Kazuyuki Ashimura <>
23 July 2013

Bridge towards NYC

Various Methods for Web and Device Integration

Method1: HTTP Query String + CGI

Server-side solution


HTTP Query String + CGI

Method2: Plugins

Client-side solution using proprietary plugins


Method3: Ajax

Client-Server collaboration without plugins


Method4: HTML5 (HTML + JavaScript APIs)

Client-side solution + Server-side solution


Method5: WebIntents

Inter-application collaboration


Issues with the Existing Methods

Actual mechanism (CGI script, plugins, service APIs, etc.) vary from vendor to vendor, and there is a burden for developers.

→ A standard mechanism is required so that people can develop systems regardless their skills.

Why not MMI?

Inter-modality collaboration using standard interfaces

GUI and TV

However HTML5 Browsers don't speak MMI :(


How to integrate various modality components with HTML5-based Web browsers then?

MMI over WebSocket (MoW)!

MMI over WebSocket

The Multimodal Interaction Japanese Chapter (MMI-JP)

Another Issue on Timing Management

Motivation & Goals

a bit researchy...


Possible Solution

A Possible Use Case: Speech Jukebox

Speech Jukebox

MMI-based Device Integration

MMI-based Device Integration