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Meeting: HTML Media Task Force Teleconference
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TOPIC: Roll call, introductions
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see glenn, Wendy, davide, markw, [Adobe], pal, ddorwin, johnsim
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topic: previous minutes
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TOPIC: Previous Minutes
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see glenn, Wendy, davide, markw, [Adobe], pal, ddorwin, johnsim, adrianba
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TOPIC: Review of open actions/issues
15:08:42 [joesteele]
15:08:42 [trackbot]
ACTION-25 -- David Dorwin to And John S to work on corner cases for bug 17673 -- due 2013-08-13 -- OPEN
15:08:42 [trackbot]
15:08:44 [johnsim]
joesteele: johnsim to work on 17673 (action 25)
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15:10:11 [johnsim]
joesteele: defer action 30 until we get to the corresponding bug
15:10:34 [johnsim]
joesteele: action 37 - assigned to Mark - updating the Wiki
15:10:45 [johnsim]
markw: has not been done yet, leave open
15:11:01 [joesteele]
15:11:01 [trackbot]
action-37 -- Mark Watson to Update wiki provided for bug 20944 to cover the case where the drm is supporting by the os -- due 2013-08-20 -- OPEN
15:11:01 [trackbot]
15:11:07 [johnsim]
15:11:08 [glenn]
15:11:42 [johnsim]
glenn: also two actions marked "pending review", 15 and 23
15:12:08 [joesteele]
15:12:08 [trackbot]
action-15 -- Adrian Bateman to Add text based on henri's comment to the spec for bug 21203 -- due 2013-05-28 -- PENDINGREVIEW
15:12:08 [trackbot]
15:12:45 [adrianba]
15:13:21 [johnsim]
ddorwin: review of adrianba changes to address henri's comments on x-domain
15:13:26 [johnsim]
15:13:30 [Zakim]
15:13:50 [Zakim]
15:13:57 [joesteele]
Thanks. The "or use the crossorigin…" bit at is confused, though. A CORS-enabled fetch labels the obtained resource as CORS-same-origin or CORS-cross-origin, so using the crossorigin attribute is part of making a cross-origin resource CORS-same-origin. I suggest replacing " or use the crossorigin attribute on the media element and CORS headers on the media data response to authorize cros[CUT]
15:14:00 [joesteele]
15:14:05 [joesteele]
ack glenn
15:15:04 [johnsim]
joesteele: re-open the bug to make changes as suggested by Henri
15:15:47 [joesteele]
15:15:47 [trackbot]
action-23 -- Aaron Colwell to Update spec for bug 22134 by the next call -- due 2013-07-02 -- PENDINGREVIEW
15:15:47 [trackbot]
15:16:50 [johnsim]
joesteele: skip this one since it is MSE and not all right people on the call
15:17:08 [joesteele]
15:17:08 [trackbot]
issue-1 -- Consider moving the Clear Key definition into a separate specification -- raised
15:17:08 [trackbot]
15:17:50 [johnsim]
adrianba: parked until we get to recommendation - decide this on implementation experience
15:17:58 [joesteele]
15:18:21 [johnsim]
glenn: just noticed in blink proposal to suggest support in android and already in the desktop
15:19:01 [johnsim]
adrianba: just one of the discussion point - we just said we didn't need to make a decision on this right now
15:19:16 [johnsim]
TOPIC: EME Heartbeat Publication
15:19:27 [joesteele]
15:19:53 [wseltzer]
15:20:20 [glenn]
link for blink/android implementation of eme/clearkey is!topic/blink-dev/hyP7GAg3mlE
15:20:21 [johnsim]
wseltzer: no publications next week (w3c)
15:20:21 [wseltzer]
ack ws
15:20:38 [johnsim]
joesteele: which means it would have to be the following week if we think that is doable. do we want to say
15:20:51 [johnsim]
adrianba: i would be happy to prepare the draft
15:21:05 [johnsim]
ddorwin: anything we want to get into the heartbeat?
15:22:26 [johnsim]
adrianba: we need to make the change for stable URL and that should be good enough
15:22:44 [johnsim]
TOPIC: EME Status and Bugs
15:22:48 [joesteele]
15:23:26 [johnsim]
joesteele: start with bug 22901
15:26:21 [johnsim]
15:27:13 [johnsim]
decision to close was made in previous meeting and it is due next week
15:28:11 [johnsim]
15:28:57 [johnsim]
adrianba: due next week - no existing action - define action
15:29:13 [adrianba]
ACTION: adrianba to implement bug 21854
15:29:13 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-38 - Implement bug 21854 [on Adrian Bateman - due 2013-08-27].
15:29:53 [johnsim]
15:31:07 [markw_]
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15:32:07 [johnsim]
joesteele: in the implementation we are working on, we are able to count all the references, so we don't get an orphaned session
15:32:36 [johnsim]
adrianba: not so much orphaned, since there still is a reference, say you have two sessions sharing a key, you need to fire a keymessage
15:33:11 [johnsim]
... we agreed you only need to fire one keymessage, if you do that, you keep around the other session, do they all move into pending
15:33:34 [johnsim]
... originally you had two needkey events, so you create two sessions at the same time, but after the first cycle of getting ready
15:34:40 [joesteele]
johnsim: need to document the use cases we are describing - hard to handle the otherwise
15:35:24 [johnsim]
joesteele: where should that documentation take place? In the bug? Use case as a template?
15:37:23 [johnsim]
adrianba: start an email or in the bug and go from there so we can make good progress before November
15:38:04 [joesteele]
15:38:24 [joesteele]
15:38:33 [adrianba]
15:38:34 [trackbot]
ACTION-25 -- David Dorwin to And John S to work on corner cases for bug 17673 -- due 2013-08-13 -- OPEN
15:38:34 [trackbot]
15:38:35 [ddorwin]
15:38:55 [johnsim]
ddorwin: last week discussion about pssh and interop
15:39:09 [johnsim]
ddorwin: anyone could use format for pssh and system id
15:39:34 [johnsim]
ddorwin: do we want to only support CENC or other proteciton systems.
15:39:35 [johnsim]
15:39:40 [ddorwin]
ack dd
15:40:04 [johnsim]
joesteele: we are saying we would send less information. part of the proposal to not include the sinf box?
15:40:30 [johnsim]
ddorwin: current is to include the sinf box for other protection systems.
15:40:41 [joesteele]
ack johnsim
15:41:14 [joesteele]
johnsim: this was discussed in Leone - I took an action item to meet Dave Singer as he had an objection to passing just SINF boxes in the init data
15:41:24 [joesteele]
... he said what he thought should be passed
15:41:36 [joesteele]
... for full generality -- we modified the spec with his input
15:41:48 [joesteele]
... additional modifications came later
15:42:00 [joesteele]
... but there are consequences for these changes that make it complicated
15:42:13 [joesteele]
... if we were to only suppor the CENC it becomes less complicated
15:42:23 [joesteele]
... PSSH would not need to be passed (we think)
15:42:47 [joesteele]
... formatting of the PSSH payload is a separate question - going beyond W3C since those are proprietary
15:43:03 [joesteele]
... that is where we landed as of last discussion
15:43:15 [joesteele]
... everyone seems to be using CENC
15:43:38 [joesteele]
... all the changes we put in were proposed by Apple (Dave Singer)
15:44:20 [joesteele]
... we have some bifurcation in the spec already, could separate out the CENC and have it very well documented
15:44:31 [joesteele]
... what do the editors think?
15:44:48 [markw_]
15:44:49 [joesteele]
15:44:59 [joesteele]
ack markw_
15:45:14 [ddorwin]
15:46:08 [johnsim]
ddorwin: if we change the title to cenc, interop seems like what we want to target
15:46:08 [ddorwin]
ack dd
15:47:19 [joesteele]
johnsim: would like to get resolution on this soon
15:47:32 [joesteele]
... if there are objections we need to know what they are
15:48:12 [johnsim]
joesteele: not publishing a heartbeat next week, give ourselves a week to talk about it. get a resolution before the heartbeat spec?
15:48:30 [johnsim]
ddorwin: still alot of issues beyond choosing common encryption.
15:48:56 [johnsim]
ddorwin: more stuff to fix beyond - long list of concerns
15:49:57 [johnsim]
ddorwin: we could simplify by first four bytes are 'cenc' or indicate in the mime type it is common encryption in order to support other protection types
15:51:34 [markw_]
15:51:48 [joesteele]
ack markw_
15:52:38 [johnsim]
markw_: any format for EME - use common encryption - that is - i think saying with common encryption on title is fine, but then if they came with a different format, then we would ask about the impact on interoperability
15:53:16 [adrianba]
15:54:19 [johnsim]
adrianba: make the proposal, highlight the discussion to those who suggested we make the change in the first place
15:54:50 [markw_]
15:54:57 [johnsim]
adrianba: a little uncomfortable not having a way to support other protection systems. maybe do as David suggested to signal common encryption
15:54:59 [joesteele]
ack adrianba
15:55:06 [joesteele]
ack markw_
15:55:48 [johnsim]
markw_: we say anyway that the initdata is a sequence of iso boxes, and in our common encryption it will be pssh boxes, if someone comes up with a different format they would define a different set of ISO boxes
15:56:11 [johnsim]
joesteele: my comments - i agree - we want to say "common encryption", and agree with David proposal that we be flexible
15:56:38 [johnsim]
... main concern to deciding this is that D Singer is not on this call, and do some research on what exactly would have to be passed
15:57:10 [johnsim]
... i need to verify if the Adobe solution will work with only pssh - but standardizing on common encryption is a good thing
15:57:13 [Zakim]
15:58:21 [johnsim]
adrianba: send a mail to the list and cc them (David Singer, etc.)
15:59:13 [joesteele]
johnsim: we should send an email and update the bug with the direction
15:59:44 [adrianba]
15:59:55 [joesteele]
ack adrianba
16:00:10 [adrianba]
16:00:53 [johnsim]
adrianba: jerry and I had an action on 18515 and Jerry added a comment - we think the readystate should not change - we can discuss by email or on the next call
16:01:10 [joesteele]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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zakim, who is here?
16:01:16 [Zakim]
On the phone I see glenn, Wendy, davide, joesteele, pal, ddorwin, johnsim, adrianba, Plh, [Microsoft], markw
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