Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

24 Jul 2013

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Luz, Shadi, Vivienne, Annika, David, Kerstin, Giorgio, Peter
Simon, Yeliz


Draft Charter Update

Shadi: some minor feedback on the draft charter

SA: most administrative, 1 on wording preferences
... 2 comments - 1 about level of detail in the timeline of the charter. Ours is unusually detailed.

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/charter4

Sa: our co-chairs need to know the cycle and how much time each step would take. But this doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be in the charter

<shadi> 5 or more active participants

Sa: other comment - we have minimum participation of 5 or more active participants - question as to whether this was too low. May have to be increased
... will follow up with Simon on addressing comments in the charter - but we are operating under the current charter. Change url to 3 rather than 4 at the end

Mobile W3C Note Public Release this Week

SA: has comments on the document and these have to be talked through with the editors of the documents - Simon, Yeliz and Peter later this week
... will bring the changes back to the group

Next Topic Plan / New Topic Selection

SA: heard back from Marku who is interested in working on the haptic and smart images symposia - will look at getting his colleagues assigned to the group and get more support. Is going to recruit co-chairs and hope to have this soon.
... no calls for the next 4 weeks but emails will be active

<Luz> not from me

PENDING - Easy to Read W3C Note Status

SA: Kerstin representing editors

<kmatausc> No further updates. Klaus is at ICC and hardly to reach. We'll meet next week to discuss on some more administrative details from the report.

<kmatausc> updates to the list - we'll do so.

SA: when you meet next week can you please send an email to the list and let us know when the draft will be available?

Text Customisation W3C Note Status

DS: the plan was to meet and talk to Shawn but was unable to make contact. No further news because of this, but will try to speak with her before the end of the week. Wants to have something for the group to review by the end of August.
... will confirm by email

SA: hope you can get in contact, but please confirm by email and let us know
... we will be picking from the Wiki topics that we know won't be able to do in the near future, but might still want to discuss and talk about it - exchange ideas and perspectives etc. We will construct from those catalogue items (online) where research topics are briefly summarized in there.
... we have people such as Klaus who are working on the catalogue over the summer so by autumn we should see a first draft of the catalogue. But the contents need to be provided through this group so we'll be working at that when we're back in September. We;ll be having bi-weekly meetings on the research topics.

DS: is this planned to map the current state of knowledge or identify topics where we think more work is required?

SA: its a mixture of both - not a road map - no value judgement. There will be cases where we can see that there is needed work in this area. In most cases we are trying to be neutral and describe a topic - what is 'text customisation' for example.
... describe to the public what it is and provide a link to other resources - help to coordinate research efforts.
... I could go to the catalogue and see what's there on my topic or on related topics. Idea is to objectively list some of the different directions of accessibility research. May help us to identify some gaps that are less served by research which might be interesting.

DS: are are other more substantial research topics, but some of the work that colleagues to might be appropriate. They are more specific lines of enquiry - user interface including specific investigations to see what works best

SA: This is how it could be used. We have a strong imbalance without much industrial research onboard and we're actively trying to reach out to industrial research organisations. We hope that when we get to publish our notes that this might attract more attention. Adding to the Wiki and to these topics would help also to generate interest.
... foster change across disciplines, applied academic research
... add those topics to the Wiki

DS: I'll take this back to researchers

SA: others in the group might be interested in that topic
... the example of design patterns

DS: correction - accessibility consultants rather than researchers :)

I put an email to the list about the accreditation idea today

SA: telemedicine, virtual reality etc for ideas for the catalogue. Could be a jumping board from the catalogue to future symposia

Symposia Timeline http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Symposium_Timeline_Calculator

SA: we want the symposia within a 3 month cycle
... we've been struggling with this for a while on how to get in a 3-month cycle - where are the bottlenecks, or where could things be done more quickly. Please look and provide thoughts and feedback.
... other topics or other business?

DS: happy to take a lead in developing the tips for developing accessibility

<peter> great!!

sorry Dave, I missed the last part of that

SA: it's an important and useful resource to those who want to be involved in accessibility research

<davidsloan> working title is "tips for accessibility-aware research"

SA: recommend to write a miniature requirements analysis - who is it for, what is the purpose, what is the approach to be used, and outline of what will be in there. Helps you and also gives something to the group to review.
... maybe you can have it by September
... we have a call next week July 31st and then we'll have 4 weeks' break

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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