Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

30 Oct 2013

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Vivienne, Justin, Peter, Shadi, Christos, Luz, Klaus, Simon, Markel, Annika, Yeliz
Giorgio, Mark, Yehya, David, Silvia, Kerstin


User Note Draft

christos: waiting on comments and minor changes for User Draft Note

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2013/user-modeling/note/ED-UM4A

sharper: which one are we looking at?
... has anyone had a chance to look through this?
... if you've looked through it could you +1 in IRC
... else I'll put this in a survey for next week

<klaus> - 1

<scribe> ACTION: ITEM to group read the Note [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/10/30-rd-minutes.html#action01]

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E-Learning Symposium Progress http://goo.gl/bbjL92

sharper: justin and silvia wher are we with the e-learning..

justin: we're spreading the word and scientific committee - Gary Gay, David Sloan, and a few more form this group

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/E-learning_Accessibility

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2013/e-learning/

justin: we're hoping the scientific is done and now it's a matter of people reading this and submitting papers

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2013/e-learning/cfp

sharper: when is the deadline?

<silvia_mirri> 15th november

<shadi> 15 November 2013: Deadline for paper submissions

<shadi> 2 December 2013: Author notifications

<shadi> 6 December 2013: Deadline for publication-ready papers

<shadi> 9 December 2013: Registration opens

<shadi> 16 December 2013: Online symposium event at 15:00-17:30 UTC

sharper: looks good
... I've had some enquires from people about submitting to this

justing: silvia and I will be sending this out to anyone we can think of (universities, ..)

sharper: anyone else have anything to say? have we missed any lists?

shadi: please send me the list of the SC as soon possible so we can put it on line
... simon can we go through the list and look for other places for outreach

sharper: talking to myself on mute here
... ok shouldn't be a problem. I'll do that after the session.
... put that in an email (suggestions for lists)
... sent this to a number of lists

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Distribution_Lists

(could you paste those in IRC)

shadi: simon could you add the list details to the wiki (link above)

sharper: yes but that could take longer

<Luz> Yes, no problem.

shadi: a couple of lists that belong to yeliz, luz and klaus - if you could take care of that as well

vivien: i've been using the wiki.. (too much echo to hear rest)

<Justin> thanks all

<Vivienne> Just said that I've sent it to the 4 Perth universities

Accreditation of Websites Status

sharper: this is from vivien and she sent around some updates.

<shadi> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2013Oct/0051.html
..vivien: could you tell us how this was created

vivien: this document started off by transcribing the conversations and then went through and tidied up the wording.
... if I have miss-transcribed anything please let me know.
... I've taken out the questions we didn't have time to cover
... I'm looking for feedback on stuff should come in, length, conciseness

sharper: we haven't had time to look through this yet. I'm thinking how we should handle this now and in the future. We need to make sure the quality is there and this is going to published as part of a larger catalog of research
... so looking at the length - do we think this looks right?

shadi: I think we want a super brief catalog items that describe the topic and link to additional resources like the wiki or a symposium or a discussion log
... in this case the length, I think it looks good
... in terms of here is a discussion that took place in addition to the stale content like in the wiki
... we still need a super brief synopsys

vivien: how long do you see that beeing?

shadi: klaus this may be a question for you as well
... I'm thinking of maybe a paragraph 5-10 sencences

vivien: i could prepare something like that
... just a couple of sentences long is that what you're looking for?

shadi: initially we invisioned the catalog items would be more generic about the topic
... I don't know. Let's back up
... the idea of the catalog is to help researchers find and coordinate people in different fields that might be interested in a particular research item
... so annotate those items with more information that we have or might not yet for additional information
... a small synopsis that describes the research topic and a sub section talking about the status where we are right now with this catalog item. At this stage we only have the information on the wiki or this discussion..
... so we have this brief synopsis that is neutral etc. and then something that describes what we know..

sharper: similar for me, I'd focus on the take home messages for the symposium

<yeliz> I was late, because of my class, sorry

sharper: so we can do that quite short and then link out to a wider discussion
... i think the information on the word document should be included
... i'm worried about linking to the wiki because it's a work in progress
... does anyone else have any opinions?

klaus: i can only share what you said: a short summary that allows people to connect and a first status overview of the item as a starting point

shadi: i'm a bit sure about mixing.. i'd prefer to have a general description and then the findings from the group or something of that nature
... for many catalog items that might be empty

klaus: I was not considering about we as a group but in general what the status of research in this is - very few sentences

shadi: do you have a template?

klaus: we can prepare one and sent it around

sharper: that would be useful
... vivien would you find that useful?

vivien: yes, i'm feeling a little fuzzy what it will look. so I was planning to start with the two things shadi was talking about
... i'm not sure how this will be used so i'm not really sure how it will be used in the future
... some guidance would be useful

shadi: it is evolving, this catalog idea. so their will probably be a little back and forth. so it would be good for you to work with klaus on that
... i want to be careful about any key messages or statements - it is important that we present this as the groups findings, the outcome of the discusssion
... i don't know what kind of a role those discussion will have as way to back certain things

vivien: i think we're going to have to feel our way

sharper: yes i agree
... i think a template is a good starting point

Next Catalogue Topic

sharper: we need to think about this one
... i've got feedback about the topic and people enjoyed it
... do we have any ideas about catalog topics we'd like to run?
... does anyone on the call have any suggestions?

vivien: .. research .. (faded out)

sharper: david was talking about running one on research
... we need people to put one of these discussions together (volunteers)
... if we don't have any volunteers we'll just have to not have any research meetings

<Justin> +1

justin: in the new year, i have a couple of ideas

<Vivienne> thanks Shadi!

shadi: yah and maybe encourage people not to be shy. i know vivien set the bar high
... i know many of you do really exciting research

sharper: i'll keep running back to this topic on these calls

Next Symposium Topic

sharper: this about the next symposium and we're lining up for after christmas
... any people have any thoughts about how to run or what or who is willing to run a symposium?

vivien: did we have some topics that were short listed?

sharper: so we have some from (missed name) but I haven't heard back so I'm assuming (faded)
... i'm assuming a number of people have topics that need to be finalised

vivien: one topic in the wiki is on user testing
... that one is close to my hear that i would *love* to help after christmas

sharper: yes definitely. i think that would be a good one to look at and if we could get one of those setup for after the new year
... we'd like to start planning now

vivien: i'm hoping by march i'll still be re-writing my thesis but i hope for january

sharper: so i'm thinking more june time
... in my head we still need something for march
... does anyone have any thoughts or people to coop into the group for a symposium

vivien: what about putting out to a survey

sharper: that is a good idea but my only worry is that it takes someone to commit to it
... but yah maybe a survey is a good idea. i just don't want to keep delaying it

Tips for AAR http://goo.gl/PTzghe

sharper: david is not here so we'll move on


PENDING - Draft Charter http://goo.gl/Dz0nct

shadi: not for a while, it's under AC review since charters are being reviewed
... we can take it off the agenda unless we get comments..

RESOLVE: we're going to remove this from the agenda

PENDING - Metrics W3C Note Status

shadi: still pending

PENDING - Mobile W3C Note Public Release this Week

shadi: still pending

klaus: not a lot new. i think in my opinion all the feed back has been added and needs to added to the up to date version
... based on this i do think we can finalise

sharper: excellent news

PENDING - Text Customisation W3C Note Status

hmm the scribe is lost :)

shadi: still pending
... i need to back check the latest status on this

sharper: any other business to discuss now?

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: ITEM to group read the Note [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2013/10/30-rd-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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