Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

26 Jun 2013

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David, Silvia, Annika, Christos, Shadi, Yehya, Justin, Vivienne
Simon, Yeliz, Giorgio, Klaus, Mark, Markel, Kerstin


New Charter

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/charter4

comments from previous discussion have been incorporated into updated draft - now under review by W3C management and advisory committee. Likely to be some requests for change.

may require further group discussion to deal with requests. Charter should be in place by 1st July so fast turnaround required

feedback from group on frequency of symposia - 3 or 4 per year?

<Vivienne> it all seemed okay to me when I read it

<Vivienne> I'd rather be safe and say 3

<silvia_mirri> I agree with Vivienne

yehya - organising symposia is a lot of work, so going up to 4 is a significant extra activity

shadi - 3 symposia might be too restrictive in terms of subjects covered

<Justin> +1

justin - is it possible to include a conditional premise on number of symposia - e.g. "4 if time allows"

annika - we are moving towards a scientific conference structure for soliciting, reviewing and accepting papers - maybe review this to reduce effort required?

annika - could we experiment with different formats?

User Modeling Symposium Update

yehya - we have 8 papers, reviewed by scientific committee, all accepted

yehya, christos - query from authors about upload process of final versions of submissions. shadi - Simon might be able to advise

shadi - need to ensure that authors submit final rtf or doc fomat papers; symposium organisers should generate clean, valid, accessible HTML from these

<shadi> david: for text customization we asked people to send contributions to the mailing list

<shadi> ...this way it has a referenceable UR I

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2013/user-modeling/#participate

<shadi> ...looked at the contribution and assessed where we can fit them within the flow of the symposium

<shadi> ...introduced points at logical points in the symposium

<shadi> ...also clarified that these are additional non-reviewed contributions

<shadi> ...to make sure it is clear to listeners

<shadi> ...but to allow them to introduce their points

<shadi> ...important to brief the authors about when we expect their input

shadi - good to encourage additional email contributions from knowledgeable people in the field

shadi - additional contributions should help symposium achieve its objectives

TC4R did not have a break - it carried on for 3 hours, IIRC

shadi - participation for more than 2 hours can lead to concentration lapses

scribe: but need enough time to allow each author to contribute adequately

shadi - formulating questions - helpful to brief authors in advance

<christos> problems

<christos> with the audio

christos - can encourage people to use the public email list to continue discussion after the symposium, if time runs out

Text Customisation W3C Note Status

TC4R note - progress has been slow, but davidsloan and shawn to meet soon to agree deadline for delivering draft for review by the group

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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