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Timetable and checklist for the Data Usage Description Vocabulary

This is a working page for the Data on the Web Best Practices working group. It may be subject to change/revision at any time.


Status of Deliverables
Editor's Draft Tracker Contact Notes <link> <link> Eric Stephan, Bernadette Farias Lóscio

Detailed timetable and checklist

This deliverable is a working group note.

W3C Technical Report Development Process - Working Group Note
Milestone / activity Target date(s) What needs to be done
Editor's draft Starting NOW This is the working draft, not necessarily stable and subject to change.
First Public Working Draft draft 21 April 2015 This is a signal to the community to begin reviewing the document.
  • Record the group's decision to request advancement. This may not have full consensus.
  • We should encourage early and wide review.
  • We should revise the document following the feedback.

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Transition to Working Group Note <Date to be determined>
  • A Working Group Note is published by a chartered Working Group to indicate that work has ended on a particular topic. A Working Group MAY publish a Working Group Note with or without its prior publication as a Working Draft.

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  • Record the group's decision to request publication as a Working Group Note.

Data Usage detailed schedule