04 Jun 2013

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survey results


Kelly: I am still going through the responses…a number are open-ended

<bevcorwin> Hi there!


Kelly: I have put observations in blue....

IJ: We want to extract audience needs…and then a layer of vision on top for the July meeting with management

<dorian> phew

<dorian> was out on my skates; traffic on the way back

IJ: there's an intersection between groups and branding that we need to work out

TAG = Technical Architecture Group

<dorian> have you considered rolling out something like WebID (nee foaf+ssl) such that you can change the content based on whether or not a person is authenticated?

<dorian> (i mention it because since it's a client cert, a person would be authenticated automatically)

we do lots of content adaptation based on identification

<Troy> Apologies, I have to drop.

Kelly: It's a running theme " Things are hard to find "

IJ: I may want to focus on member bits for AC Meeting

Bev: And new members ...

<dorian> one of the versions of LOGO i used as a kid, LogoWriter

<dorian> had this concept of "recto" and "verso"

<dorian> recto was the front-facing execution canvas where the program ran

<dorian> verso was the code

Question: do we want the member site to be seamlessly integrated or distinct?

<dorian> analogously: recto as the public site; verso as the member/group-specific material

<dorian> (so members come in through the side door ;)

Kelly: Comments on public site suggest there needs to be a new info architecture

<dorian> agreed on the ia

<dorian> mapping the spatial and temporal range of resources would be super useful

<dorian> and using that to inform the ia

<dorian> a dependency graph of the specs as well would be interesting

<rginn> gotta run. catch up via email on next steps.

thanks robin

next steps

Kelly: I will go through the other questions and give Ian what I can in summary form

<dorian> is the raw data anywhere?

…if others see correlations that would be helpful to shre

I do have the raw data...

<dorian> like what you said about correlations, what 2+ questions particular people answer a certain way

<dorian> if i recall surveymonkey it records that

Dorian, csv or xls?

Next meeting

18 June

<dorian> either, got it thanks

Summary of Action Items

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