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Meeting: Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 July 2013
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zakim, call shadi-617
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ok, shadi; the call is being made
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regrets: Christoph, Samuel
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Topic: Updated AERT
12:37:10 [shadi]
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scribe: shadi
12:38:39 [shadi]
CV: did updates according to previous discussion
12:38:46 [shadi]
...updated references
12:39:30 [shadi]
...added two new sections, 2.3 and 2.4
12:40:48 [shadi]
...would like feedback on 1.3, then section 2
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12:42:48 [shadi]
SAZ: is 1.3 "complementary resources" or rather "background reading"?
12:43:13 [shadi]
...also not sure if 1.2 is needed
12:43:13 [shadi]
CV: can remove it
12:45:17 [shadi]
SAZ: important to set the tone and frame the document in the abstract and introduction
12:45:29 [shadi]
...but the subsections of the introduction can be done later
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zakim, mute Sinarmaya_
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12:48:14 [shadi]
SAZ: wondering if it is too verbose?
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12:49:45 [shadi]
...maybe start with adding all the features with a sentence each, then come back to expand the sections?
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ack Sinarmaya_
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I already had ??P6 as samuelm, samuelm
12:52:57 [Sinarmaya_]
I have a comment about the 2.2, I think that the typical difference is betwen "propietary" and open source, not about commercial and open source.
12:53:13 [shadi]
SAZ: think the correct term "proprietary" rather than "commercial" (vs "open source")
12:53:49 [shadi]
12:54:06 [Sinarmaya_]
An example can be the TAW 1.0 that have had a crawler, but was not commercial.
12:54:29 [shadi]
12:54:30 [shadi]
ability to crawl big web sites or portals
12:54:30 [shadi]
types of web technologies handled by the tool, for instance HTML markup, stylesheets, PDF documents, Flash applications, multimedia, etc.
12:54:30 [shadi]
ability to integrate dynamic content generated via scripting (dynamic modification of the Document Object Model according to the user interaction with the application, etc.)
12:54:31 [shadi]
support for testing APIs like the WebDriver API, for instance
12:54:32 [shadi]
support for standard reporting languages like EARL
12:54:34 [shadi]
support for different accessibility compliance environments in different countries
12:54:36 [shadi]
integration in the web development workflow as a plug-in add-on in different Integrated Development Environments (open source or commercial)
12:54:39 [shadi]
multilinguality and internationalization
12:54:41 [shadi]
12:54:43 [shadi]
12:55:48 [Sinarmaya_]
support for manual review and report generation
12:57:13 [shadi]
SAZ: think start by listing them, then about how to organize them
12:57:15 [shadi]
CV: yes, clusters will emerge
12:57:38 [samuelm]
12:58:34 [shadi]
12:59:15 [samuelm]
(there was also a followup discussion in the thread I just linked)
13:03:05 [Zakim]
13:04:01 [Sinarmaya_]
13:06:08 [Zakim]
13:06:55 [Sinarmaya_]
Maybe this reference have sense:
13:07:25 [Zakim]
13:07:42 [Sinarmaya_]
and this one:
13:08:10 [shadi]
SAZ: think "compliance environments" (aka "configurability of checks") is separate from "localization / internationalization"
13:09:31 [shadi]
SM: should not confuse users by saying that policies can be different
13:09:54 [shadi]
...but rather that checks can be configured flexibly
13:11:56 [Zakim]
13:15:05 [Zakim]
13:15:19 [Zakim]
13:17:37 [Sinarmaya_]
+1 for requirements ;-)
13:18:24 [Zakim]
13:18:39 [Zakim]
13:19:49 [shadi]
SM: classify features according to
13:20:00 [shadi]
...1. what is evaluated
13:20:16 [shadi]
...2. what can be configured
13:20:25 [shadi]
...3. how is it presented
13:20:43 [shadi]
...might be good to think along the lines of these dimensions
13:20:57 [shadi]
...there may be other dimensions too
13:21:13 [Zakim]
13:21:31 [samuelm]
sections 2.1, 2.2 and 2.4 fall into the group of what is evaluated
13:23:31 [shadi]
Topic: Next Meeting
13:23:46 [shadi]
next meeting: 24 July 2013
13:23:55 [Sinarmaya_]
bye :)
13:24:12 [samuelm]
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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