02 Oct 2013

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JoshMandel: FHIR is a standard for representing health care "things" as resources
... these are supposed to be easy for impelementors to grok, i.e. simple names rather than the RIM-y names
... resources are managed using REST CRUD opperations plus searching over a set of indexed fields

charlie: FHIR resources are suppopsed to be disjoint but they don't have a way to enforce that
... i hoped to do that with RDF; is that still on the table?

JoshMandel: lloyd's aware of it
... graham wrote a ton of custom logic (sanity checks) into the FHIR build tool
... i think they're intersted but sounds like a research project

Mike_: re: semantics, there's a core set of resources plus extensions
... is it intended that the core resources map back to RIM mappnigs

JoshMandel: they intended to define RIM mappings, but haven't done them all
... they don't intend initially to provide computable mappings, but just human-readable

charlie: they guessed that they could define 100-200 resources to cover the V2/V3 messages
... they beleived that the RIM mappings could be done as RDF/OWL.

ericP: @@ the pieces needed to connect the RIM to FHIR

JoshMandel: i'm betting on utility from the RDF representation of FHIR. not sure the mappnig will be useful

Mike_: i thought that the HL7 governance model required that extensions be submitted for approval

charlie: there's the notion of extending anything, out side of HL7's perview
... and then there's the extensions for balloting

Mike_: is FHIR being promulgated as a usable standard without any formal semantics?

JoshMandel: there were about 1k comments
... @@ sematnics comment?

charlie: all ballot comments are, in practics, addressed

<JoshMandel> JoshMandel: They found "You need RIM mappings" comments persuasive and will provide RIM mappings (english-language, non-computable mapptings to start)

Mike_: IPO adopted FHIR

ericP: we could use RDF representations to map e.g. C-CDA to FHIR
... i'd expect people to want to do this outide RDF-land but i haven't see it

Mike_: people are thinking that there could be SemWeb value in federation
... both CDA and FHIR risk duplication

ericP: @@ two dupes, between text and machine-useful, vs. two groups defining overlapping resources

Mike_: resource duplication in extensions

JoshMandel: semantically monotonic extensions are supposed to say "mustUnderstand='false'"
... profiles are also defining units

ericP: @@ extensibility needed to do a smaller speck -- leave critical stuff to extensions



emory: in the middle of lots of stuff
... haven't set up a CTS2 term server
... i should have a term server by this call next week
... we've been tlaking to kevin peterson (Mayo) about a value set server
... will release under apache license

hsolbrig: joti patak wrote the other value set editor
... we should be releasing an RDF data store for RDF soon
... we've been incorporating a formal impl of the value set module
... we have a CTS2 representation of the HL7 MIF (guided by O-RIM)
... lloyd's OWL transform doesn't use skos:broaderThan

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