VISA arrangements

You will need a visa unless you are on this List. Otherwise see the Guide to Japanese Visas provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

If you need an invitation letter for your visa, please let us know the following information right away:

  1. Full name (exactly same as passport)
  2. Passport number
  3. Nationality & Gender
  4. Job title
  5. Date of entry in Japan
  6. Date of leaving Japan
  7. Address for the stay / hotel
  8. Where obtaining visa
  9. Fax/Tel number
  10. Postal address


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Keio University Mita Campus, Tokyo, Japan
Main conference room, North building

Local contact: Kazuyuki Ashimura
Tel: +81.466.49.1170

Note. The workshop organizer would suggest you print the Keio campus map.

View Keio Mita from Tamachi Station in a larger map


The workshop organizer will provide the following facilities for your presentations at the venue.

  • Video projector at the meeting room
  • Microphones and loud speakers
  • Internet access by Wi-Fi
  • Flip charts

Workshop schedule

The workshop program will run from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Suggested hotel: Celestine Hotel

A block of 40 rooms have been booked at Celestine Hotel , the closest hotel to the workshop venue. It is 10 minutes' walk from the hotel to the venue.

View Keio Mita from Celestine Hotel in a larger map

Hotel Web pages:


3-23-1,Shiba Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0014, Japan






Rates and descriptions:

(per person, per day)

  • Single Room (19m2): Price per person: 14,700 JPY
  • Superior Room (21m2) Price for single person use: 16,200 JPY, Price for two person use: 9,950 JPY / per person
  • Deluxe Room (28m2) Price for single person use: 18,200 JPY, Price for two person use: 10,950 JPY / per person

See also the brochure provided by NTA

Note: Rates include breakfast, hotel tax, wired Internet. See also the cancellation policy.

How to book the hotel

Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (NTA) handles all the reservations for you as the official travel agency of the second W3C Worksop on Web on TV Workshop. So please contact NTA <> directly for any questions or requirements.

You will automatically get the "W3C rate" when you make your reservation for Celestine Hotel. Block reservations available through 10 16 May 2013.

If you have not used the hotel's online booking system before, the following is the summary of the procedure:

  1. Please register your personal information at the "Personal Information" page of the hotel reservation site. You will receive a confirmation email from NTA.
  2. After regitering your personal information, you can simply click the "Accomodations" link (or directly visit the "Accomodations" page of the hotel reservation site) to make your reservation. You will receive an email from NTA confirming check-in, check-out dates, cost, room type, hotel name, address and telephone number.
  3. Please pay for the reservation with your credit card by visiting the "Payment" page of the hotel reservation site. Note: Your reservation will not be finalized until you finish payment process. If you have not completed payment by 10 16 May, the reservation will be cancelled.


  • We are using the same registration system for this workshop and the W3C AC 2013 Meeting, and the registration system is available until May 10 16 for this workshop though the system says the deadline for the W3C AC Meeting is April 30.
  • There are two hotels listed within the registration system, but please choose Celestine Hotel for your stay.
  • If your required date is not listed in the system, please make your request using the "Comments" field after choosing your room type. You will receive a confirmation email from NTA including the accommodation fee for the unlisted days.
  • You may also reserve directly with the suggested hotel, though W3C receives a more favorable rate through NTA.

Airports close by

Narita International Airport (Code name: NRT) is the cloesest international airport in Tokyo area for travelers from many countries.

And Haneda International Airport (Code name: HND) is another option for travelers from several countries, e.g., Korea and China.

Transportation from/to Naria Airport:

The workshop organizer strongly suggest you use the limousine bus from/to Narita Airport.

Limousine bus company site:


The fare for a one way ticket is 3,000 JPY.

Ticket coutners & Bus stops:

Buses from the airport to Celestine Hotel leave the arrival level on the first floor.

Note. Please get your ticket at the ticket counters marked with red square () in the following maps, and get on the bus at the bus stop #10 (Terminal1 South Wing), #1 (Terminal1 North Wing) or #7/17 (Terminal2).





Timetable (Narita to Celestine Hotel):

Narita Airport (Terminal2) 08:45 13:50 14:20 16:20 17:20 18:50
Narita Airport (Terminal1, South Wing) 08:50 13:55 14:25 16:25 17:25 18:55
Narita Airport (Terminal1, North Wing) 08:55 14:00 14:30 16:30 17:30 19:00
Celestine Hotel 11:10 16:05 16:30 18:40 19:40 21:05

Timetable (Celestine Hotel to Narita):

Celestine Hotel 06:35 08:35 11:15 13:45 15:35
Narita Airport (Terminal2) 08:20 10:30 13:15 15:45 17:15
Narita Airport (Terminal1) 08:25 10:35 13:20 15:50 17:20

Note. The return ticket need to be reserved. Please contact the reception of the hotel and let them know your flight departure time and preferred bus time.

Transportation from/to Haneda Airport:

You can use taxi to get Celestine Hotel. Estimated fare is 4,500 JPY.

You can also use Keikyu line train or Tokyo Monorail Line train. See also the following links to get more information:

Note. You need to use the free shuttle bus at the airport from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal 1 to get the stations of Keikyu Line and Tokyo Monorail Line. Please see the airport site at:


If you want/need to try trains to come to Celestine Hotel (or the workshop venue directly) but are not sure how to get there, please let Kazuyuki Ashimura know at <>.

FYI, you can get some information by specifying start point (e.g. "Tokyo" or "Nagoya") and destination (e.g. "Tamachi") into the form at:


In case you missed to withdraw JPY cash at the airport, foreign credit and cash cards can be used at Seven Bank ATMs and Post Offices throughout Japan. It is, however, advised to contact each credit card company beforehand and check the location of each ATM and its availability as these conditions vary from machine to machine.

seven bank logo: Seven Bank — Seven-eleven shops

Since 11 July 2007, withdrawal of Japanese Yen on Seven Bank ATMs is also available for international cash cards and credit cards. Over 12,000 Seven Bank ATMs are placed at 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout Japan and the service will be given 24 hours a day in English, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese. Cash cards from the PLUS and Cirrus networks can be used. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and China UnionPay.

Seven Bank site (ATR locator service):

yucho bank logo: Yucho Bank — Post Offices

There are over 26,000 Post Office ATMs in Japan and post offices which provide this service display stickers indicating which cards are accepted. Cards from the Cirrus, PLUS, Maestro and Visa Electron networks can be used. Accepted credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

Yucho Bank site:

VISA Arrangements

See the panel at the top of this page.