W3C 2013 AC Meeting

Headlights breakout:

Community and Business Group transitions to Working Group

Coralie Mercier <coralie@w3.org>

11 June 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Overview of this presentation

CG objectives

Are CGs accomplishing what we want?


CG performance

Did we encourage more people to bring new ideas to W3C?

We think so, as early June 2013 data confirms:


CG participation history

A history of Community and Business Groups participation:

Nov 2011 May 2012 Oct 2012 Mar 2013 Jun 2013
Groups 30 82 103 119 128
Individual participants 340 1280 1900 2400 2882
Member orgs 50 136 168 170 177
non-Member orgs 90 443 700 885 1061

CG Achievements

Did we help W3C create high quality, relevant standards?

The "CG2WG" task force

Febuary 2013: Task Forces launched.


Recent outreach data

35 CG Chairs took our questionnaire.

Transitions to date

Definition of Transitions:

2 CGs transitioned:

Transitions within 6 months

5 CGs intend to transition within 6 months:

Transitions in the middle to long term

10 CGs intend to transition but don't have a schedule for doing so:

Barriers to transition

Analysis: Group challenges

Analysis: Internal aspects


CGs are achieving their goals:

However, there are costs as well.

Multiple next steps


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Thank you!