EU Multi Stakeholders Platform for ICT (MSP)

This is a public page briefly presenting our European MSP involvement.

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After several years of negotiations involving W3C staff, the Reform of the European standardisation system by the Council of the European Union (2012) now allows civil servants to use and refer to specifications from open standardization fora and consortia such as W3C, IETF, IEEE, and OASIS in situations involving public funds,

The Multistakeholder Platform (MSP) was set up as part of the reform to advise the Commission on its ICT Standardization work program. It's an expert group composed of EU member states, standards setting organisations and Fora and Consortia representatives, and it is co-chaired by DG CONNECT (unit F2) and DG ENTR.

One its main job is to identify which Fora/Consortia technical specifications in the field of ICT should be referencable in public procurement and policies.

Rigo Wenning is the primary W3C delegates in this group.

In 2013, the MSP has started collecting input about technical specifications fulfilling the reform criteria, and we have submitted a basic XML stack of technologies for official recognition (7 RECs: XML 1.0.5, xml id, namespace, infoset, base, style, xinclude). We are also hosting and actively participating in the discussion list for the upcoming ICT Standardization Rolling Plan, an important document listing technology areas where the EC will most probably need new standards in the coming years.

Rolling Plan

This Rolling Plan for ICT Standardization identifies EU policy priorities where ICT standardisation and ICT standards should be considered as part of policy making. The Rolling Plan is a strategic document focusing on the support that standards or technical specifications, can provide in the context of EU policy priorities.

The Rolling Plan looks at the standardisation landscape in relation to the EU policy priorities. It identifies possible areas for action and may go into suggesting a plan or roadmap regarding effective standardisation support.

In its December 2013 version, the Rolling Plan lists the following areas where the Commission currently requires ICT standardisation actions, and where the advice of the MSP is particularly needed.

These policy areas are grouped in four clusters:

In a separate page (W3C member-only), we detail how and where W3C's standardization activities (current and foreseen) match this Rolling Plan.

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