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Meeting: Research and Development Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 15 January 2014
14:26:38 [sharper]
Chair: Harper_Simon
14:26:38 [sharper]
Agenda+ Welcome & Logistics (Regrets, Agenda Requests, Comments) [sharper]
14:26:40 [sharper]
Agenda+ E-Learning Symposium DeBrief [justin silvia]
14:26:41 [sharper]
Agenda+ Easy to Read W3C Note Finalised [klaus]
14:26:43 [sharper]
Agenda+ User Modelling W3C Note Survey [yehya/christos]
14:26:44 [sharper]
Agenda+ ACTION-38: 'create text for flyer' [sharper]
14:26:45 [sharper]
Agenda+ STANDING - Issues and Actions [sharper]
14:26:46 [sharper]
Agenda+ STANDING - Any Other Business [sharper]
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agendum 1. "Welcome & Logistics (Regrets, Agenda Requests, Comments)" taken up [from sharper]
14:27:27 [sharper]
regrets: Giorgio, Silvia
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ACTION-38 (edit)open'create text for flyer'Simon Harper2013-12-11
14:30:38 [sharper]
ACTION-39 (edit)open'paste actions and issues into the email of the minutes'Shadi Abou-Zahra2013-12-18
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14:37:23 [annika]
I can scribe
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scribe: annika
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zakim, take up next
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agendum 2. "E-Learning Symposium DeBrief" taken up [from justin silvia]
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14:39:14 [sharper]
14:39:33 [annika]
sharper: What were the impressions of the organisers? What are the nexts steps?
14:39:56 [annika]
Justin_Brown: The symposium went well. Phone conntections were an issues.
14:40:12 [annika]
... Consider to hold a "dress rehearsal" next time.
14:40:40 [annika]
... Shadi provided the transcript. It will be put into accessible html.
14:41:02 [annika]
... The next step is to start on the research report.
14:41:28 [annika]
sharper: Do you have any inout on the guide for symposia on the wiki?
14:42:24 [annika]
Justin_Brown: A step by step guide could be helpful. Currently the information is in many different pages.
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14:44:50 [annika]
sharper: Are there further comments on the symposium?
14:44:50 [shadi]
14:44:54 [shadi]
ack me
14:45:20 [annika]
shadi: It was a great symposium. Thanks to Silva and Justin.
14:45:41 [annika]
... People stayed for the whole 2.5 hours -- and returned after the break.
14:46:40 [annika]
... One issue: the timeline was very short. We did not manage to get leaders in the field of e-learning to participate.
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14:47:17 [annika]
... In the further, we need to think about strategies to get such people involved in the symposiums (as contributors and/or audience).
14:47:25 [davidsloan]
14:47:46 [annika]
... The coverage (geographical and by topic) was very good.
14:47:48 [shadi]
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14:48:42 [annika]
sharper: Yes, that should be added to the step-by-step guide. How to invite more experts in the field to contribute.
14:48:52 [annika]
davidsloan: Agree with shadi.
14:49:26 [annika]
... We could still approach people who did not participate in the symposium to contribute to the research note.
14:49:48 [annika]
... We need a list of people who should be involved.
14:49:59 [annika]
sharper: Who do you have in mind?
14:50:31 [annika]
Justin_Brown: There are a couple of people who said they were too busy.
14:50:43 [davidsloan]
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14:51:14 [annika]
... The questions is how useful the input to the research note is going to be?
14:51:22 [annika]
zakim, take up next
14:51:22 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Easy to Read W3C Note Finalised " taken up [from klaus]
14:51:27 [klaus]
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14:51:55 [shadi]
14:52:04 [shadi]
ack me
14:52:05 [annika]
klaus: There is not much to report. We are still working on the finalisation. Plan is to finish next week.
14:52:34 [shadi]
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14:52:43 [annika]
... We want to make sure that all comments are addressed.
14:52:46 [klaus]
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14:52:50 [sharper]
Action: klaus to Easy to Read W3C Note Finalised
14:52:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-40 - Easy to read w3c note finalised [on Klaus Miesenberge - due 2014-01-22].
14:53:12 [annika]
zakim, take up next
14:53:12 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "User Modelling W3C Note Survey" taken up [from yehya/christos]
14:53:44 [Zakim]
14:53:51 [annika]
sharper: I sent out a reminder about the survey last week. There are four responses so far.
14:53:58 [Vivienne]
14:54:04 [mhakkinen]
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14:54:07 [annika]
... There will be another reminder.
14:54:18 [Vivienne]
zakim, ack me
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14:55:04 [shadi]
ack me
14:55:11 [sharper]
ack s
14:55:21 [annika]
Vivienne: Is it possible to continued / update the survey answers?
14:55:46 [annika]
shadi: yes, you can edit your responses and resubmit.
14:56:15 [annika]
Vivienne: Ok, I started to work on the grammatical issues in the text. Will continue.
14:56:37 [annika]
shadi: Thanks Vivienne. Your help is much appreciated.
14:56:42 [shadi]
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14:57:09 [Vivienne]
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14:57:18 [annika]
sharper: yehya and cristos are not here. So we'll have to wait for further updates next week.
14:57:23 [annika]
zakim, take up next
14:57:23 [Zakim]
agendum 5. "ACTION-38: 'create text for flyer'" taken up [from sharper]
14:57:31 [annika]
sharper: not done yet.
14:57:55 [annika]
... Started talking to Judy Brewer.
14:58:02 [annika]
... Any more input?
14:58:02 [shadi]
ack me
14:58:49 [annika]
shadi: The WAI coordination group was suprised about the idea of creating a flyer.
14:59:07 [annika]
... It is very important for the RDWG.
14:59:42 [annika]
... But there are also other ways of reaching out to researchers etc.
15:00:04 [shadi]
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15:00:12 [annika]
... May need to explain more before we go ahead.
15:00:41 [annika]
zakim, take up next
15:00:41 [Zakim]
agendum 6. "STANDING - Issues and Actions" taken up [from sharper]
15:01:00 [annika]
sharper: What are the plans for the next symposia?
15:01:32 [annika]
mhakkinen: I started updating the plans on the wiki.
15:02:00 [davidsloan]
15:02:05 [Vivienne]
15:02:10 [annika]
sharper: any other issues?
15:02:20 [davidsloan]
zakim, ack me
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I see Vivienne on the speaker queue
15:02:23 [sharper]
ack dav
15:02:47 [annika]
davidsloan: The Paciello Group became a member of W3C.
15:03:32 [shadi]
15:03:32 [shadi]
ack me
15:03:43 [annika]
... There was a question about the involvement of the RDWG in the Cognitive accessibility task force. Is anyone from the group involved?
15:03:52 [davidsloan]
cognitive and learning disability task force:
15:04:00 [annika]
shadi: This question should go to the WAI coordination group.
15:05:42 [annika]
... RDWG should make sure that the research notes on Easy-to-read and text customization are use as input to the task force.
15:06:28 [annika]
... There might also be topics for new symposia.
15:06:52 [annika]
... The task force is working on a road map. We should try to start a dialogue.
15:07:19 [annika]
davidsloan: Agree that the research notes are important input.
15:07:43 [shadi]
zakim, mute me
15:07:43 [Zakim]
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15:07:44 [annika]
shadi: RDWG should keep an eye on the task force.
15:07:53 [annika]
sharper: good idea.
15:08:00 [davidsloan]
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15:08:00 [sharper]
15:08:01 [Vivienne]
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15:08:39 [annika]
Vivienne: We wanted to do a survey about (...)?
15:08:48 [annika]
... When will this be send out?
15:09:08 [annika]
sharper: After the end of the user modelling survey.
15:09:43 [Zakim]
15:09:46 [annika]
sharper: please, remember to complete the survey until the 18th.
15:09:56 [Zakim]
15:09:56 [Peter_Thiessen]
cheers all
15:09:57 [Vivienne]
good night
15:09:57 [davidsloan]
thanks! bye
15:09:59 [Zakim]
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15:10:02 [Zakim]
15:10:03 [shadi]
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15:10:05 [klaus]
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Attendees were Shadi, sharper, Vivienne, davidsloan, klaus, annika, gcapiel, Justin_Brown, Peter_Thiessen, Markku
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