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14 May 2013


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<dorian> yeah one moment

<dorian> phone is plugged in and on a short leash

Last review of draft survey

IJ: Heads-up we plan to launch real soon now

<lcreekmo> I liked the comments so far. I don't think I have anything else to add to that.

<bevcorwin> Hello

Q. any prefs between related question on same slide, or split if #2 depends on #2 with better tie-in?

a) same page

b) two pages w/ dependency

<troy> B

Ian: (b)

<bevcorwin> B

<lcreekmo> b is fine with me

Any other questions or comments for this meeting?

<dorian> i spent a considerable amount of time fighting with the first page

<dorian> yeah what bev just said

<lcreekmo> I was in Chrome and had to fill in a few answers on some pages but not all.

<dorian> plus if you aren't sure what the difference between a working/interest/community/business group is that's confusing

<troy> i went through the whole survey with FF as my browser, no issue

Bug: If you check none with no comment, it fails

<dorian> like there's a lot of w3c-peculiar terminology on the first page

<lcreekmo> I did want a reminder about the audience for that reason, dorian. Language might be too inside-baseball [without explanations].

IJ: I will say that we ned to clarify that "other" implies you _have_ to put a comment
... or make extra comment optional

PLan for survey:

- launch 15 or 16 May for 2 weeks

- IJ will announce via twitter

Q. Blog post or home page news item?

- add a comment to the ALA column on this project

- home page news item

- membership as well

- chairs list

IJ: Someone want to post over in IAI

Laura: I can do that.

…forward me the email you send to other groups.

IJ: I will be sure we have a clear signal when survey open and ready

Activities while site survey is going on


a) What do we do next with our rough inventory of W3C content?

b) Are there other sites we should take inspiration from for w3.org?

Troy: we could look at commercial sites that have large repositories of information.

…e.g., Oracle, or SAP, or Intel

<dorian> they can?

<dorian> haha

…people are able to come in and quickly find information.

<bevcorwin> OWASP.org

Troy: IEEE? Imax?
... could be useful for what we want or don't want to do.

Laura: Github


<troy> wimax (instead of imax)



<dorian> and a lobster


<bevcorwin> www.worldpulse.com

Bev: They have a good learning model

Dorian: W3C is sort of its own archetype

<lcreekmo> For that matter, TED.com has an interesting asset design model.

…I think organizations have modeled on W3C rather than the other way around

<lcreekmo> http://ted.com

…as for the content of w3.org, it would be interesting to me to assign a temporality horizon to the major clusters of content

…specs, news, etc.

…the idea there is to organize it based on long some stuff is meant to persist

<lcreekmo> +1 on that, Ian!!

…the home page is a funny creature because it is mostly a brochure or sales thing for the board of directors

<bevcorwin> Iconathon: http://blog.thenounproject.com/post/50350240045/cultural-heritage-iconathon

…another interesting perspective is that the home page may be less valuable if people get to key content through search engines; that's a perspective of http://stackoverflow.com/

<troy> i have to drop.

Dorian: I think the home page can have a lot more space.


Dorian: Heads-up on cramming stuff onto the home apge
... we should think about the behavioral aspects and strategic choices.

<bevcorwin> DDF: https://tools.codice.org/wiki/display/DDF/Distributed+Data+Framework+Home

<lcreekmo> I will say, I am finally almost finished with my content strategy thoughts :) and I will include some thoughts about what we can do with that mini-, high-level inventory we have. I'll get that to you this week, Ian.


<bevcorwin> Great Laura! :-)

IJ: We can think about the org as:

- solutiosn for businesses

- developer solutions (and that sub site can grow)

- the standards and processes for creating them


- the organization

<bevcorwin> documented methodologies, maturities, visions, etc.

- what is the web platform

- what are the services we provide (standards, testing, dev documentation, training, ….)

<bevcorwin> yes, the leadership role the W3C plays with the web, globally, etc.

<dorian> have subdomains been discussed?

<dorian> e.g. validator.w3.org

<dorian> there seems to be "web app dev" and "everything else"

<bevcorwin> relationship models w/ other standards orgs?

<dorian> html5/css/dom/etc vs say, rdf or wai

<bevcorwin> SDB

<bevcorwin> SDN

<bevcorwin> IETF

Robin: Having gone through this with our team…we struggled with "what we do"...

<dorian> and frankly the semantic web stuff is a lot more interesting to the rest of the world that doesn't make whizzbang web apps

<dorian> eg biotech who loves that stuff

Robin: …we had to convince our leadership that we need to use plain languag

<bevcorwin> Where does the W3C live in the webs many dimensions?

<lcreekmo> Robin, I'm with you. The plainer the language the better, but "experts" always have to be shown why that's so.

<dorian> ian yes re verticals

<bevcorwin> Multi modal, multi dimensional, multi media, etc.?

IJ: Could do something like this:

- want to use the web

- want to add to the wb

<lcreekmo> Ian, I think that's a nice idea. You probably want to give people a way to dive deep immediately if they know what they want. but I'm betting most visitors don't know exactly what they need from you.

- want to see how the web is affecting my industry

Robin: You are missing the vision piece

…and you need a fast track for people who visit the site frequently

<bevcorwin> Intelligent, knowledge space

<bevcorwin> I love white boards!

[panasonic virtual white board]

http://www.idroo.com/ ?

<rginn> content mapping exercise

content mapping

Robin: You can create carousels on a rotation basis...

Bev: Configurable is nice based on preferences

<lcreekmo> I've got to jump off!

Bev: Can we have a content conversation at some point?

IJ: please send comments to the list

Proposed next meeting - 21 May

<dorian> machines first that's a jaron lanier thing

<dorian> also: REST, RDF(a)

[On content for machines first]


<dorian> http://bibotools.googlecode.com/svn/bibo-ontology/trunk/doc/classes/Standard___-2089222601.html

…you can tag things…sort content based on what content is.

<bevcorwin> IETF's user preferences would work with Dorian's ideas.. would be very interesting to design w/ W3C MMI and IETF's

<dorian> data source comes from an rdf triplestore

<dorian> e.g. virtuoso

<dorian> (just fyi)

<dorian> http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/

<dorian> sparql endpoint ;)

<bevcorwin> Tool box?

<bevcorwin> Web framework challenge


Available next week?

<bevcorwin> +1

<dorian> yes

<dorian> +1

<rginn> yes, but starting at 2 pm PT??

<bevcorwin> I can help other times, too, anyone feel free to ping me if needed, on Skype: bevcorwin

4pm ET ok?

5pm ET?

<dorian> i'm pacific

<bevcorwin> I'm Eastern NYC

proposed: 15:30-16:40 ET


<bevcorwin> ok

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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