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Meeting: Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 August 2013
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trying to call in, but no luck.
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try to mute your line while typing in the code
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can you hear me at all?
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12:38:34 [cstrobbe]
Question about section 1.1: are evaluation tools in office suites out of scope?
12:39:26 [shadi]
SAZ: looking much better to me
12:39:33 [shadi]
...shorter titles and descriptions
12:39:39 [shadi]
...more to the point
12:40:18 [shadi]
SM: 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4 could be combined under a common header
12:40:26 [shadi]
...all these emulate the browser
12:41:06 [samuel]
they try to emulate how browser retrieves resources
12:41:06 [shadi]
CV: any evaluation tool emulates the browser
12:41:20 [shadi]
...had them together but decided to be more atomic
12:41:54 [shadi]
SM: emulates retrieval of the content
12:41:54 [shadi]
...similar functionality
12:42:01 [shadi]
q+ Christophe
12:44:54 [shadi]
SAZ: maybe work with hierarchies
12:45:18 [shadi]
CV: difficult to find a common and accurate heading
12:45:59 [shadi]
...crawling also related to these, for example
12:46:09 [shadi]
SAZ: how about parking this aside for now?
12:46:22 [shadi]
...working with hierarchies might be good but later
12:47:14 [shadi]
...might be good to focus on completeness for now
12:47:54 [shadi]
SM: agree
12:48:36 [shadi]
SM: missing features where users can add their own tests/checks
12:49:01 [shadi]
...and configuring the way the checks are done
12:51:14 [shadi]
...also other formats for reporting in addition to EARL
12:51:25 [samuel]
other reporting values
12:52:07 [shadi]
SM: for example extensions to the core EARL values in Hera tool
12:52:37 [shadi]
SAZ: how is that a feature?
12:52:54 [shadi]
SM: not a new feature, but part of the reporting feature
12:53:35 [shadi]
SM: intergration with IDEs
12:53:54 [shadi]
...but also tools that integrate with browsers
12:53:58 [samuel]
integration with IDEs and CMS already appears, I'm missing integration with browsers
12:54:31 [shadi]
"or extensions in web browsers"
12:55:11 [shadi]
SAZ: maybe an explicit bulleted list will make the items appear more clearly?
12:55:41 [Zakim]
12:57:09 [shadi]
CS: are we excluding evaluation tools in office suites in 1.1?
12:57:33 [shadi]
...though later on I see references to PDF and other formats
12:57:39 [shadi] it in or out of scope?
12:59:57 [shadi]
SAZ: certainly not intentionally exlcuding these
13:00:15 [shadi]
...documents often land on the web and thus are part of web development and evaluation
13:00:28 [shadi]
...but must not be side-tracked
13:00:54 [shadi]
...please point out particular wording that seemed exclusive
13:06:12 [shadi]
SAZ: maybe break down reporting (2.6) into "report formats" and "report customization"?
13:06:34 [shadi]
...maybe also add "report visualization", such as dashboards etc?
13:09:54 [shadi]
SAZ: also think 2.13 seems quite different in tone and approach to 2.2, for example
13:10:20 [shadi]
...might be better to focus on encapsulated technical features that a developer can implement by itself
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