Oct-2013]
15:47:18 [koalie]
... approval takes place in July
15:47:27 [koalie]
slide 39: Community Groups
15:47:30 [koalie]
15:47:47 [koalie]
PLH: designed to promote innovation and foster new ideas
15:47:56 [koalie]
... low-barrier participation
15:48:09 [koalie]
... they may contribute to the rec track
15:48:20 [koalie]
... RF licensing obligations but only for direct contributions
15:48:26 [Zakim]
15:48:37 [koalie]
... the team monitors CGs to the best of its abilities
15:48:53 [koalie]
... some work has already transitioned to W3C Working Groups
15:49:02 [koalie]
slide 40: Business Groups
15:49:08 [koalie]
15:49:24 [koalie]
PLH: BGs are a W3C umbrella for INDUSTRY conversations for things that MAY have Web Technologies as part of the answer
15:49:31 [koalie]
... more staff involvement compared to CGs
15:49:41 [koalie]
... some fees
15:49:46 [koalie]
... rest is same as CGs
15:49:53 [koalie]
slide 41: Workshops
15:49:56 [koalie]
15:50:06 [koalie]
PLH: W3C public event to gather the industry to get as broad a view as possible on a topic
15:50:16 [koalie]
... depending on the results, next steps vary
15:50:24 [koalie]
slide 42: Currently upcoming Workshops
15:50:27 [koalie]
15:50:57 [koalie]
PLH: pervasive monitoring in Feb., geospatial data, web and tv, web payments, etc.
15:51:10 [koalie]
-> W3C Workshops
15:51:25 [koalie]
slide 43: 52 Working Groups
15:51:29 [koalie]
15:51:42 [koalie]
PLH: each WG has one or more chairs
15:51:50 [koalie]
... the maximum has been three
15:52:00 [koalie]
... it's useful to have two; they can help each other.
15:52:07 [koalie]
... one or more team contacts
15:52:20 [koalie]
... we're spread these days, so you may have a portion of a team contact
15:52:40 [koalie]
... Tools: MLs, teleconferences, wikis, etc.
15:52:48 [koalie]
... A Working Group MUST follow the W3C Process.
15:52:53 [Ralph]
[as of last November the median size of a W3C Working Group was 28 participants]
15:53:05 [koalie]
slide 44: Group charter
15:53:09 [koalie]
15:53:15 [Ralph]
s/[as/[fun fact: as/
15:53:25 [koalie]
PLH: Charter: Proposed to the Advisory Committee and approved by the W3C Director
15:53:38 [koalie]
... it has a scope, defines the nature of the deliverables
15:53:47 [koalie]
... this is very important wrt the Patent Policy
15:53:50 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
15:53:54 [nigel]
15:54:27 [koalie]
PLH: the Process is lax on how you reach a decision within your WG
15:54:44 [koalie]
... some charters may add extra requirements on decision making
15:54:57 [koalie]
... Really, it's a tool to drive the work. Use it. Use it well.
15:54:59 [koalie]
ack nigel
15:55:01 [plh]
partack Nigel
15:55:15 [koalie]
Nigel_Meggitt: Scope of charter, how is it formulated?
15:55:36 [koalie]
... engineering approach - success oriented
15:55:56 [koalie]
... other approach is define a, b, and c and assess how you've performed on a, b and c
15:56:03 [koalie]
... I came in with first approach and got shouted at
15:56:11 [koalie]
... is there a W3C preferred approach?
15:56:16 [koalie]
PLH: The answer is yes and no
15:56:29 [koalie]
... the Process tells you defin your scope, your deliverables
15:56:40 [koalie]
... often, you'll find a success criteria section
15:56:47 [koalie]
... or an "out of scope" section
15:57:02 [koalie]
... commonalities don't mean it can't be done differently.
15:57:14 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
15:57:22 [koalie]
Nigel: Thanks. That's helpful.
15:57:41 [koalie]
PLH: btw, you don't have to wait the end of your charter to propose a new one
15:57:46 [koalie]
... e.g. if you lack a deliverable
15:57:53 [koalie]
... talk to your team contact.
15:58:23 [koalie]
... we don't want of course to overflow the AC with updates on charters every week, of course
15:58:29 [koalie]
s/want of course/want/
15:58:35 [koalie]
slide 45: W3C Recommendation Track
15:58:39 [koalie]
15:58:42 [koalie]
15:59:08 [chaals]
[Sorry folks, I need to go and chair a meeting]
15:59:34 [Zakim]
16:00:50 [koalie]
PLH: during review period, any comment you get must be addressed
16:00:59 [koalie]
... in order for your group to move to the next transition
16:01:11 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
16:01:12 [nigel]
16:01:23 [shepazu]
16:01:38 [Zakim]
16:02:33 [Zakim]
16:04:18 [koalie]
slide 46: Patent Policy
16:04:27 [koalie]
16:05:10 [koalie]
16:05:26 [koalie]
slide 47: PP diagram
16:05:27 [koalie]
16:05:34 [koalie]
16:05:51 [koalie]
PLH: FPWD triggers exclusion period
16:05:58 [koalie]
... 150 days to exclude
16:06:10 [koalie]
... every new LC after that triggers a new CfE
16:06:14 [koalie]
... 60 days to exclude
16:06:32 [koalie]
... if there is a disclosure, there is a dedicated process
16:06:44 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
16:06:47 [koalie]
... and we create a Patent Advisory Group (PAG); doesn't happen often
16:07:08 [koalie]
... Patent commitments are validated ONLY when the spec is a Recommendation
16:07:31 [koalie]
... There's a strong bond between a spec and a WG
16:07:46 [koalie]
slide 48: W3C Patent Policy for Chairs
16:07:50 [koalie]
16:08:06 [koalie]
PLH: IPP == Implementation of the Patent Policy
16:08:27 [koalie]
... through IPP you manage contributions from non-participants
16:08:54 [koalie]
... it is your role, as a chair, to identify and ask the contributor to make disclosure around the contribution
16:09:13 [koalie]
... again, exceptions are handled by Patent Advisory Groups (PAG)
16:09:27 [koalie]
slide 40: AB and TAG
16:09:35 [koalie]
slide 50: W3C Advisory Board
16:09:38 [koalie]
16:09:44 [Vagner_W3Cbr]
Vagner_W3Cbr has joined #chairing
16:09:45 [koalie]
s/40: AB/49: AB/
16:09:58 [koalie]
PLH: elected individuals
16:10:09 [koalie]
... providing ongoing guidance to the Team on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict resolution
16:10:26 [koalie]
... The AB meet once a month
16:10:33 [koalie]
... They manage the evolution of the Process
16:10:40 [koalie]
... they're currently working on a new version
16:10:52 [koalie]
... of the Rec Track Process
16:11:03 [koalie]
slide 51: *PROPOSED* Rec Track
16:11:07 [koalie]
16:11:29 [koalie]
PLH: including no Proposed Recommendation transition
16:11:31 [Ralph]
[removing named steps -- the substantive work remains]
16:11:39 [koalie]
... the goald is agility and smoother transitions
16:11:58 [shepazu]
16:11:59 [koalie]
slide 52: W3C Technical Architecture Group
16:12:03 [koalie]
16:12:09 [chaals]
[Proposed Rec phase might return, too]
16:12:39 [koalie]
PLH: the TAG tackle technical issues about Web architecture
16:12:59 [koalie]
... both co-chairs are very eager to help
16:13:08 [koalie]
... if you'd like to present current work on spec, do not hesitate
16:13:11 [Ralph]
-> TAG home
16:13:20 [koalie]
PLH: they will give you time during a TAG call
16:13:28 [koalie]
... they meet weekly.
16:13:38 [koalie]
... recently a new set of individuals were elected.
16:13:45 [koalie]
... last f2f a week or so ago.
16:13:52 [koalie]
slide 53:
16:13:52 [koalie]
Role of Team Contacts and Chairs
16:14:02 [koalie]
slide 54: Team Contacts (1)
16:14:06 [koalie]
16:14:11 [Ralph]
i|PLH: elected|-> AB home
16:15:06 [koalie]
PLH: TCs participate and contribute in WGs, ensure coordination and communication, interface between chair, group Members, other WGs and the team
16:15:17 [koalie]
... they represent the W3C and the Director
16:15:37 [koalie]
... including in case of formal objections
16:15:48 [koalie]
slide 55: Team Contacts (2)
16:15:51 [koalie]
16:16:07 [koalie]
PLH: TCs help drive the group
16:16:21 [koalie]
... monitoring participation, publications, etc.
16:16:36 [koalie]
... they're here to assist you
16:16:51 [koalie]
... don't hesitate to rely on them whe you have difficulty
16:16:58 [koalie]
... I see them as co-chair
16:17:03 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
16:17:10 [koalie]
slide 56: Chairs
16:17:13 [koalie]
16:17:15 [koalie]
PLH: You!
16:17:21 [koalie]
... you are the leader of the WG
16:17:40 [koalie]
... you ensure progress, keep to timelines, develop charters
16:17:58 [koalie]
... if your charter is near the end, do talk to your team contact
16:18:13 [koalie]
... you coordinate with other W3C groups
16:18:23 [koalie]
... and of course, you maintain Group Process & Organization, including maintaining a positive work environment
16:18:34 [shadi]
shadi has joined #chairing
16:18:44 [koalie]
-> Role of the Group Chair
16:18:53 [koalie]
slide 57: W3C Director
16:18:56 [koalie]
16:19:07 [koalie]
PLH: in practice, the Director delegaates his authority
16:19:24 [koalie]
... the slide gives an overview of the delegation
16:19:30 [koalie]
16:19:41 [Zakim]
16:19:49 [shadi]
zakim, mute me
16:19:49 [Zakim]
Shadi should now be muted
16:19:54 [koalie]
... The Director may of course still step in
16:20:59 [koalie]
slide 58: Have an issue?
16:21:02 [koalie]
16:21:09 [koalie]
PLH: Get feedback from your team contact
16:21:24 [koalie]
... if you believe this isn't enough, go talk to the Domain Lead
16:21:43 [koalie]
... and if that is still no enough, please, contact the CEO and/or the Director
16:21:52 [koalie]
... we want issues properly resolved.
16:21:59 [koalie]
slide 59: References
16:22:02 [koalie]
16:22:15 [koalie]
PLH: links to several crucial resources
16:22:34 [koalie]
... the Process
16:22:39 [koalie]
... Patent Policy
16:22:41 [Zakim]
16:22:46 [koalie]
... the Chair Guidebook
16:22:47 [chaals]
zakim, [ip is me
16:22:47 [Zakim]
+chaals; got it
16:22:54 [koalie]
[chaals returns]
16:23:10 [koalie]
PHL: a page I find very helfpul: Working Groups and Activities
16:23:14 [koalie]
16:23:24 [koalie]
16:23:36 [koalie]
16:23:45 [koalie]
16:24:15 [koalie]
slide 60: Feedback wanted
16:24:19 [koalie]
16:24:28 [koalie]
PLH: This is the first training session
16:24:44 [koalie]
... program built after TPAC 2013 breakfast with chairs
16:24:52 [koalie]
... any feedback is helpful
16:24:58 [koalie]
... anything missing in a session?
16:25:10 [koalie]
... some parts more useful than others in this session? do tell me
16:25:45 [Zakim]
16:25:49 [koalie]
slide 61: Next sessions
16:25:56 [koalie]
16:26:03 [koalie]
Topic: Open mic
16:26:09 [koalie]
16:26:23 [koalie]
[PLH gives people time for questions and feedback]
16:26:38 [paulc]
16:26:40 [Zakim]
16:26:48 [koalie]
ack paulc
16:26:48 [chaals]
[I'm open to talking about what to expect from new process, if people are interested in more on that...]
16:27:13 [koalie]
Paul_Cotton: When I'm speaking publicly, I'm asked how does someone become a chair at W3C
16:27:44 [koalie]
... How do you become an editor, is another I get.
16:28:07 [koalie]
PLH: the staff is going to recommend individuals to the Director
16:28:12 [koalie]
... there is no clear process
16:28:20 [koalie]
... we pick motivated individuals
16:28:38 [jeff]
16:28:39 [koalie]
... another factor is driving the group
16:28:44 [koalie]
... and time commitment
16:28:55 [koalie]
... and editors are picked within WGs
16:29:00 [koalie]
... chairs nominate editors
16:29:11 [koalie]
... they look for time commitment and proficiency
16:29:13 [plh]
ack Jeff
16:29:13 [koalie]
ack jeff
16:29:15 [Ralph]
[I believe a good Chair needs to be commited to a successful consensus but not to a specific design]
16:29:32 [koalie]
Jeff: Thanks for a terrific job in this module, Philippe
16:29:35 [chaals]
[+1 to Ralph's sense of what a chair should be committed to]
16:29:37 [koalie]
... A few additional thoughts
16:29:44 [koalie]
... It's hard to find good chairs and good editors
16:30:01 [koalie]
... generally speaking, people who want to do more work are valued member of the community
16:30:12 [koalie]
... we don't get enough of people who want to become chair or editor
16:30:22 [koalie]
... our work would evolve more rapidly if we did
16:30:31 [koalie]
... please send them them me, when you get the question
16:30:59 [koalie]
... I'll add that we've given an opportunity to people to demonstrate skill at chairing and editing within community groups
16:31:50 [koalie]
... so, demonstrating competence in smaller assignment is a way, too.
16:31:57 [koalie]
16:32:12 [koalie]
PLH: We're eager to get feedback on existing chair, and getting new chairs.
16:32:12 [chaals]
q+ to ask about chair monitoring...
16:32:12 [plh]
16:32:16 [koalie]
ack ch
16:32:16 [Zakim]
chaals, you wanted to ask about chair monitoring...
16:32:34 [koalie]
chaals: Do we want a process or should we have one on getting specific feedback on chairs?
16:32:50 [koalie]
... is it helpful for you and for chairs?
16:33:02 [koalie]
... or do we think that would lead to more whinging
16:33:36 [koalie]
PLH: As of today, in terms of process, what we have is go to talk your {team contact, domain lead, etc.}
16:33:41 [koalie]
... there is nothing more formalized.
16:33:57 [koalie]
chaals: but would it be useful?
16:34:03 [koalie]
... I'm asking the chairs rather than the team
16:34:05 [gmandyam]
16:34:12 [yaso]
yaso has joined #chairing
16:34:14 [koalie]
ack gm
16:34:15 [plh]
ack g
16:34:23 [koalie]
Giri_Mandyam: Great presentation
16:34:36 [koalie]
... going back to when you talked about consensus building
16:34:45 [koalie]
... did you mention balancing?
16:34:48 [wuwei]
wuwei has joined #chairing
16:34:58 [koalie]
... it might be a good addition
16:35:05 [koalie]
PLH: I omitted it on purpose
16:35:10 [ArtB]
ArtB has joined #chairing
16:35:21 [ArtB]
RRSAgent, make minutes
16:35:21 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate ArtB
16:35:25 [koalie]
... as far as I know most groups do not use formal vote anymore
16:35:32 [koalie]
... then years ago, it was very commom.
16:35:42 [chaals]
[+1 to groups considering that a resort to formal votes is something they should try to avoid…]
16:35:43 [koalie]
... but this is a mechanism that is available in the process.
16:35:44 [ArtB]
RRSAgent, make log public
16:35:49 [koalie]
16:35:59 [ArtB]
ArtB has left #chairing
16:36:08 [koalie]
... Depending on how exposed your WG is, it may make your job easier
16:36:39 [plh]
16:36:39 [paulc]
16:36:43 [plh]
ack paul
16:36:50 [koalie]
... I chose to mention instead that chair can record a decision and a formal objection and move on
16:36:53 [koalie]
ack paul
16:37:21 [koalie]
Paul: in my 15 years of chairing, I reply that votes are for administrative matters
16:37:37 [koalie]
... I agree with Philippe.
16:37:42 [koalie]
... We do straw polls
16:37:48 [koalie]
... who can live with a decision
16:38:04 [plh]
16:38:06 [paulc]
16:38:08 [koalie]
... but I have never used votes to make a decision in my years of chairing, except when and where are we going to meet next.
16:38:13 [jeff]
[We also vote for the TAG and AB]
16:38:19 [jeff]
Thanks, PLH.
16:38:25 [drott]
Thank you plh!
16:38:25 [koalie]
PLH: thanks everyone for attending
16:38:33 [koalie]
... further feedback welcome, contact me
16:38:44 [drott]
16:38:45 [chaals]
Thanks PLH!
16:38:46 [Zakim]
16:38:46 [Sharron]
thanks, very informative
16:38:47 [drott]
drott has left #chairing
16:38:48 [koalie]
... I wish you the best in your chair endeavours
16:38:49 [Zakim]
16:38:51 [Zakim]
16:38:51 [Zakim]
16:38:52 [Zakim]
16:38:53 [Zakim]
16:38:54 [Zakim]
16:38:54 [Zakim]
16:38:55 [koalie]
Zakim, list attendees
16:38:55 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been PLH, Doug_Schepers, +1.617.453.aaaa, Judy, lizadaly, Jim_Allan, paulc, wseltzer, chaals, koalie, BHill, Kenny, joshue, Shawn,
16:38:56 [kenny]
thanks plh
16:38:57 [Vagner_W3Cbr]
thanks PLH.
16:38:59 [Zakim]
... +358.986.aabb, Ted, Jeff, drott, gmandyam, nigel, AWK, Jeanne, Debbie_Dahl, Andy_Coleman, wuwei, Sharron, Caroline, Jan, schuki, +1.617.575.aacc, scottp, Shadi, [IPcaller]
16:38:59 [Zakim]
16:39:00 [Zakim]
16:39:00 [Zakim]
16:39:00 [Zakim]
16:39:00 [Zakim]
16:39:01 [Zakim]
16:39:03 [Zakim]
16:39:04 [paulc]
THANK YOU, Philippe for a great session.
16:39:06 [Zakim]
16:39:07 [Zakim]
16:39:07 [Zakim]
16:39:10 [koalie]
ack me
16:39:11 [Zakim]
16:39:12 [Zakim]
16:39:12 [Sharron]
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16:39:15 [Zakim]
16:39:16 [Zakim]
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16:41:27 [Zakim]
16:41:40 [Zakim]
16:41:41 [koalie]
meeting: Chair Training, episode 1: W3C, Process, and the W3C Team
16:41:44 [Zakim]
Team_ChTr()10:00AM has ended
16:41:45 [Zakim]
Attendees were PLH, Doug_Schepers, +1.617.453.aaaa, Judy, lizadaly, Jim_Allan, paulc, wseltzer, chaals, koalie, BHill, Kenny, joshue, Shawn, +358.986.aabb, Ted, Jeff, drott,
16:41:45 [Zakim]
... gmandyam, nigel, AWK, Jeanne, Debbie_Dahl, Andy_Coleman, wuwei, Sharron, Caroline, Jan, schuki, +1.617.575.aacc, scottp, Shadi, [IPcaller]
16:41:51 [koalie]
chair: Philippe
16:41:59 [koalie]
RRSagent, make minutes
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16:53:19 [koalie]
Zakim, bye
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17:04:55 [koalie]
plh, I'm going to edit the minutes
17:04:59 [koalie]
RRSAgent, bye
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