IRC log of i18n on 2013-07-25

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logging to
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RRSAgent, make logs world
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Zakim, this will be 4186
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ok, trackbot; I see I18N_CoreWG()11:00AM scheduled to start now
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Meeting: Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 25 July 2013
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zakim, this will be i18n
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ok, r12a; I see I18N_CoreWG()11:00AM scheduled to start now
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zakim, dial richard
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ok, r12a; the call is being made
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I18N_CoreWG()11:00AM has now started
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+ +1.415.283.aaaa
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zakim, ??p7 is me
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+matial; got it
15:11:40 [r12a]
ACTION: Richard to send on CSS3 Writing Modes comments to CSS WG
15:11:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-245 - Send on CSS3 Writing Modes comments to CSS WG [on Richard Ishida - due 2013-08-01].
15:12:38 [r12a]
Topic: Templates
15:12:48 [r12a]
norbert: seems harmless enough
15:13:04 [r12a]
... multilingual templating worked in FF but not in Chrome
15:13:10 [r12a]
... but that's not a spec issue
15:13:49 [r12a]
Topic: Infoshare
15:14:01 [r12a]
norbert: JS meeting this week in West Coast
15:14:19 [r12a]
... Anne is also here so I'll discuss the byte-string issue with him
15:15:17 [r12a]
15:18:40 [r12a]
15:20:42 [Norbert]
s/JS/Ecma TC39/
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- +1.415.283.aaaa
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rssagent, draft minutes
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate r12a
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rrsagent, make log public
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disconnecting the lone participant, Richard, in I18N_CoreWG()11:00AM
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I18N_CoreWG()11:00AM has ended
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Attendees were Richard, JcK, +1.415.283.aaaa, matial
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