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logging to
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RRSAgent, make logs world
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Zakim, this will be
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I don't understand 'this will be', trackbot
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Meeting: Web and TV Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 August 2013
12:45:17 [olivier]
zakim, this is webtv
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olivier, I see UW_WebTVIG()9:00AM in the schedule but not yet started. Perhaps you mean "this will be webtv".
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zakim, this will be webtv
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ok, olivier; I see UW_WebTVIG()9:00AM scheduled to start in 15 minutes
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12:46:16 [olivier]
Meeting: Web&TV IG - Media APIs TF teleconfernce
12:46:28 [olivier]
Meeting: Web&TV IG - Media APIs TF teleconference
12:46:49 [olivier]
Agenda+ review of action items -
12:47:09 [olivier]
Agenda+ review TF timeline proposal -
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Agenda+ use cases / requirement table -
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 932881 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, kaz
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zakim, call kazuyuki-617
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ok, kaz; the call is being made
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UW_WebTVIG()9:00AM has now started
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Kazuyuki
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On IRC I see kaz, Mark_Vickers, skim13, Zakim, RRSAgent, olivier, whyun, glenn, timeless, trackbot
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Zakim, ??P19 is ddavis
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+ddavis; got it
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zakim, ??P21 is giuseppe
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+giuseppe; got it
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Sung Hei Kim (skim13) & Wook Hyun (whyun) from IP phone.
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zakim, who is here?
13:02:34 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Kazuyuki, Bin_Hu, ddavis, ??P18, giuseppe
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On IRC I see giuseppe, Bin_Hu, ddavis, kaz, Mark_Vickers, skim13, Zakim, RRSAgent, olivier, whyun, glenn, timeless, trackbot
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zakim, ??P18 is Sung_Hei_Kim,Wook_Hyun
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+Sung_Hei_Kim,Wook_Hyun; got it
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zakim, ??P18 is skim13
13:03:03 [Zakim]
I already had ??P18 as Sung_Hei_Kim,Wook_Hyun, whyun
13:03:25 [Zakim]
13:03:53 [olivier]
zakim, code?
13:03:53 [Zakim]
the conference code is 932881 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, olivier
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zakim, ??P20 is Igarashi
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+Igarashi; got it
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13:04:29 [olivier]
zakim, IPcaller is me
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+olivier; got it
13:04:42 [olivier]
zakim, agenda?
13:04:42 [Zakim]
I see 3 items remaining on the agenda:
13:04:43 [Zakim]
1. review of action items - [from olivier]
13:04:43 [Zakim]
2. review TF timeline proposal - [from olivier]
13:04:43 [Zakim]
3. use cases / requirement table - [from olivier]
13:04:52 [olivier]
zakim, who is here?
13:04:52 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Kazuyuki, Bin_Hu, ddavis, Sung_Hei_Kim,Wook_Hyun, giuseppe, Igarashi, olivier
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On IRC I see giuseppe, Bin_Hu, ddavis, kaz, Mark_Vickers, skim13, Zakim, RRSAgent, olivier, whyun, glenn, timeless, trackbot
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13:08:02 [Zakim]
13:08:32 [olivier]
zakim, take up agendum 1
13:08:32 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "review of action items -" taken up [from olivier]
13:08:53 [Zakim]
13:09:23 [kaz]
zakim, code?
13:09:23 [Zakim]
the conference code is 932881 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, kaz
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13:10:42 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose giuseppe
13:11:02 [kaz]
scribe: giuseppe
13:11:20 [kaz]
chair: olivier
13:11:42 [giuseppe]
olivier: start with action-122
13:12:05 [giuseppe]
13:12:06 [olivier]
13:12:20 [kaz]
present: Kaz, Bin, Daniel, Sung_Hei, Wook, Giuseppe, Igarashi, Olivier, Cyril, Skip
13:12:22 [giuseppe]
olivier: I've added a req to address it
13:12:25 [kaz]
13:12:25 [trackbot]
action-122 -- Olivier Thereaux to Outline a requirement for offline content protection requirement based on UC8 and UC9 -- due 2013-07-31 -- PENDINGREVIEW
13:12:25 [trackbot]
13:12:44 [giuseppe]
... but is good to know that content protection is controversial
13:13:03 [giuseppe]
... so will probably cause objections to some of the community
13:13:05 [kaz]
s/... but/olivier: but/
13:13:15 [giuseppe]
... anyway the req. is now on our list
13:13:17 [olivier]
13:13:17 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-122.
13:13:45 [giuseppe]
olivier: so we can close the action
13:14:01 [ddavis]
giuseppe: Don't have time to work on this.
13:14:05 [ddavis]
... will try for the next call
13:14:23 [kaz]
13:14:23 [trackbot]
action-123 -- Giuseppe Pascale to Propose change to UC6/7 to make it more generic -- due 2013-07-31 -- OPEN
13:14:23 [trackbot]
13:14:25 [giuseppe]
... (talking about action-123)
13:14:35 [olivier]
13:14:37 [kaz]
13:14:37 [trackbot]
action-124 -- Sung Hei Kim to Hei Kim to confirm whether Terminal Use Case on TV Applications are already covered in current UC document -- due 2013-07-31 -- OPEN
13:14:37 [trackbot]
13:14:48 [giuseppe]
olivier: so next action is 124
13:15:09 [giuseppe]
olivier: i think it was discussed over email, and seems this is covered
13:15:16 [giuseppe]
... can we close this? no objection
13:15:21 [olivier]
13:15:21 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-124.
13:15:23 [kaz]
s/... (talking/giuseppe: (talking/
13:15:34 [kaz]
13:15:34 [trackbot]
action-125 -- Giuseppe Pascale to Draft use cases related to metadata -- due 2013-07-31 -- OPEN
13:15:34 [trackbot]
13:15:54 [ddavis]
giuseppe: Still pending.
13:15:58 [giuseppe]
olivier: action-125
13:16:08 [kaz]
13:16:08 [trackbot]
action-126 -- Olivier Thereaux to Edit media apis wiki, change intro to the metadata reference list -- due 2013-07-31 -- PENDINGREVIEW
13:16:08 [trackbot]
13:16:19 [giuseppe]
olivier: moving on to action-126
13:16:34 [giuseppe]
... about cleaning up the metadata section on the wiki. is done, can be closed
13:16:35 [olivier]
13:16:35 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-126.
13:16:42 [kaz]
13:16:42 [trackbot]
action-127 -- Sheau Ng to Review use cases and requirements document, see whether there is any need for more use cases related to content sync -- due 2013-07-31 -- OPEN
13:16:42 [trackbot]
13:16:46 [giuseppe]
olivier: moving on with action-127
13:17:05 [kaz]
13:17:05 [trackbot]
action-128 -- Sheau Ng to Draft table cross-referencing use cases and requirements -- due 2013-07-31 -- OPEN
13:17:05 [trackbot]
13:17:13 [giuseppe]
... since Sheau is not here let's postpone it
13:17:22 [olivier]
13:17:22 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-128.
13:17:27 [olivier]
13:17:47 [kaz]
13:17:48 [trackbot]
action-129 -- Bin Hu to Migrate requirements from UC 8 and 9 into requirements document -- due 2013-07-31 -- OPEN
13:17:48 [trackbot]
13:17:48 [Zakim]
13:17:59 [kaz]
present+ Mark_Vickers
13:18:23 [giuseppe]
oivier: action-129, assigned to Bin
13:18:30 [olivier]
13:18:30 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-129.
13:18:33 [giuseppe]
Bin: is done, so we can close it
13:18:37 [kaz]
13:18:37 [trackbot]
action-130 -- Giuseppe Pascale to Suggest timeline for Media APIs next step -- due 2013-07-31 -- OPEN
13:18:37 [trackbot]
13:18:55 [olivier]
13:18:55 [trackbot]
Closed ACTION-130.
13:19:01 [olivier]
zakim, take up agendum 2
13:19:01 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "review TF timeline proposal -" taken up [from olivier]
13:19:05 [giuseppe]
olivier: last action has been done, is on the agenda for discussion, we can close it
13:19:35 [olivier]
13:19:49 [ddavis]
giuseppe: During the last couple of calls we discussed how to organise this
13:20:06 [ddavis]
... There was a consensus - better to iterate over them to avoid discussing endlessly
13:20:08 [olivier]
scribenick: ddavis
13:20:41 [ddavis]
giuseppe: First part of my mail described how each phase would be structured.
13:20:46 [ddavis]
... First is use cases.
13:20:53 [kaz]
i/During/scribenick: ddavis/
13:20:55 [ddavis]
... Then get requirements - then do gap analysis
13:21:01 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
13:21:06 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:21:06 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
13:21:22 [ddavis]
giuseppe: We can find out whether the specs are covering all the requirements or not.
13:21:36 [ddavis]
... Last phase is to consolidate everything into a note and share it with the relevant WGs.
13:21:42 [ddavis]
... This process has been used before.
13:21:57 [ddavis]
... First phase - use cases - has already been going for quite a while.
13:22:13 [ddavis]
... After end of August, we won't consider more use cases.
13:22:27 [ddavis]
... Time is limited because we've already one work on the first two phases.
13:22:37 [ddavis]
... The next iteration will probably take more than four weeks.
13:23:01 [ddavis]
... By start of October we should finalise this, by end of October we should finalise gap analysis ready to discuss it at TPAC.
13:23:06 [ddavis]
... In other words, TPAC is the deadline.
13:23:28 [giuseppe]
oivier: any comemnt on this?
13:23:38 [kaz]
13:23:46 [giuseppe]
... as giuseppe said, this is just one iteration
13:24:06 [giuseppe]
... any comment? No comments. So we agree on the schedule
13:24:30 [giuseppe]
Action: olivier to copy the timeline on the wiki
13:24:31 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-133 - Copy the timeline on the wiki [on Olivier Thereaux - due 2013-08-28].
13:24:45 [kaz]
i/any comment?/scribenick: giuseppe/
13:25:04 [olivier]
zakim, take up agendum 3
13:25:04 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "use cases / requirement table -" taken up [from olivier]
13:25:12 [olivier]
13:26:03 [giuseppe]
olivier: we are going to review the shared google doc
13:26:38 [giuseppe]
bin: I can introduce it, np
13:27:26 [giuseppe]
bin: the table is derived by the list of UCs and Reqs on the wiki
13:27:52 [giuseppe]
... it was generated to make it easy to see which UC derive which req
13:29:12 [giuseppe]
... the black cross is indicating that the mapping was agreed
13:29:32 [giuseppe]
... while the red and question mark are the one inserted by Sheau, for discussion
13:30:02 [giuseppe]
... let's review the open issues
13:32:15 [olivier]
giuseppe: is this more of an app authentication requirement or device auth?
13:32:33 [olivier]
13:33:10 [giuseppe]
ddavis, can you take on scribing?
13:33:18 [giuseppe]
I'm going to comment a lot :)
13:33:22 [ddavis]
13:33:26 [giuseppe]
13:33:27 [ddavis]
scribenick: ddavis
13:33:46 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Maybe we can split the requirement into three parts
13:33:58 [ddavis]
giuseppe: Yes, because they're three different things
13:34:33 [ddavis]
olivier: To apply this we need two things - to spread this and to apply it to the use cases.
13:34:37 [ddavis]
13:34:56 [ddavis]
olivier: Any volunteers to do these two tasks?
13:35:01 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: I can do that.
13:35:26 [olivier]
ACTION: bin to split requirement 1.5 into 3, update the UC/Req table accordingly
13:35:27 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-134 - Split requirement 1.5 into 3, update the uc/req table accordingly [on Bin Hu - due 2013-08-28].
13:35:49 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Moving on to the next point - line 14 req 1.12
13:36:12 [ddavis]
... "Device-to-device content transfer"
13:36:33 [ddavis]
olivier: I'm confused by JC's comment.
13:36:44 [ddavis]
... He said "yes, with all the implied limitations"
13:36:59 [ddavis]
... Does he means the transfer may not be allowed if there are some restrictions in place?
13:37:22 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: I think you're correct based on discussions we had back in May.
13:37:34 [ddavis]
... We talked about content protection including paid content, parental controls.
13:37:59 [ddavis]
giuseppe: I don't see the use case and the requirement match.
13:38:10 [ddavis]
... There is no transfer between two devices in this use case.
13:38:23 [olivier]
Use Case link:
13:38:35 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: In the use case no other device is involved.
13:38:50 [ddavis]
... After discussion with JC we added offline requirements
13:39:00 [ddavis]
... but the use case itself doesn't have the second device
13:39:32 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Conclusion is to remove the X and ?
13:39:41 [ddavis]
olivier: sounds like consensus.
13:39:49 [ddavis]
... I'm removing the comment.
13:39:59 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Next is 1.16
13:40:07 [ddavis]
... from use case no. 6
13:40:22 [ddavis]
... about whether EPG also needs tuner control.
13:40:36 [ddavis]
... JC wonders whether EPG is just another web app.
13:40:58 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Based on my reading of use case no. 6, web apps are apps that add content, not EPGs.
13:41:35 [ddavis]
olivier: JC is right that there is overlap and there is a need for tuner control, but I don't see it as a problem that there's overlap between the use cases. They don't have exactly the same requirements.
13:42:14 [ddavis]
giuseppe: I'll try to read these comments more by the next call.
13:42:31 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: If we need to merge or consolidate them we can do it later.
13:42:40 [ddavis]
olivier: so leaving the X and ? for now.
13:42:54 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Next is line 22 - req 1.20 - "Content protection"
13:43:05 [ddavis]
... Use cases 4, 5, 6 have question marks.
13:43:24 [ddavis]
... First is content sharing - seems to be obvious.
13:43:26 [olivier]
13:44:22 [ddavis]
olivier: There is a bit in use case 4 about someone launching content. There would be some content protection but I don't see it as core to the use case.
13:44:25 [ddavis]
... Seems more marginal than key.
13:44:28 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: I agree
13:45:07 [ddavis]
... In the use case it mentions a shared video link. That's where it comes from.
13:45:43 [ddavis]
Mark_Vickers: When there's content protection it doesn't mean it has to be used - it means it has to be allowed for.
13:45:51 [ddavis]
olivier: Leaving the X there.
13:45:56 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Next is content search.
13:46:03 [olivier]
Content search UC:
13:46:13 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Giuseppe says no.
13:46:24 [ddavis]
13:46:27 [ddavis]
13:46:46 [ddavis]
olivier: In this case I'd agree with JC. It doesn't look like content protection is needed in this case.
13:46:58 [kaz]
kaz has joined #webtv
13:46:59 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: An example is a movie trailer.
13:47:22 [ddavis]
olivier: Playing devil's advocate, for some people metadata about content is something you may want to protect.
13:47:52 [ddavis]
???: That kind of data is more about authentication than content protection - i.e. more crypto.
13:48:21 [olivier]
13:48:27 [ddavis]
Mark_Vickers: I agree. It might be good to call content protection "media content protection" which is different to data protection.
13:48:32 [olivier]
13:48:45 [ddavis]
Mark_Vickers: This makes it clear it doesn't apply to metadata.
13:49:04 [ddavis]
olivier: Should we remove that part or give Sheau a chance to explain?
13:49:23 [kaz]
kaz has joined #webtv
13:49:35 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: As a group remove it, but as a courtesy give him a heads up why we think it's not relevant. He can share his thoughts with the group if necessary.
13:49:57 [ddavis]
olivier: How about adding a comment in that cell explaining the group's consensus?
13:50:02 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: OK
13:50:50 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Next is use case no. 7
13:50:58 [kaz]
kaz has joined #webtv
13:51:40 [ddavis]
olivier: I de-resolved it.
13:52:11 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: JC is not sure what Sheau means.
13:52:30 [ddavis]
olivier: Any opinion in the group about this?
13:52:49 [ddavis]
Mark_Vickers: I think +1. There will be cases where the live TV broadcast is using content protection.
13:52:57 [ddavis]
... i.e. media content protection.
13:53:07 [ddavis]
... That's part of the pre-requisite task.
13:53:22 [ddavis]
... unless somebody was talking about downloads?
13:53:24 [ddavis]
olivier: I don't think so.
13:53:47 [ddavis]
Mark_Vickers: In that case it definitely applies. E.g. HBO is a content protected channel and has channel-bound applications.
13:54:02 [ddavis]
olivier: So it looks like we have use cases where this does apply so yes to the X.
13:54:12 [ddavis]
olivier: No objections.
13:54:26 [ddavis]
olivier: I think that's all the question marks.
13:54:29 [ddavis]
... One more thing...
13:54:43 [ddavis]
... We have two use cases - 10 & 11 - for which associations have not been made.
13:54:59 [ddavis]
... Either we go through it quickly or we get volunteers to do it.
13:55:12 [ddavis]
... I prefer the latter, then we discuss any points of contention.
13:55:39 [ddavis]
... Any volunteers?
13:55:52 [Mark_Vickers]
I believe there is one more X missing for 1.22 Content Playback on UC9 Download and Go
13:56:00 [ddavis]
olivier: I'll volunteer myself
13:56:14 [olivier]
ACTION: olivier to fill UC/Req table for the columns of UC 10 and 11
13:56:15 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-135 - Fill uc/req table for the columns of uc 10 and 11 [on Olivier Thereaux - due 2013-08-28].
13:56:53 [ddavis]
Mark_Vickers: Download and Go should be Watch and Record
13:57:09 [ddavis]
... Although nothing says at a later time someone can playback the content, it's mandatory and should be added.
13:57:15 [ddavis]
olivier: I agree, that seems obvious.
13:57:22 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: Me too - it's implicit.
13:57:28 [ddavis]
Mark_Vickers: We should add it to the use case.
13:57:53 [olivier]
ACTION: Mark to add "playback" to use case 9
13:57:53 [trackbot]
'Mark' is an ambiguous username. Please try a different identifier, such as family name or username (e.g., mvickers2, mwatson2).
13:58:07 [olivier]
ACTION: Mvicker2 to add "playback" to use case 9
13:58:07 [trackbot]
Error finding 'Mvicker2'. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
13:58:14 [olivier]
ACTION: Mvickers2 to add "playback" to use case 9
13:58:15 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-136 - Add "playback" to use case 9 [on Mark Vickers - due 2013-08-28].
13:58:41 [ddavis]
olivier: Based on that, if there are no other questions I suggest we adjourn for today.
13:58:48 [ddavis]
... We should stick to one hour.
13:58:57 [olivier]
Topic: AOB
13:59:33 [ddavis]
olivier: I'd like to make sure everyone's happy with the next meeting being on the 4th September. Anybody unable to make it?
13:59:48 [ddavis]
... One more thing...
14:00:08 [ddavis]
... Does anyone want to go through the TPAC registration requirement?
14:00:22 [ddavis]
giuseppe: Kaz shared all the information to the list.
14:00:26 [ddavis]
... Follow that and please register.
14:00:29 [kaz]
-> TPAC page
14:00:54 [ddavis]
giuseppe: We'll have a one-day meeting for this group on Tuesday to not overlap with the Web and Broadcasting group (on Monday)
14:01:57 [ddavis]
ddavis: Please do it early because you may need a visa and a letter from Beihang University.
14:02:12 [ddavis]
giuseppe: One other AOB is a tooling point.
14:02:28 [kaz]
-> question on invitation letter
14:02:34 [ddavis]
giuseppe: I think Google Docs works quite well so should we move the use cases over to Google Docs as well?
14:03:01 [ddavis]
... For me, it lowers the barrier to commenting, at least for this group which is not a long-standing group.
14:03:26 [ddavis]
ddavis: I'd be happy as long as it doesn't require a third-party (non-W3C) account.
14:03:40 [ddavis]
giuseppe: A third-party account is only required for the person who creates the document.
14:04:06 [ddavis]
olivier: I'm happy with either but we should make sure we keep a backup copy.
14:04:36 [kaz]
14:04:49 [ddavis]
... W3C has a strong policy - we don't want things disappearing.
14:04:55 [ddavis]
14:05:08 [kaz]
s/olivier/olivier: /
14:05:15 [ddavis]
ddavis: My only concern is that we avoid having too many documents in too many places.
14:05:31 [ddavis]
giuseppe: I agree but it's better than using email attachments.
14:05:44 [ddavis]
olivier: We can make sure the wiki points to the new version of the document.
14:06:04 [kaz]
14:06:34 [ddavis]
giuseppe: I'll volunteer to update the Google Docs link.
14:06:56 [ddavis]
... But is the wiki only editable by Team members?
14:07:07 [ddavis]
olivier: No, it should be editable by anybody
14:07:24 [ddavis]
Bin_Hu: In my experience I needed a W3C account to edit the wiki.
14:07:34 [ddavis]
olivier: I think you can get a public account to do that.
14:08:06 [ddavis]
olivier: Giuseppe, why would that concern you? Our use cases/requirements do not have strong IPR issues.
14:08:23 [ddavis]
giuseppe: In general we're not accepting contributions from non-members.
14:08:39 [ddavis]
giuseppe: The other solution is just to have one editor.
14:09:14 [ddavis]
... In this case, I could copy the document and allow someone to be the editor and others can comment on it.
14:09:23 [ddavis]
olivier: Sounds like a good plan.
14:09:23 [ddavis]
... Any other business?
14:09:43 [Zakim]
14:09:46 [Zakim]
14:09:47 [Zakim]
14:09:49 [Zakim]
14:09:50 [ddavis]
olivier: OK, we are adjourned. Good meeting & talk to you in two weeks.
14:09:51 [Zakim]
14:09:53 [olivier]
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14:10:00 [Zakim]
14:10:01 [olivier]
thanks ddavis, giuseppe for scribing
14:10:02 [whyun]
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14:10:08 [Zakim]
14:10:16 [Zakim]
14:10:18 [Zakim]
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14:10:18 [Zakim]
Attendees were Kazuyuki, Bin_Hu, ddavis, giuseppe, Sung_Hei_Kim,Wook_Hyun, Igarashi, olivier, CyrilRa, Skip, Mark_Vickers
14:10:27 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
14:10:32 [kaz]
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