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Recommendations of the CG/BG transitions Headlights Task force

Woods Meeting 2013, 18 July 2013

Coralie Mercier, <>



Definition of Transitions:

4 categories:

Transitions to date

2 CGs transitioned:

Transitions next 6 months

Chair anticipates transition; no schedule

Chair does not anticipate transition

Other groups providing a spec:

Chair does not anticipate transition - Why?

Top reasons for not transitioning of these 7 groups:

Task force findings

AC Meeting breakout feedback


How to get there? [1/2]

Reprioritization of known UX and infrastructure improvements:

How to get there? [2/2]

Development of new tools:


Related materials:

Note: This slide deck uses the same figures and data as the 13 June 2013 AC Meeting breakout on CG/BG transitions.