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* Caroline Burle
* Caroline Burle
* Newton Calegari
* Newton Calegari
* Yaso
* Yaso Córdova
* Vagner Diniz
* Vagner Diniz
* Bernadette Farias Loscio
* Bernadette Farias Loscio

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Monday 31 March - Tuesday 1 April 2014


Face to Face Agenda - London - March 31st and April 1st

1st day (31/03)

09:00: F2F Welcome to IBM Southbank, Tour de Table

Scribe allocations for the 2 days

09:15: Work Methodology for this meeting, and how that might affect future telecons.

Target for the meeting: sufficient progress that the FPWD of the Use Case document can be prepared.

10:00: Bernadette and Deirdre present plans for Use Case Doc

  • What has been done
  • What others need to do
  • What is needed from this meeting
  • UCR in context for other deliverables

The methodology of working is the cornerstone of our meeting. Considering the shortage of time, agile methodology will help the task forces get the outcomes. We MAY divide into task forces

13:00: lunch

Use Cases... pick up on those developed by e-mail, focused discussion per use case to extract the info needed for the UCR doc. Aim is to develop as many UCs as possible in a structure that helps define the problem space for the WG that will be addressed by the BP doc and the vocabularies.

17:00: Closing Discussion with Andy Mabbett, OpenStreetMaps.ORG


Dinner nearby...

2nd day (01/04)

09:00: Reconvene

Work on the wiki...

Collaborative drafting of Use Case document

Collaborative work on vocabularies - structure of doc, what we need etc. (Headings etc.)

NB Remote participation is likely to focus on vocabulary work.

13:00 - 14:00 lunch

16:00 Recap, future planning, next steps

18:00: Close


Please add your name below if you are coming to the meeting.

  • Steve Adler
  • Phil Archer
  • Hadley Beeman
  • Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto
  • Caroline Burle
  • Newton Calegari
  • Yaso Córdova
  • Vagner Diniz
  • Bernadette Farias Loscio
  • Mark Harrison
  • Carlos Iglesias
  • Antoine Isaac
  • Carlos Laufer
  • Deirdre Lee
  • Brian Matthews, STFC (guest)
  • David Smith (day 2 only)
  • Flavio Yanai


  • Ghislain Atemezing
  • Eric Stephan
  • Makx Dekkers
  • Nathalia Sautchuk


IBM's Client Centre, Southbank, London (map)


London Hotels vary in price from expensive to How Much?! Both Travelodge and Premier Inn offer reasonable value for money.

The IBM Client Centre is near many of the most famous landmarks so if you're planning to do some site seeing you won't have far to go. If you want to stay further away from the centre then the tube (Underground) is usually very efficient.