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meeting: Model-Based UI
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chair: Gerrit
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scribe: Dave
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scribenick: dsr
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Present: Laufe, Dave, Jaroslav, Joelle
10:02:55 [dsr]
Regrets: Fabio, Gaelle
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Present+ Davide
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Present+ Paolo
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Regrets+ Gerrit
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Chair: Dave
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Topic: Abstract UI
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Regrets+ Vivian
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Vivian sent Dave the XML Schema which is now normatively linked from the draft
10:11:29 [dsr]
Davide: this schema is for the meta model and not for serializing AUI models.
10:11:42 [dsr]
Paolo: yes. it is generated automatically from the UML
10:12:55 [dsr]
Davide: for the task models, we chose to use a schema that could be used for serialization, and it would be good if the AUI spec was the same
10:14:12 [dsr]
Paolo: how did you produce the task model schema?
10:14:28 [dsr]
Davide: by hand
10:14:56 [dsr]
Davide: I could produce one for the Abstract UI if you like, but would need someone to check it against the metamodel
10:15:12 [dsr]
Paolo: yes, and I can check it for you.
10:15:30 [dsr]
Dave: is there a chance for having that for next week's call?
10:15:47 [dsr]
Davide: I will send Paolo a daft on Wednesday
10:15:57 [dsr]
Paolo: ok , I will then check it on Thursday
10:16:31 [dsr]
Topic: Introductory document
10:17:07 [dsr]
Joelle: a number of people sent comments, and Gaelle and I made such changes, see the yellow text
10:18:35 [dsr]
Jean wanted to have this paragraph on model-based design, and we think here is a good place.
10:19:06 [dsr]
Does anyone agree with this?
10:19:11 [dsr]
10:19:35 [dsr]
10:21:36 [dsr]
Joelle: an action here is for UCL to ...
10:22:08 [dsr]
... we have a complementary document with additional details on use cases.
10:22:50 [dsr]
Jaroslav: we started to work on the separate Use Case doc at the Munich Face to Face
10:23:28 [dsr]
10:24:10 [dsr]
Joelle: we aren't referencing the external car rental use case document, are we?
10:26:46 [dsr]
There is no concrete CUI example in the introductory document. I think we should have one.
10:27:56 [dsr]
Paolo: I see your point. The idea was to put a overview into the introductory document and full details for car rental into a separate doc.
10:28:28 [dsr]
Joelle: I would like to see UCL reconcile the two documents.
10:29:18 [dsr]
What is missing is an explicit description of the task requirements and the context of use.
10:30:48 [dsr]
Joelle asks Paolo if he can rewrite the Story Editor use case for consistency with the others.
10:30:51 [dsr]
Paolo: ok
10:31:12 [dsr]
(see Joelle's notes in the google doc)
10:32:28 [dsr]
Joelle: we are fairly close to being done ...
10:33:46 [dsr]
This introductory document is for people new to model-based UI, so we need to avoid going into too deep technical details.
10:34:35 [dsr]
Joelle: we need all of the use cases to be consistent in structure and level of details.
10:34:47 [dsr]
Paolo: yes, I understand that
10:36:48 [dsr]
Joelle: I will be busy for the next two weeks and won't be able to attend the call due to reviews
10:37:54 [dsr]
Dave: UCL isn't on the call so we can't action them, but Paolo, could you commit to revising the Story Editor use case for the next call.
10:38:28 [dsr]
Joelle: every use case owner needs to check that it is consistent with the car rental use case description.
10:39:08 [dsr]
Dave: UCL owns the Digital Home
10:39:28 [dsr]
Davide: I will ask Fabio if he can review that use case
10:40:33 [dsr]
Dave: UC3 is minimalistic UI, I will email Gerrit and Marc to review that one
10:40:57 [dsr]
Dave: UC4 is Story Editor which Paolo owns
10:41:54 [dsr]
Joelle: UC5 and UC6 need work from Sebastian and Gerrit.
10:42:28 [dsr]
Joelle: we own UC7 (migratory UI)
10:42:33 [dsr]
Paolo: this is a little long
10:42:59 [dsr]
Joelle: if you want to shorten this feel free to have a go ...
10:43:08 [dsr]
Paolo: this looks like two use cases
10:43:44 [dsr]
Laufe spots a small error and fixes it
10:45:20 [dsr]
Joelle: it used to be two separate use cases, do you want us to separate it again?
10:46:08 [dsr]
Paolo: I would leave that to your judgement
10:46:58 [dsr]
Joelle: I want to hear from others on this
10:47:40 [dsr]
Dave: let's first get all of the use cases into a consistent form before making a final decision.
10:48:01 [dsr]
Topic: Glossary
10:48:17 [dsr]
Dave: Jaroslav, you were making some changes?
10:48:45 [dsr]
Jaroslav: I haven't got feedback from Fabio, e.g. missing references.
10:48:57 [dsr]
Dave: can you send me a version for the website?
10:49:09 [dsr]
Jaroslav: yes, I will do that asap.
10:49:41 [dsr]
... I am sure there may be some more small changes once people have reviewed the draft
10:49:53 [dsr]
Topic: Any other business?
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Dave wishes Joelle all the best for her review!
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