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Date: 26 June 2013
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regrets: Simon, Yeliz, Giorgio, Klaus, Mark, Markel, Kerstin
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scribe: David
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Topic: New Charter
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13:37:50 [davidsloan]
comments from previous discussion have been incorporated into updated draft - now under review by W3C management and advisory committee. Likely to be some requests for change.
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may require further group discussion to deal with requests. Charter should be in place by 1st July so fast turnaround required
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13:39:08 [davidsloan]
feedback from group on frequency of symposia - 3 or 4 per year?
13:39:16 [Vivienne]
it all seemed okay to me when I read it
13:39:28 [Vivienne]
I'd rather be safe and say 3
13:39:38 [silvia_mirri]
I agree with Vivienne
13:40:00 [davidsloan]
yehya - organising symposia is a lot of work, so going up to 4 is a significant extra activity
13:40:50 [davidsloan]
shadi - 3 symposia might be too restrictive in terms of subjects covered
13:40:51 [Justin]
13:41:28 [annika]
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13:41:49 [davidsloan]
justin - is it possible to include a conditional premise on number of symposia - e.g. "4 if time allows"
13:42:47 [davidsloan]
annika - we are moving towards a scientific conference structure for soliciting, reviewing and accepting papers - maybe review this to reduce effort required?
13:43:17 [davidsloan]
annika - could we experiment with different formats?
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13:44:17 [shadi]
Topic: User Modeling Symposium Update
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13:44:31 [annika]
13:44:43 [davidsloan]
yehya - we have 8 papers, reviewed by scientific committee, all accepted
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13:46:10 [davidsloan]
yehya, christos - query from authors about upload process of final versions of submissions. shadi - Simon might be able to advise
13:47:25 [davidsloan]
13:48:36 [davidsloan]
shadi - need to ensure that authors submit final rtf or doc fomat papers; symposium organisers should generate clean, valid, accessible HTML from these
13:50:12 [davidsloan]
zakim, ack me
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13:51:06 [shadi]
david: for text customization we asked people to send contributions to the mailing list
13:51:17 [shadi]
...this way it has a referenceable UR I
13:51:44 [shadi]
13:53:15 [shadi]
...looked at the contribution and assessed where we can fit them within the flow of the symposium
13:53:29 [christos]
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13:54:00 [shadi]
...introduced points at logical points in the symposium
13:54:16 [shadi]
...also clarified that these are additional non-reviewed contributions
13:54:26 [shadi] make sure it is clear to listeners
13:54:38 [shadi]
...but to allow them to introduce their points
13:55:03 [shadi]
...important to brief the authors about when we expect their input
13:55:31 [christos]
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13:57:28 [davidsloan]
shadi - good to encourage additional email contributions from knowledgeable people in the field
13:58:26 [davidsloan]
shadi - additional contributions should help symposium achieve its objectives
13:59:16 [davidsloan]
TC4R did not have a break - it carried on for 3 hours, IIRC
14:00:35 [davidsloan]
shadi - participation for more than 2 hours can lead to concentration lapses
14:01:05 [davidsloan]
...but need enough time to allow each author to contribute adequately
14:01:20 [christos]
zakim, ack me
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14:03:09 [davidsloan]
shadi - formulating questions - helpful to brief authors in advance
14:03:22 [davidsloan]
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14:08:56 [christos]
14:09:00 [christos]
with the audio
14:10:10 [davidsloan]
christos - can encourage people to use the public email list to continue discussion after the symposium, if time runs out
14:12:27 [shadi]
Topic: Text Customisation W3C Note Status
14:12:40 [davidsloan]
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14:14:16 [davidsloan]
TC4R note - progress has been slow, but davidsloan and shawn to meet soon to agree deadline for delivering draft for review by the group
14:14:34 [Justin]
travelling again?
14:14:38 [Vivienne]
ack me
14:14:54 [Justin]
14:14:57 [annika]
14:14:58 [silvia_mirri]
you too
14:14:59 [Vivienne]
14:14:59 [silvia_mirri]
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As of this point the attendees have been davidsloan, silvia_mirri, annika, christos, Shadi, Yehya, Justin, Vivienne
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