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Teleconference Agendas and minutes

 DateThis property is a special property in this wiki.TypeSubjectMinutesScribe
Meetings:Telecon2014.01.3131 January 2014TeleconSetting Up
Meetings:Telecon2014.02.077 February 2014TeleconUse Cases
Meetings:Telecon2014021414 February 2014TeleconUse Cases
Meetings:Telecon2014022121 February 2014TeleconUse Cases Burle
Meetings:Telecon2014022728 February 2014TeleconLondon Agenda Yaso
Meetings:Telecon201403077 March 2014TeleconLondon Agenda
Meetings:Telecon2014031414 March 2014TeleconUse cases Christophe
Meetings:Telecon2014032121 March 2014TeleconUse cases
Meetings:Telecon2014032828 March 2014TeleconUse cases Almeida
Meetings:Telecon201404044 April 2014TeleconUse cases Ig
Meetings:Telecon2014041111 April 2014TeleconAction items from F2F
Meetings:Telecon2014042525 April 2014TeleconAction items, Newton
Meetings:Telecon20145022 May 2014TeleconAction items
Meetings:Telecon201405099 May 2014TeleconEditors & action items Joao Paulo
Meetings:Telecon2014051616 May 2014TeleconEditors & action items Caroline
Meetings:Telecon2014052323 May 2014TeleconDeliverables check-in & action items Deirdre
Meetings:Telecon2014053030 May 2014TeleconVote on Use cases to FPWD; Deliverables check-in & action items Phil
Meetings:Telecon201406066 June 2014Teleconprogress following Use cases to FPWD; Deliverables check-in & action items Christophe
Meetings:Telecon2014061212 June 2014Telecon (Vocabs) Establishing vocabulary calls EricS
Meetings:Telecon2014061313 June 2014TeleconDeliverables check-in & action items Ghislain
Meetings:Telecon2014062020 June 2014TeleconDeliverables check-in & action items Phil
Meetings:Telecon2014062626 June 2014Telecon (Vocabs) Progress to date Yaso
Meetings:Telecon2014062727 June 2014TeleconDeliverables check-in & action items EricS
Meetings:Telecon201407044 July 2014Telecon Canceled
Meetings:Telecon2014071010 July 2014Telecon (Vocabs) Progress to date
Meetings:Telecon2014071111 July 2014Telecon Best use of meeting slots Eric K
Meetings:Telecon2014072424 July 2014Telecon (Vocabs) Progress to date Phil, Antoine
Meetings:Telecon2014072525 July 2014Telecon Deliverables check-in & action items Phil

Inaugural meeting 2014-01-24 Meetings:Telecon2014.01.24, minutes

Dial in details

  Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)
  Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, or then 
  conference code 3927#  ("DWBP")
  IRC channel: #DWBP on on port 6665

Face-to-face meetings

  • F2F2: TPAC, Santa Clara, California 27-28 OR 30-31 October

Working Group Calendar

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