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| QUA04 || Feedback mechanisms ||
| QUA04 || Feedback mechanisms ||
| QUA05 || Link to external references ||
| TIM01 || Timeliness data ||
| TIM01 || Timeliness data ||

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BP ID BP Title BP Status
MET01 Metadata
MET02 Complete metadata
MET03 Standardized metadata
MET04 Documented metadata
MET05 Human readable metadata
MET06 Machine readable metadata
MOD01 Reference data models (vocabularies) reuse
MOD02 Shared data models (vocabularies)
MOD03 Documented data models (vocabularies)
GRA01 Maximum granularity
FOR01 Machine readable
FOR02 Multiple formats
FOR03 Open formats
SEL01 Data inventaries
SEL02 High value data
SEL03 Data demand
ACC01 Direct access
ACC02 Equal access
ACC04 Bulk access
ACC05 Adaptation to preferences
IDS01 Unique IDs
IDS02 IDs systems
PER01 Data persistence
PER02 Versioning mechanisms
PER03 Backwards compatibility
PER04 Data history
SEN01 Privacy control
SEN02 Liability control
SEN03 Security control
QUA01 Complete data
QUA02 Primary data
QUA03 Quality assurance
QUA04 Feedback mechanisms
QUA05 Link to external references
TIM01 Timeliness data
TIM02 Automated publication
POL01 Consistent policy
POL02 Licensing
USA01 Findability
PRO01 Preserve provenance
PRO02 Reference authorities
PRO03 Document data workflow
BP016 Example
BP017 Example
BP018 Example
BP019 Example
BP020 Example
BP021 Example
BP022 Example
BP023 Example
BP024 Example
BP025 Example
BP026 Example
BP027 Example
BP028 Example
BP029 Example
BP030 Example
BP031 Example
BP032 Example
BP033 Example
BP034 Example
BP035 Example
BP036 Example
BP037 Example
BP038 Example
BP039 Example
BP040 Example
BP041 Example
BP042 Example
BP043 Example
BP044 Example
BP045 Example
BP046 Example
BP047 Example
BP048 Example
BP049 Example
BP050 Example
BP051 Example